Location The Saw Mill

One of Syka's most important features, the saw mill provides wood for all the settlement's building endeavors. It also houses the settlement's first herd of ashta, which help haul wood and deliver orders.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Saw Mill

Postby Gossamer on April 28th, 2018, 3:02 am



In a large clearing at the northern edge of the jungle - well back from the sea - lies a clearing that houses a little sawmill, a newly built bungalow, and a large mulling area for Ashta. A stream flows through the clearing providing a waterwheel for the mill and a rather large wading pool that usually has several of the ashta lounging within. The animals are not confined in any way, but are seemingly attached to the area and guarded by two larger bulls that make good watch animals over the whole facility.

The bungalow has very few walls, most of them open to the outside which allow the Ashta to pop into the living area of the bungalow which features a very large high ceiling for just that accommodating purpose. Without the animals the man who runs the mill would not be able to operate it with any efficiency. The animals serve to move his lumber, logs, and in cases of low water, operate his mill providing its power.

Near the mill itself is a huge pile of sawdust. This is free to any Syka citizens that wish to utilize it.

Piles of wood line the edge of the clearing, some tarped against the frequent rains. Logs are also stacked here and there. Some are cut down to easy sizes and some have been freshly dragged in by the Ashka. There is a small shed near the bungalow that houses ashta harnessing which is kept away from nibbling rodents who could potentially ruin the leather.

Visitors are welcome and Lars has a drop in anytime policy. Since he is often very busy with the mill, his home and residence is a good target for excess food.


All wood prices are based on the cut, number of boards, length, and purpose. Wood is easily acquired. Lars, the mill operator, utilizes Ashta to drag logs out of the jungle. Wood gets cut on demand, though he might have a small supply of wood suitable for docks and pillions on hand. The rest must be cut as requested and might have a small wait time. Providing logs for Lars to cut immediately speeds up the usual wait time which can be two to five days unless there's a significant backup due to huge orders.

Lars takes on apprentices.

Name: Lars Waska
Race: Human
DoB: 486 (32 yo)
PoB: Riverfall
Title: Sawmill Operator
Skills: Carpentry 80, Animal Handling (Ashta) 78, Logging 60, Wilderness Survival 58, Axe 55, Business 45, Engineering 35, Singing 26
Gnosis: 1 Mark Of Wysar, 1 Mark of Sylir

Lars was born and raised in Riverfall among the Akalak. He always had an aptitude for woodworking and mechanics. Eager to run his own business, being one of five brothers - the youngest in fact - he had no hope of accomplishing that in his own families' saw mill, Lars jumped at the chance to migrate to Syka with a small specialty mill his family sold to the Founders of the settlement there to both set it up and begin running it until someone could take it over. Once in Syka however, he immediately decided to stay.

Lars is unique in that he immediately upon hitting the land vanished into the jungle and returned with a small herd of Ashta, among which were two bulls and six breeding females along with two calves. These animals he cares for, uses to clear space for Syka businesses, and maintains to log the jungle in a selective careful manner to provide wood for his mill.

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