Solo How to train your Ashta [Job]

Ray's first day at the new job

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How to train your Ashta [Job]

Postby Raymond Rhythorn on June 9th, 2018, 6:23 am

6th Day of Summer 518

It was an exciting day for Ray. Mathias had arranged a new job for him at the sawmill. He was told he would be working with some unique creatures. An animal he's never seen before or heard of. Ray was especially energetic that day. He woke up early, took a bath at the community pool and got ready for his day.

The day was hot, as usual, he `folded his sleeves, picked his cane and started for the sawmill. The sawmill was the farthest from the city core at the northern edge of the jungle. It was at the centre of a large clearing, the bungalow seemed to be newly built. On approaching the mill, he was greeted by the sawmill operator.

"Hello! You must be Ray. I am Lars Waska, I run this place"
said the man shaking Ray's hands.
"so have you ever worked with Ashta before?"

"No, honestly I have never seen one before."

"Well then prepare to be amazed!" Lars spoke excitedly

Behind the mill was a large area with several elephants. These were comparitively small with large ears. Their ears had green coloured appendages and unique bone protrusions that formed over their eyes. The harmless looking animals had a variety of colours. Some were grey, some copper and one or two sand coloured.

"They look amazing!" exclaimed Ray "So where are the adults?"

"There are the adults. They don't grow much bigger than 10 feet. Here, come take a closer look"Lars took Ray to one of the Ashta. The creatures seemed very docile. It got startled when Ray approached.

"Don't worry, they are quite harmless" Lars stroked the creature."See these nodes on their ears? they are quite special. It allows them to hear anything within a mile, it helps them to survive from predators. They are very smart animals. I primarily use them to move the lumber and logs and sometimes when the waterwheel is not working.....and now it is your job to look after them, train them"

"I have never seen one of these before and now you expect me to suddenly be an expert and train them?" Ray joked.

Lars laughed "Well you are certainly no expert but it is pretty easy to train ashta so I suggest you better start working as soon as possible. Don't worry they are smart creatures, they'll learn fast. Come with me I found a wild one last night, it's still a calf and hasn't been trained yet. Start with this one and you'll get the hang of it" Lars took Ray to a little grey calf. The ashta was about 6 feet, had a short tusk and with dark green appendages. Lars patted Ray's back and went back inside.

Ray put his cane aside, took off his shirt and took a deep breath.
"Okay buddy looks like we're both new here"


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