Solo Lost but not alone

Adeliz tries to find her place by finding the lost

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Lost but not alone

Postby Adeliz on November 8th, 2020, 4:38 am

43rd of Fall, 520 AV

Adeliz had stumbled upon a horrific thought. One of the many disadvantages of being dead was that on had way too much free time to think, and unfortunately, Adeliz had thought. Mostly her thoughts were inconsequential, often times nonsensical, leaving her with a smile on her soul and a deadening of her usually chaotic, worried mists. Much of what she thought changed nothing or, at most, very little, but left alone with thoughts long enough, even the most mundane of minds will manage to stumble on to something cataclysmic. Adeliz had stumbled, and she had stumbled hard. There was one thought now, and now that she had thought it, she couldn’t stop thinking.

Adeliz had to distance herself from her sister Ines.

This was not the thought as it had come to her, but it was what it had become. When the first thought had come, it was that she wasn’t going to die. She already done that, and that was generally the sort of thing that was once and done. She’d done the difficult part, or so she had thought. The next thought that turned into proved her wrong, and that was the thought that Ines had not. Adeliz’ sister was still living, and that meant that one day, she would die.

Most astounding about this thought was the fact she had never thought it before. Sure, Adeliz thought plenty about how Ines could die. It came with being a worrier, and the ghostly soul sister could fret with the best of them. Those thoughts were always over some temporary fear that Ines had put herself in danger (which she usually had), and they were over when the danger had passed. Sire, Ines could have died dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of times, but Adeliz had never faced the fact that eventually, Ines would die. It was inevitable, and it hurt Adeliz to have to admit it. Somehow, Adeliz finally came to the thought that wound her the most.

Adeliz had to distance herself from her sister Ines.

Adeliz couldn’t base her whole existence on her connection to Ines, because one day, Ines wouldn’t be around. The most frightening truth of all was that Adeliz wasn’t sure if she knew how to let go. Once Ines was gone from the world, Adeliz didn’t want to be a part of it anymore, but she didn’t know if she would just be able to end her existence or not. Staying had been easy, so easy that Adeliz was afraid she’d be too stubborn to leave. If she was stuck, she needed her own identity.

That’s what she was out and about doing, trying to find a place for herself here. If she had a purpose, a way she was useful to them outside of what she had done with Ines, then she would be on her way to creating that new identity for herself. There was only one problem. Adeliz didn’t know where to start. Having no body certainly threw a wrench into things, especially with a city so physically involved. Drifting about unmaterialized, she was only half aware of the things that transpired around her. The other half of her was busy thinking. She’d obviously learned nothing.

Her minded sifted through all the various location she knew, but she knew none of them needed a spirit. Next, she began to think of people, and only one thought arose.

Ask the Founders.

At first, she thought it was a brilliant idea, but another terrifying thought came to mind. What if they said she was useless? What if they said the best thing she could do for the settlement was to move on? She had already been on her way to find a Founder when she stumbled on this thought, so she balked with Randal standing right there in front of her, the answer to her conundrum only one brave question away.

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