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Postby Adeliz on June 1st, 2018, 3:07 pm



Race: Ghost (formerly Akalak)
Gender: Female
Age: 5 seasons
Birthday: 1st of Fall, 519 AV
Birthplace: Syka, during the seasonal event that changed everyone’s races
Deathday: 1st of Winter, 519 AV

Appearance: Adeliz appears exactly as she and Ines did when they shared the same body as an Akalak. She appears much as Ines does now, just taller by a near foot and purple. This whole appearance is paled somewhat in comparison to what it was in life, a product of her being ethereal.

✨Character Concept✨

Adeliz was ecstatic at her arrival into life, though she had little time to enjoy it. The only memories she had were those of the life Ines had lived before theirs. She relishes these memories and the time she was able to spend living with Ines. She is driven largely by her lost connection with her soul sister. Much of what she does is done to please Ines and protect her, but secretly Adeliz holds a bitter streak. It is difficult for her to cope with being the one who was left behind. She understands her sister’s need to follow the Kelvic drive, but she feels left behind and forgotten. This is seldom ever shown, and when it is, it is not to Ines.

In general, Adeliz is very timid and anxious, often driven to make decisions based on fear and caution. She is perhaps the tempering wisdom that Ines needs, though now that they do not share a body, Adeliz has little control over her Kelvic sister. She can be overly apologetic and is prone to avoiding confrontation. This means she seldom deals with any issues, instead letting them fester, an unhealthy way of dealing with problems, especially for someone in her undead state.

✨Character History✨

Adeliz wasn’t born. She just burst into existence when an ancient artifact changed the race of the inhabitants of Syka for a season. Upon Ines’ change to an Akalak, a void was created, demanding to be filled by another soul, and Adeliz was the soul thrust into the willing body with the unwilling sister. However, over the course of the season, the two began to care for each other, but time was short and stolen away far more quickly than either would have liked.

When the change of the season came, the Sykans reverted to their previous existence. Ines was no different from the others, and so, at the season’s change, they changed back into a Kelvic. What followed is one secret that Adeliz refuses to let Ines know. For one precious moment, Adeliz shared Ines’ Kelvic body with her, felt the bittersweet drive inherent in all of them, and then, there were too many souls for this one body to hold. Ines was the one who belonged. This was her body, and so it was left to Adeliz to be the one removed. None of this was what Adeliz protected Ines from. What she was protecting Ines from was the knowledge of the feelings that had accompanied her soul being ripped out of their body. It was agony unlike anything Adeliz had ever experienced, unlike anything Ines had ever experienced if their shared memory was correct.

In the days following her “death,” Adeliz departed from Syka and made her way to Bala’s Bowl, finding solace in the place she had found had granted them the greatest sense of peace they had experienced together.


Fluent Language: Myrian
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Fratava


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Materialization 10 (RB) 10 Novice
Possession 30 (SP) 30 Competent
Soulmist Projection 20 (SP) 20 Novice
Resolve 26 (SP) - Moderate


-Ines: Former soul sister
-Judging the receptiveness of a target of possession


-A collection of coins stolen from Sykans in various currencies equating to 100 Gold Mizas
-Heirloom: Multiple short locks of Ines’ hair from when her sister cut it using her machete. The locks are dark brown, and only a few inches in length.


Location: Outside of Syka in Bala’s Bowl, near the abandoned tower


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

✨Thread List✨

Spring 520 :
seasonal word count:????

1st- Into the Tower – a [Closed] thread in which Adeliz and Ines take their first steps into the tower in Bala’s Bowl

14th- Presents of Presence – a [Closed] thread in which Adeliz celebrated Ines’ birthday

23rd- A Question of the Soul – a [Solo] thread in which Adeliz discovers blinking and fights a leopard

40th - Jungle Books - a [Closed] thread where Adeliz and Ines discover the not-so-ruined ruins of a library.

Summer 520 :
seasonal word count:????

12th- The Power in the Mists – a [Solo] thread in which Adeliz faces a storm and hunts for totem pieces

16th- Pieces and Parts – an [Open] thread in which the pieces of the totems are assembled

20th- The First Yet Second Tenday – an [Open] thread in which Syka celebrates Marino’s birthday

23rd- Around the Bend – an [Abandoned] thread in which Adeliz meets Marino

Fall 520 :
seasonal word count:????

2nd- Sisters – a [Duo] thread in which Adeliz loses her temper with her sister for forgetting her “birthday” (Ines)

18th- A Couple of Beach Bums – a [Duo] thread in which Adeliz meets the man who distracted Ines from celebrating Adeliz’ birthday (Puk)

37th- Veronica – a [Solo] thread in which Adeliz meets the ghost girl of Syka

43rd- Lost but not alone – a [Solo] thread in which Adeliz saves a lost tourist

71st- In the Palm of Our Hands – a [Duo] thread in which Adeliz meets another individual marked by Kihala for the guardians (Tazrae)

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