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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Okomo Villa

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While the sacred okomo of Lhavit have free reign of the Sharai Peak, The Okomo Villa is the headquarters for all matters concerning their charge and care. Comprising of a handful of long, ordinary looking buildings, that sit atop a small hill overlooking some of the pastures and fields below, the many handlers and workers employed by the Villa can be found here attending to various duties.

While the plain looking buildings are similar in design, each one serves a specific purpose. The first is the Aid Station, providing refuge for both sick and injured okomo brought in from the fields. The station includes a small stock room for medical supplies and herbs, as well as a series of more spaced out stalls in order to keep the okomo separate from one another. The second building is the Birthing Facility, providing for the okomo exactly what the name suggests. Again the building carries its own medical supplies as well as a cold room for mother's milk, on the rare occasions that a newborn should require additional supply.

The third building is undoubtedly every okomo's favorite place on the Sharai Peak, while certainly the envy of the regular cattle who share the fields and pastures. The Grooming House employs a team of attentive and loving handlers whose sole purpose is to clean, pamper, and generally spoil the okomo. The giant goat-antelope beasts can enjoy such pleasures as a full coat brush down, massages, and of course having their horns painted. The handlers are also to be found out in the field, where their duties involve supervising the okomo, looking out for any signs of injury or illness, and providing pats and scratches behind the ears.

The fourth and final of the larger buildings is the stables, providing a staging area for the saddling of okomo. As mounts, the okomo are mostly used by Shinya for various patrols around the city, the steeds proving expert and dependable travelers of the steep mountainsides. But non-military personnel are also welcome to learn to ride here, as well as taking an okomo out for simple recreational pleasure.

Since okomo are given the run of Sharai Peak, only those that are sick or pregnant are brought to the Villa directly. If an okomo wants to make use of the Grooming House, it must first make its own way there and head to the building. While some might question whether or not the revered animals know where to go, ask any handler who will assure you, okomo are a lot more intelligent that one might think. As a result, groomers and handlers are always ready and waiting for when their next client arrives.

Finally, there can be found a small administrative building that serves as both office and home to Khana Rayastai. A simple cottage similar in design to those found at the Okomo Estates, the only addition is a separate room where Khana keeps a desk and several cabinets, all filled with records of every okomo that has ever existed in Lhavit. Since the horned goat-antelopes are not found anywhere else in Mizahar, that of course makes it the only collection of records in existence.

The Sharai Peaks, particularly close to the Okomo Estates, are generally safe; but on occasion, predators will wander in from the surrounding wilderness in an attempt to grab an easy meal. To this end, a large and rather shaggy Quarni Wolfhound is employed;
Zapter, while not the only dog used to protect the okomo and other livestock on the Sharai, is Khana's personal dog, and is often found either patrolling the Peak or accompanying Khana while she performs her duties around the Estates. He is a very friendly dog, enjoying pets from anyone who is willing, but is fierce when he needs to be.

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Khana Rayastai
ImageName: Khana Rayastai
Race: Inarta
Birthdate: 489 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Head okomo handler at the Okomo Villa
Skills: Animal Husbandry - 65, Hunting - 40, Mountaineering - 20, Painting - 36, Riding (Okomo) - 61, Tracking - 38, Weapon (Shortbow) - 50, Wilderness Survival (Forest) - 25
Languages: Common (Fluent), Nari (Fluent)

Friendly and outgoing, Khana welcomes all and loves educating people about the okomo; but if she believes someone poses a threat to the animals, her fury knows no bounds. Khana is a member of a line of prominent okomo handlers and hunters that heralded from Wind Reach over 200 years ago. She was raised to learn how to hunt and shoot with a bow at a young age, and has since put it to good use to bring back occasional food to ease the burden on the non-okomo cattle raised for the city. She is seen most of the time painting the horns of her okomo or patting them down at the Grooming House.

Okomo Info

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