Location The Jellyfish Lake Ruins

Small ruins, probably a research facility, lie on the west side of Jellyfish Lake.

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The Jellyfish Lake Ruins

Postby Gossamer on May 14th, 2018, 1:06 am



While Jellyfish Lake is inland slightly from the sea, the water being a blend of salt and fresh water indicate its connected to the sea somehow. On the shores of that lake on the ocean side, a small stone ruin shaped like an octagon with a central small tower rising from it overlooks the lake and yet has a view of the sea as well. For one of Pavena's infamous ruins, the Jellyfish Lake Octagon is in almost perfect repair. It is overgrown with vines and other small encroaching jungle flora, but the trees immediately surrounding it have been thinned and keep the view well maintained.

The doors leading into the ruins have no means to actually open them. There are no visible handles, no hinges, and no other means of swinging them wide. The windows are singular THICK panes of clear material that seems different than glass. They have remained unbroken even after all the years of Pavena's abandonment.

The Ruins of Jellyfish Lake are rumored to be haunted. Odd things happen in its vicinity. People often feel the watched when visiting and if camps are set up near the lake and then left unattended, they will vanish without a trace. Traps are removed, snares are taken out, and the fishing is all but abysmal in The Lake due to the abundance of jellyfish.

Name: Shu'uhl
Race: Unknown
DoB: Unknown
PoB: Pavena
Title: Guardian
Gnosis: Laviku 1, Makutsi 2

Shu'uhl has always lived in and around Jellyfish Lake. He was crafted by Myrna and tasked to protect the lake from all intruders and the secrets that it holds. Shu'uhl has not aged since he reached his maturity and has diligently kept to his job through the ages, even through the Valterrian when the lake and its precious denizens were almost destroyed. It was only through his efforts that the lake survived and the jelly's were altered to survive the influx of salt water. Shu'uhl was never denied an education and since the lab at Jellyfish Lake was incredibly important to Myrna's work, he has maintained its purpose and kept his studies ongoing to pass the time.

He single handedly altered the jellys so they would survive in the ages that came in the wake of Ivak's rage. He still caretakes them, swimming among them and day by day keeping the beauty and specialness of them thriving.

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