Crylon's plotnotes

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Crylon's plotnotes

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on June 4th, 2018, 11:55 pm



-Izentor- 1 mark
Izentor G Chat :
Crylon- Oh hey Gill, speaking of gnosis do you have time to answer an Izentor question of mine?

Gillar- Sure

C- I get using it on items you create in one sitting. But how does it work in longer items? Like say, chainmail, or a house?
Does each board have to be izentored? Or is it in parts? Or does putting it together work?

G- It is the overall object, the finished piece. So basically, you enter a type of meditative state where you focus on the results you are looking for...with the first mark its pretty simple...durability. Then you allow your thoughts to wander toward memories of your past where you experienced or displayed qualities that are related to the...quality...that you want to add to the item. Durability could be mental or physical fortitude or endurance. You basically relive that memory in your mind and when you awake, your item is imparted upon with the related quality. The character is left exhausted from the process of splitting off a piece of their soul and placing it in the item.
With a building, you would want to start the process in the center of the main room.
WIth a piece of armor, the same thing, touch the center of the armor, meditate until you reach the appropriate state, engage the memory and impart it upon the item/room/etc.

C-Okay, thanks for the details!
I've yet to use it IC yet, planning to make a nail file so he can cut his nails, but eventually planning to do a house and such, which is why I was asking.
Or so he can cut his special Isur arm's nails.

G- I never actually considered their nails as growing to any extensive length but considering their vanity I could see them doing it just for the sake of wanting to look good. Whether it actually trimmed their nails or whether their nails on that arm actually grew wouldn't matter. Vanity and all.

C- I read everything I could find about Isur before making Crylon, and found something you'd written saying it was the only way to trim their special arms nails, so figured I'd make one. :wink: Lot of great stuff in random Sultros Q&A threads!

G- Ahh, must have been something I of the countless questions in the past that I answered...Good catch!
Come to think of it, I do remember something about that one...I thought it was such an odd question but it makes more sense the more I think of it.
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Crylon's plotnotes

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on June 4th, 2018, 11:56 pm


To Do

-Learn Gadgeteering-
-Learn basics of Metalsmithing-
-Buy a lock/key and take apart-
-Learn basics of Locksmithing-
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Crylon's plotnotes

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on June 5th, 2018, 12:04 am



-Carpenters Axe- (An axe with a blade mounted at right angles to a short shaft.- I.E. Flat topped with curve only on bottom side)
chat :
Clyde- Hey, does anyone understand the description to the carpenter's axe- "An axe with a blade mounted at right angles to a short shaft." I can't figure out what it means by a blade at right angles.

Anti- Like a t

Goss- perpendicular, A lot of weaponized axes have curved blades
-not square ones, not just fully functional.... axes are like wedges on a stick.... they are used to cut chunks out of wood...

Clyde- Oh, straight blade, now I'm getting you. Rather than arcing out.

Goss- The top is always flat... all the way across
so you can set it down on its head with the handle sticking up
most battle axes, weaponized axes etc don't
You can't do that with

Clyde- Right, they'd possibly arc outward in both sides.

Goss- It has to do with how you shim the blades onto the shaft too

Clyde- Kind of like a one sided blade on a knife versus 2 sided blade on a sword/dagger, but with axes.

Goss- They need to be able to take a bigger impact than say an axe that an executioner uses
Carpenter's axes can arch outward, just always on the downward side closest to your hands
The top... again, is totally flat
It has to be to be STRONG
-instead of fat in the middle and both up and downs curving to cutting surfaces... the only cutting surface on a normal carpenter's axe is the outer edge that strikes wood.

Magic Egg :
Alexis- We had a couple of questions about the magical fluffballs of eggs. Do the egg powers wear off? Do the magical eggs rot? Can you eat the magical eggs?

Goss- Okay let me put this another way.
If you had a hunk of gold in the shape of an egg... would it be edible?
I mean you could try, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Crylon- I think they mean the ones not filled with things, or clearly of a specific subustance. Hot, cold, light, ones.

Goss- Its an actual hunk of gold, a gemstone, a glowing stone, etc...
So your asking if the normal eggs are normal?

Solstice- So they don't rot or wear out?

Crylon- I'm just trying to figure out where to keep a chicken in Ravok, unless they have the equivalent of horse room for chickens on the lakeshore. Will need to pm Prohp.

Goss- That's what the post said. :smiley: You get a magical egg every ten days or so .. .but an egg each day
You can keep a chicken in your home.
People have house chickens all over the world. IT's a thing.

Crylon- It is? Did not know that

Alexis- So magical eggs should be looked more at magical stones in the same of a egg with powers and not food

Goss- Sure. My neighbor has one. A little crippled rooster... he wears a diaper.
Alexis... if the 'property' is gold... its gold.. not actually magical.
Its just a gold egg
or an ice egg that doesnt' melt
or a really hot egg
or a metal egg... or a gemstone egg

Alexis- Got it. Okay thanks for clearing that up

Goss- its not a normal egg.

Floats :
Goss- They are attached to pilons
and called 'floats'
moored in 'slips

Goss- So basically Crylon
You have floats.. which in Miz terms will be logs
then built into the logs are stringers... and the stringers are the platform the home is built on
Pic on off topic

Crylon- So kind of like a log raft, but with planks built in to guide it?
-And to put the house on.
1 (thumbsup- Goss response to both)

Goss- You notch the logs to support the stringers so they don't move

crossbow :
Crylon-Hey random question guys, but does anyone know what skill making a crossbow would fall under? Would that be gadgeteering? Something else?

Goss- wood carving and weaponsmithing combined

C- Ah, makes sense. Could it work as carpentry/weaponsmithing?
I have very little knowledge of how they work, so need to read up on them. Just another long term thought

G- Probably.

C- Ah, I see what you mean. probably easier with carving than cutting... And not as techy as I was thinking...

Kelvic :
Goss- Lets see... Kelvic bonds are strong energetic links that link the kelvic and bondmate in a very tangible way.
Nawwww.... how in the world could an aurist see energy bleeding out and crisscrossing between two people like that?
Cause like.... really.... auristics doesn't show any sort of energy.... aura....etc

Isur/SB :
Regime-Isur as a race come with the arm. The city is used to them as a race.
its not like the city can't just riot and catch an isur to cut off both arms

Crylon-I should rp it in that... It should be unclear if people are okay with it?

R-Yes, most people in SB would be fine with Isur. The other half might suddenly distrust isur if they didn't know it was a thing. Magic is the point of contention in the city.

C-Ah, okay. So if people know of Isur, they just know its a thing. Otherwise they'll think he did some dark magic to merge with a mountain, and want to cut off his arms...

R-Pretty much.
Its why Karos at the smithy is such a sarcastic npc.
Try getting him to Izentor something. lol
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Crylon's plotnotes

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on January 1st, 2019, 12:21 am

Building Plans

Kelski's new building/forge begin Winter 518

-66 Winter 518-Crylon hired
-67 Winter 518-Crylon begins work for Kelski-moves in to Gem.
-71 Winter 518- Goes to get basic equipment, and begins breaking down old structures- can begin hauling away/sorting junk any time after this date in Winter.

-Clearing land- begin late winter, go into early/mid spring.
-Build forge, begin winter, complete late winter/early spring depending on when get needed skills and instruction
-Reinforce tunnels/build foundations- Begin late winter early spring, expected finish by late spring. (mainly Crylon doing- Izentored foundation?)
-Possibly begin main structure building in summer.

Steps: (Steps may run concurrent to others, are not numbered by when begin, simply numbered to keep separate)
-Step 1- Clearing land
>Buy equipment, shovels, pickax, gloves, sledgehammer, order wood for making equipment.
>Hire hands to help with clearing land.
>Crylon Begin breaking down prior buildings, others haul things away.
>Sort torn down materials for salvage, possibly re purpose for construction.

-Step 2- Get rough spacing for land, mapping out (once clearing land done)
-Step 2B- Finalize design and map final layout for structures (do before begin foundation)

-Step 3- Test ground (once buildings broken down by Crylon and just left with clearing land)
>Dig holes to check for tunnels, spaced out across site. (cave in?)
>Build ladders and other things with wood for getting in and out of holes.
>If run into mine tunnels will call in Kelski, have her examine with and decide on course of action.

-Step 4- Build basic smithy- (as early as possible, once get design, materials, instruction, etc)
>Get materials
>Get design for smithy, and/or review other smithies for tips on how to make.
>Find skilled mason to instruct in making smithy to begin work.
-Step 4B- Expand smithy structure- Less important
>Add roof/covering for smithy, to help keep out elements, possibly add walls/door to enclose.

Smithy steps:
- Go to library, inspect plans for forge (iffy)
- Go to completed forge in city, inspect
- Hire a mason to teach Crylon and to assist in putting up forge
- Build forge

-Step 5- Build foundation/reinforce mine tunnels below site (if reinforce tunnels, will want to build entrance into tunnel into basement, design this way when laying foundation)
(note can reinforce tunnels before then, but cannot build foundation until design finalize and layout mapped and completed)
>Finalize design and map final layout for structures.
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