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Damaris Johnn

Postby Damaris Johnn on July 3rd, 2018, 2:48 pm

Damaris Johnn

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Birthday: 12 Summer 490
Birthplace: Ravok

Damaris is athletic and slender, keeping herself fit and prepared. Her clothing is usually practical and dark colored, though she keeps some dresses for occasions when cosmetic value has its uses as well. She prefers leather, mostly dyed black or dark brown. Her light blonde hair is kept in braids when she has business to do. She was called 'Lioness' by her previous employer, Hubertina Jendrik, something which she approved of. Violette was inspired by Damaris's facial features. Royal bestiality and beauty, predatory, blue eyes, feline lineaments. She doesn't wear any jewelry and abandoned the habit of keeping pieces of metal in her hair.

Character Concept
At the core of her personality, Damaris is pretty much like the rest of her kin. Strength of any kind is valued and respected, mercy is for the weak and those who can't survive were not worthy anyway. Conflicts are lovely and exciting, being a part of them is even better.

However, her exile changed her a lot. Her prejudice and scorn toned down as years passed, she accepts working with other races or having contracts with them. She's relatively open-minded, It's much more favorable to let others think that she's tolerant and better than the usual stereotype. Of course, this hardly matters if someone's hostile right from the start...

Thus she can do what she likes to do anyway... bounty contracts are something to kill time while causing pain is her real passion. Damaris knows her craft thoroughly and her services are expensive, but there is always someone rich and influential who likes to play dirty in the shadows and needs someone with her expertise.

"I'm just doing my job, it's sad that they have to suffer." Said no torturer ever. Or at least, not in a serious manner. Damaris is no exception, thoroughly enjoying every little wince on the face of her victim just as much as their uncontrolled, painful scream.

As expected from someone of her background and vocation, it's hard to earn her trust and she tends to be paranoid at times. Damaris found her own method of relaxing through alcohol and other things that make reality blurry. Even a Lioness likes to get drunk or out of her mind at times...

Selfish to the core, Damaris rarely cares about anyone else but herself. Everyone else comes second if they are considered at all when making decisions. There are a chosen few whom she's fond of, usually old contacts and some people who are talented at massages, but the rest... the whole lot of them can go to the grinder anytime.

Even though she doesn't care about others' freedom and rights, she mostly refrains from killing or hurting her servants or slaves, whenever she has any. Damaris handles them in a utilitarian way, she considers them her possession after all. Destroying your own property without a good reason is just plain idiocy.

Character History

Damaris was born in Ravok as the third daughter of a family of wealthy merchants. Her path was decided before she could even talk, her mother 'assigning' her to be the future master torturer of their deviant little-beloved family... a decision that Damaris never regretted. Of course, her martial training wasn't lacking either, rigorous and thorough, she was learning how to fight with the traditional blades early on, as a child.

Growing up was rather unremarkable, even the eventual destruction of her family wasn't out of the ordinary. Damaris had her part in the conflict, naturally, being responsible for the murder of her eldest sister, believing that this would help her gain power as well, temporarily aiding their rivals by giving away key information of one of her sisters' endeavors. However, this treachery caused a breach in her families defense as well, leading to their utter destruction. Damaris survived the conflict, but there were no options left for her, forcing her to flee. Their rivals wanted to finish the work. Making sure that House Johnn was fully eradicated, they sent out hunters, chasing Damaris. The pursuit seemingly ended when they got her cornered... or at least they thought so.

Damaris didn't have much time to regret her actions, the new world presenting her with challenges yet unseen. Blades could still cut through flesh and foes would die, but everything felt so different and alien. It was obvious from the start that the 'lesser classes' would hardly welcome her, thus she made no efforts to befriend anyone, killing people who stood in her way without hesitation... however, she soon had to realize that she can't go on like this forever. She either integrates or she lives the rest of her life as some wild animal, always on the run... she could've decided to simply go back, but instead, she embraced this new challenge. A part of Damaris even loved the idea... her against those miserable, worthless scum who inhabit Mizahar... but mostly, it was a struggle.

Mostly treated with suspicion, sometimes denying her just reward for a job well done, even assaulting her on occasions... she survived it all. Damaris slowly gained the reputation of being a reliable, ruthless killer and gathered contacts as well.

Through her contacts, Damariis soon discovered an opportunity, A wealthy merchant's wife was looking for a certain kind of... expert to hire. While the thought of having someone perceived as superior to her wasn't to her liking, Damaria still took the job.

It wasn't hard for her to get used to the new life in the mansion of the Jendrick family and the refined, elegant malice of Hubertina Jendrik was actually to her liking, even though she understood that the woman could turn on her at any given moment. The well-equipped dungeon under the mansion was only a pale version of what she was used to, but satisfying nonetheless, extracting valuable information from the unlucky individuals who got caught by the scheming of Hubertina throughout the years.

The occupation came with a permanent residence as well and after many years, Damaris got servants of her own once again, something that she missed quite often while dealing with the miserable reality of everyday life. After mundane nuisances ceased to steal her time, she could focus on other, more rewarding activities... Or simply things that help to ease tension. Damaris transcended her paranoid nature somewhat. She was known as someone who loved to let herself loose, substance abuse wasn't rare, at times to the point of being vulnerable. Not that anyone dared to do anything with her, but such lack of self-control can be dangerous... perhaps fate has a harsh lesson planned for her in the future.

Her tenure at the mansion came to an end recently after six years, with the death of Hubertina Jendrik. The cruel woman finally fell victim to her own scheming, leaving the torturer's contract in the hands of her husband, who never trusted the woman... Damaris had to solve this problem right away before something happened to her. Looking for a new employer can wait...


Fluent Language: Common


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Medicine 17 (sp) # Novice
Weapon skills 17 (sp) Novice
Interrogation 16 (sp)+15 (rb) 30 Competent

Lore of Ravok Layout
Lore of Ravok Culture


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Thin gold ring


Location: Pending
House: Pending


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

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Damaris Johnn

Postby Luminescence on July 3rd, 2018, 9:53 pm

Let me lend you a guiding hand

Welcome to Mizahar, Damaris; I'm Luminescence, and I'm here to help you with your character sheet. I know that your CS is still in progress, but there are a few things you'll need to fix before you can begin playing.

*Your race: Your race on your profile says Mixed Blood; please change this to Human. You can do this through the User Control Panel.

*Your appearance: Humans do not have white hair (unless it is due to aging); please change this in your description. Platinum blonde is fine, but white is not a natural colour for a human in their 20s.

*Your concept & history: Please read through Ravok's codex; I'm not an expert on the city, but to my knowledge, there aren't 'houses' or nobles in Ravok. There are certain influential families detailed in the codex, but that's about it. I suggest you contact Prophet, Ravok's Storyteller, to help you work out the details of your history and to see what would be feasible, since it seems quite a bit of your history may need to be edited.

Your concept/history also does not work with your current skillset. You need the Torture skill to be a torturer, and you have no Weapon skills. Even with those skills, Damaris would not be considered an expert, given the limits placed on starting skills.

*Your languages: Keep in mind if you decide to take other languages that it needs to make sense for your character to know them.

*Your lores: You seem to be missing your lores entirely; you are allowed 2 to start with, of your choice. There are some suggestions for Ravok lores in the template; keep in mind if you choose to go with anything else that lores are specific bits of knowledge about locations, people, religion, skills your character already has, etc.

*Your skills: It seems your skills are still under construction, however I'll leave you some reminders here. You get 50 SP points that you can spread around as you wish (minimum of 5 SP and maximum of 30 SP in a skill), and as a human, you get a +15 racial bonus in one skill of your choice. Please denote starting package skills as 'SP' and racial bonus as 'RB'. You need the prerequisite of either Unarmed Combat or a Weapon skill to have Blind Fighting. At a novice level in Poison, you need to specify what three families you have knowledge of. Also keep in mind that the competent level of a skill begins at 26 XP. Your skills also need to be ordered alphabetically and by competency.

*Your possessions: Please pick a cloak OR coat.

Once you have made the necessary corrections, let me know so that I can remove this intervention. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me, or you can find me in our discord chat.
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