Location The Cheenga Ruins

These sister towers lead to an underground fortress in ruin.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Cheenga Ruins

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Known as The Sister Towers, The Cheenga Ruins is the remnants of a watchtower fortress perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking a vast expanse of jungle and in the distance the Suvan Sea. Though only two twin towers remain on the surface, beneath the level in solid stone, far more of the fortress remains.

Unknown to the settlement of Syka, Cheenga once acted as one arm of a trifecta of tower system that guarded the high valley the scientific settlement of Pavena rested in. Its denizens were both from Mizahar and abroad, brought here to serve Myrna and her cohorts from places that were both rougher and harder. Many of these tower denizens settled in with the agreement of easier living in return for security services protecting the scientists they had befriended. Unfortunately, most of these aliens have long passed from the world, leaving only the most long-lived or prolific reproductively as decedents. The Valterrian was hard on those that lingered in Pavena's vicinity after Myrna's disappearance and Cheenga is reduced to a singular denizen which takes his duties very seriously.

The Cheenga Guardian
Name: Zethas
Race: Mulgon
DoB: Unknown
PoB: Off World
Title: Cheenga's Guardian
Skills: Observation 90, Stealth 85, Larceny 79, Wilderness Survival 75, Foraging 60, Hunting 55, Masonry 45, Carpentry 42, Painting 35
Gnosis: Nightstalking 2 Marks

Zethas can't remember a time he didn't live in Cheenga or guard the valley that was once called Pavena. Even thorough The Valterrian and the coming of the sea where his towers rose and fell abruptly all in one day, he has existed. With Pavena's ruins thrust up above Stair Step Falls and the sea washing in, he rode out the chaos. Once, the Towers overlooked the river Pavena was built along.

No more.

The entire ruins of the settlement ended up at a higher elevation some distance from Cheenga's location. Cheenga now only overlooks vast forest and in the distance the Suvan Sea. Zethas doesn't mind. He still takes flights over the area and has slowly and carefully watched the growth of the settlement along the coast.

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