Location The Communal Kitchens

Syka's Community Core houses a number of places to cook as a community.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Communal Kitchens

Postby Gossamer on April 30th, 2018, 2:57 am


The Syka Communal Kitchens is one all inclusive structure that has several wood fired stoves, including one domed stove designed to cook flat bread and bread that can be topped with meats and cheeses. There is a bread oven, several open pits, and a large brick smoker that has a crank that can be turned on which is powered by a small waterwheel in a stream behind the kitchens. Half a dozen people can work comfortably in the kitchens, since there is plenty of counter space.

The Communal Kitchens include utensils and dining ware. There are pots and pans as well as a large open fire pit who's rectangle shape holds a multitude of pots or grills from an overhead iron rack. Wood is stored in a covered shed to one side of the kitchen and must be replaced if used by the end of the day or the very next day after cleanup.

The ground cover around the Communal Kitchens is 'paved' with oyster shell to keep the area neat and pest free. Among the shell are raised beds made of woven reed that house dirt from the jungle where herbs and vegetables are grown by local volunteers. Anyone is free to use the kitchens, though they must clean up after themselves. If vegetables are used from the raised bed gardens, users are obligated to volunteer time tending the remaining plants to 'pay' for the vegetables and herbs.

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