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Estavar La'loon

Postby Estavar La'loon on April 4th, 2018, 3:58 pm

Estavar La'loon


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: 85th of Winter, 501 AV
Birthplace: In Lhavit

Appearance: Estavar has light black hair, it is short and wavy. He is tall, quite skinny and has little to no muscles. He is very tall for his age, 6'4" in fact and weighs around 56kg.

He wears black boots, trousers and a shirt. The shirt has a blue symbol emblazoned on it.


The shirt has blue arms, he also has a light blue cloak.

Character Concept

Estavar likes to talk and interact with others, is kind and caring, works hard and constantly strives to be a better person. Although he sometimes does things that he regrets instantly because of his optimistic views towards everyone and everything around him.

He does like beautiful women but prefers if they have caring and kind personalities and were ugly rather than them having greedy hearts of stone and being beautiful, although he would prefer to have the best of both worlds.

He loves to make new friends and hear many a tale from far and wide. He enjoys earning money with fair methods because he feels that it gives him hope. He helps others whenever he can and looks at the bright side of everything. He is also skilled in making strategies, although he doesn't get to use that skill usually.

His goals in life at the moment are to find a good paying job so he can have a steady flow of income, but also to help build Lhavit.

Strengths: Works hard, is tall, is caring, helps other people and is quite intelligent.

Weaknesses: Is too optimistic and trusts everybody unless they are completly and utteryly shady. He is scared of snakes. He is scared of people with white hair.

Character History

Estavar was born in Lhavit. He was a very quiet and sleepy child.
When he turned 6 he started getting very violent and going off in sulks against his father and mother, so his father decided to teach Estavar how to fight barehanded which was also a way to let out his aggression.

He learned how to cook Lhavitian dishes from his mother and sometimes sneaked around the city just for fun but usually, it never ended up in any great discoveries.

Upon the date of his 16th birthday, his mother and father told Estavar that he can choose to leave home or stay: Estavar chose to leave, so he is now leaving for The Cosmos Center to rent a room at the Solar Wind Apartments.


Fluent Language: Common


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Cooking #SP: 12 12 Novice
Stealth #SP: 26 26 Competent
Unarmed Combat #SP: 12 #RB: 15 27 Competent


Lore of Lhavit Streetplan
Lore of History of Lhavit


-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Kina

Heirloom: Book of cooking recipes that his mother wrote, has most of the Lhavitian favourite dishes and pastries.


Location: Lhavit

House: A simple room in the Solar Wind Apartments that he is renting: contains a Hearth, Bed, Chest, Chair and a Small Table.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Kina 100 Kina
Housing Cash In +500 Kina 600 Kina
Darts Game -5 Topaz Kina 599 Kina 95 Topaz Kina
Housing Rent -45 Kina -5 Topaz Kina 554 Kina 45 Topaz Kina
Seasonal Expenses for Spring of 518 AV -135 Kina 419 Kina 45 Topaz Kina
Waterproofing Oil -5 Kina 414 Kina 45 Topaz Kina
Cape -2 Kina 412 Kina 45 Topaz Kina

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