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Zukai has a big problem

Postby Zukai on April 12th, 2018, 3:41 pm

5th of Spring, 518 A.V.

Zukai sat up and rubbed her face with a groan. She had not slept well the night before, the constant heat was starting to agitate her. True her home was a very hot place, but Winter always brought a sense of renewed hope. Once all the snow melted away there was a newness to the world around her. However with Morwen gone there was nothing but more heat left in her wake.

Turning some, the girl put her feet on the ground and rolled her neck. Looking around, it seemed her roommate had awakened before her and left. Standing up the girl began to get ready; she yanked on her boots and tied them. Once dressed, she brushed out her hair making sure to put it up in a bun on top of her head. She had no plans but to train for the day.

“Best grab my kopis,” Zukai stated and dug through her bag finally finding it.

Nodding, she stood up and fastened it to the belt of her pants. Yawning again, she hurried out of the room and went to find something to eat. Walking out into the bright sun, the girl grunted and shielded her eyes for a moment letting them adjust. Once able to see, Zukai looked around to see if she could find her roommate. It was not long before the man called out to her. She jogged over with a smile and slowed to a walk as she stood at the edge of his practice range. He stopped and wiped the sweat from his brow before making his way to her.

“Morning, Zukai. Hey can I get you to go grab a couple of silver mizas from my things? I am starving but want to practice some more,” Corine asked the girl.

“Sure, I will be back in just a second,” Zukai agreed and scurried off.

It was not long before she was back within the barracks heading for her room. Sliding to a stop in front of her door, the woman opened it and walked inside going over to his half of the room. The pair had decided to just split the room in half till they got more roommates. Kneeling down, she started digging around to find his purse. A glint of silver caused the woman to smile and grasp it.

Sitting back on her feet, the girl looked confused turning the coin over in her hands. It was not a silver miza Zukai had found. But a Night's Eye coin, hearing voices outside of her door the woman quickly put it in her pocket. Grabbing his purse, the girl slipped out and made it back to him.

“Here ya go. I didn't know exactly how much you needed so I just brought the whole thing,” Zukai stated handing him the purse.

Corine thanked her and took it before going back to training. The girl quickly moved away from him trying to decide what to do about the coin. Finally a thought struck her, there was only one person she even remotely trusted to ask the advice of. Taking off in a blur, the teen ran around looking for him needing to talk immediately.
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