Location Estuary Cave

An abundant source of fish for the Settlement, Estuary Cave is a teaming fishing hole where over twenty varieties of delicious fish can be found.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Estuary Cave

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Syka's coast line is full of caves filled with treasure. It might not be the traditional sort of treasure, but enough of these caves occur where fresh water meets salt water that something magical happens. Large salt water fish often come inland and into these protective places to live bear their young. Freshwater fish often journey down towards the sea to do the same thing because food is always abundant in these locations. The babies then grow up sheltered and can often increase exponentially in size before they set off for their prospective homes - either the sea or upstream in unnamed rivers - to live out their lives before they return to breed.

The closest cave to Syka, a quick fifteen minute walk north from The Commons is called Estuary Cave. It's easy to miss because its sea outlet is underground and its fed by a rather large stream, but still a fresh water body that is too small to be called a river. People often walk right by it on the beach. It is only if they are scouting inland and follow the large low gradient jungle stream to the sea that they discover the estuary. Slow lazy moving water houses huge fish that avoid predation by crocodiles due to the smaller size of the inland stream.

The cave itself has a trail to its opening and is far big enough to bring a canoe or swim in. The inside, by day, is lit by openings where its roof has caved in. By night it is a luminous wonderland due to glowing algae which rise up out of the water and arch across the cave.

The setting itself is rather safe, romantic, and in the past the denizens of Pavena used to use this spot as a place to exchange vows and hold sacred ceremonies. The bank inside the cave will hold about fifty people comfortably and has a stone firepit in case anyone wants to camp at night. The beach is accessible by a narrow trail on the inside ledge walls of the cave.

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