A humble greeting

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A humble greeting

Postby James Claude on April 23rd, 2018, 7:10 pm

Hey all,

Just trying to get up to ten posts. Can't get started with James' post templates and such until then, so why not make use of the necessary posts?

This is my second ALT, as I am the player behind Hurik, and Rhyson Halfhame. Insofar as the kind of writing experience I'm going for with this character, I've got him in mind as my normal, no-gimmicks, average guy kind of character. My hope is that in letting him grow from such a central, lacklustre beginning, he can really break through barriers in ways that my very dead main (RIP Hurik, my bearded buddy), and my first alt (an Isurian without his Holy Arm, makes for good stories, but is a little bit constrained in the obvious ways) cannot. I guess James is much more experimental than either Hurik or Rhyson, in that those two have very clear storylines and character development that I would like to see them go through, whereas James is much freer and I'm curious to see how he'll turn out!

Anyway, a little bit about me, as I realize I've never actually written an introductions thread in recent years with either of my newer characters, unless I'm mistaken. So! What's there to say? I'm one of the younger players, my interests span a wide range of topics, but especially history, culture, language, politics, and psychology. I'm a reader, writer, hockey player and skier. I'm currently wrapping up a youth exchange, in Denmark of all places. My favourite author is Brandon Sanderson, and my favourite food is probably ketchup chips (Canadian CLASSIC).

I guess beyond that, I really just love being on Mizahar, and I can't see a reason to leave. It's a pretty fun way to practice writing and explore stories and create narratives with others. Right now, I'm really working on trying to maintain a good consistency, and not let any of my threads fall by the wayside. I don't expect to be too stressed out with James, because he should be the kind of PC I can write doing almost anything, and still make it interesting. Here's hoping that James captures that flavour that I expect will perfectly round out my trio of characters.

You can call me Callum, by the way. Or refer to me as one of the characters I play if that's easier. Either way, this is me! I write as Hurik, the Blood-Mane, redheaded mercenary ghost-dude! I write as Rhyson Halfhame, the One-Armed Isur who chainsmokes and is a Ravok's own Private Eye! And lastly, most recently, I write as Jim Cloud, the storyteller who has yet to see the world, save in his dreams.
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A humble greeting

Postby Rook on April 24th, 2018, 3:19 pm

Looking forward to seeing what you do with James! I love reading your Rhyson stuff.
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