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Syka's public forge is open for business day or night.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Communal Forge

Postby Gossamer on April 29th, 2018, 8:31 pm


Scattered throughout the area just above Swing Beach and in the shadows of The Syka Commons, lies newly constructed functional buildings for the use of Syka's residents. Among these are the newly erected Syka Community Forge. Part of a greater group of buildings that are tucked randomly into the trees, this area is quickly becoming the core area of Syka's settlement. While The Syka Commons is still a lounging and gathering place, The Core is a place where all Sykians can come to learn and utilize the public resources Syka offers.

The forge is a simple thing, bare bones and big enough for most things Syka residents might need. It is available for use by all on a first come first served basis. While there is no charge for the use of the forge and the tools that belong to it, there is a charge for raw materials needed make things. A small shed that remains locked sits alongside the forge which houses ingots of all sorts and another shed housing fuel. Ingots and fuel can be purchased from Artik, the resident blacksmith who is usually found using the forge when no one else needs it. As a main supplier of nails, fasteners, and things like hinges and chain, most of the Community Forge work deals in small ticket items that are invaluable to the settlement.

Artik is also available to teach Blacksmithing to anyone that is interested in learning. He enjoys meeting new people and is something of a social butterfly. He's particularly good at crafting items for ships, fishing, and fasteners.

Price List For Supplies :
  • Brass 7 sm/pound
  • Bronze 6 sm/pound
  • Gold 5 gm/pound
  • Cold Iron (Steel) 1 gm/pound
  • Copper 5 sm/pound
  • Iron 5 sm/pound
  • Lead 5 sm/pound
  • Silver 3 gm/pound
  • Tin 1 gm/pound
  • Zinc 5 sm/pound

Price List for Fuel :
Fuel for the forge:
  • Coal 1 sm/pound
  • Wood 1 sm/cord
(Must be restocked at the end of each day.)

Other Prices :
  • Lessons from Artik: 1 gm/day

Name: Artik Gulfwave
Race: Svefra
DoB: 480 AV (38)
PoB: Suvan Sea
Title: General Minder Of The Core
Skills: Blacksmithing 72, Teaching 68, Sailing 61, Wilderness Survival 58, Drinking 55, Storytelling 51, Design 45, Fishing 38, Mathmatics 35, Negotiation 30
Gnosis: 1 Mark Laviku

Artik is, in a nutshell, a slacker drunk. He is not good with responsibility nor day to day labor agreements. His idea of a good time is lounging around on the beach and watching to make sure Syna tracks through the sky appropriately. He fancies himself a connoisseur of all things alcoholic. Not ambitious enough to brew himself, Artik is glad to sample or 'test' any and all batches that others brew though and give his honest opinion of how fast it will make him drunk. Artik likes being drunk. He likes running a forge drunk too. He even adores teaching drunk.

And while he wants more than anything to stay in Syka, the Founders struggled to figure out a way to place him into the settlement's society and came up with a guardianship of the Community Forage where he has no obligation to make things, just to maintain the forge and lend a hand if someone needs help running it. He orders all the supplies for the forge and keeps firewood well stocked, but other than that he spends his days lounging on the beach or a hammock well within sight of the forge and mooching off anything that happens to be cooked in the communal kitchen.

Living on his Casinor, Artik keeps it moored off Swing Beach so hes easy to find if he is not in the vacinity of The Communal Forge.

One should note he's not always the most pleasant person when sober. However, if one gets a drink or two into Artik, the man becomes anyone's best friend... especially if she's pretty.

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