Location Caiyha's Arbor

An enormous ebony tree in the heart of The Maw.

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Caiyha's Arbor

Postby Gossamer on June 20th, 2018, 11:54 pm

Caiyha’s Arbor


Deep in the heart of the Maw grows an enormous ebony tree called Caiyha’s Arbor. The tree serves as Caiyha’s hidden shrine within the Maw and can only be stumbled upon by those who bear no ill will towards the goddess’s dominion. Individuals who wish harm or show irreverence for the jungle will be unable to find the shrine and pass by unseeing. While the tree is huge it shows no other outwardly visible signs of being a sacred place.

If a person who is able to find the shrine walks within twenty feet of the tree they will be granted the nature goddess’s boon of safety. No violence will befall visitors of the shrine so long as they stay within the magical perimeter and they will be unable to be violent to others, even if those others are located outside of the shrine’s influence. As soon as they enter within the influence of the shrine they will feel a sense of calm and peace wash over their being. The sense of peace extends beyond just a person’s actions and those with troubled heart or mind will find themselves relieved of their burdens temporarily under the Arbor.

Shortly after a visitor finds the shrine they will be greeted by the shrine’s keeper, a Jamoura named Brosh who lives above in the branches. Brosh will allow visitors to remain under the safety of Caihya’s Arbor for a single night before bidding them a firm farewell in the morning. Brosh may offer fruit from the forest and rough directions within the Maw to visitors who show respect to the shrine. An offering to Caiyha may yield more helpful information about whatever adventure has led them into the depths of the Maw. Outside of responding to direct questions, the reserved Jamoura keeps to himself when the rare visitor is present and sleeps in the leafy canopy at night.

When visitors leave the Arbor and pass beyond the influence of the shrine’s power they will again be at risk of the dangers of the Maw. They will feel the desire to keep the shrine’s existence secret in honor of the safety that Caiyha granted them.

Name: Brosh
Race: Jamoura
DoB: Fall 42, 151
PoB: The Spires
Title: Keeper of Caiyha’s Arbor
Skills:Wilderness Survival 70, Botany 60, Unarmed 55, Land Navigation, 50 Meditation 40
Gnosis: Caiyha 1 (Tropical Forest)

Brosh is a quiet, thoughtful male who speaks with respect to all but does not seek out the company of others. He was born in the Spires and like most Jamoura he feels a deep respect for the natural world around him and the goddess who watches over it. Growing up, Brosh spent the majority of his time exploring the Talderan forests and learning how the web of life connected together. When he came to adulthood Caiyha offered him the opportunity to do her work and gave him her mark, sending him to Falyndar to look after the jungles there. He settled in the Maw and the goddess granted him the Arbor to look after as he set about the endless task of bringing back balance to nature around the ancient ruins.

*credit goes to Okara
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