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Snow Apple Orchard

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A long, winding footpath leads though the picturesque fields and hills of the Sharai Peak, lined with several acres of trees on either side; rows upon rows of snow apple trees grow at equal distances from each other, providing shade in the summer and a delicious harvest in winter.

The orchard lies past the edge of the Okomo Estates, and lies in the part of the Sharai Peak that is dedicated to agriculture, surrounded by various farms and greenhouses. Okomo can often be found in the part of the Peak, particularly when the snow apples are ripening, as they enjoy munching on any of the fruits that fall to the ground.

At the very end of the path is a surprisingly small, two story cottage surrounded by verandas on all sides; the large front porch houses a table and rocking chair. At all times of the year, there are barrels and crates laying around everywhere, all with the Snow Orchard's monogram. Inside on the first level is a vast array of yet more barrels, fermentation vats, and other things necessary for the creation of truly delicious cider.

On the top level of the cottage are the private rooms of the family, who have owned the Orchard for decades, as well as a spacious kitchen which always smells of delicious apple pie, compote, and other apple related foods. The basement, with a floor plan almost twice the size of the cottage up above, is a storage area for anything from produce to harvest baskets, farmers clothing, and fertilizer. It is lit by oil lamps which have to be turned on and off by hand upon entry and exit.

Several cats are wandering either the cottage or the Orchard at all times; Mariolla, the owner of the Orchard, owns five cats whom she adores.
Princess, Fluffy, Lily, Lucky, and Kisser are all rather friendly, and depending on their mood will tolerate or even seriously enjoy receiving affection. Princess and Lily are the two she-cats, and also the grumpiest of the bunch, being the most likely to scratch or bite someone if they are pet while in a bad mood; Mariolla is the only exception to this.

ImageAs suggested by its name, Snow Apple Orchard specializes in producing snow apples, and products made from them. Snow apples are a type of small, dark red apple unique to Lhavit; they are not a natural species of apple, but rather, were bred by combining various types of apple trees decades ago by the Snow family. They are named both after the family that created them, as well as the season in which they are harvested.

The snow apple trees bloom at the start of fall with gorgeous, massive lime green and yellow blossoms. Some of the older and more prized trees bloom white. The first snowfall incubates the apples as they grow and mature, and they become ready to harvest at the end of winter. Before the snow melts and the apples are harvested, the orchards look breathtaking, speckled in scarlet and white.

Massive apple picking parties are often organised around the end of winter. Lhavitians often help pick the apples, and extra hands are almost never turned away. With wicker baskets strapped to their backs, apple pickers traverse the hilly landscape of the orchards for weeks, picking apples as soon as they ripen, and stash them on the terraces of the brewery where the frigid cold of the snow keeps them fresh. By the time the snow melts, the apples need to be picked; they quickly begin to rot with the arrival of spring and warmer weather.

The most common product made with the snow apples is snow apple cider, which is only available to be purchased at the Orchard; the exact process of creating the cider is a secret tightly held by the Snow family. Snow apple cider is mildly alcoholic, and takes at minimum a whole year to make; it has a faint pink colour to it, and is much sweeter than cider brewed from other types of apples, with delicate floral notes and an aftertaste similar to mint.

The cider is made through a process of fermentation through both wooden and metal caskets, and the longer it is allowed to sit, the stronger the alcohol concentration becomes. Year old cider is usually given to children as it has the sweetest taste and lowest alcohol content, whilst the older batches are reserved for adults only.

Location credit: Raeyn

Mariolla Snow
ImageName: Mariolla Snow
Race: Human
Birthdate: 460 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Owner and brewer at the Snow Apple Orchard
Skills: Agriculture - 48, Animal Husbandry - 25, Brewing - 85, Cooking - 75, Food Preservation - 65, Gardening - 52, Storytelling - 70
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Mariolla is the matriarch of the Snow family, who have been the owners of the Snow Apple Orchard for generations. She’s a severe lady, incredibly practical and with a sarcastic sense of humour. She’s not unkind, and has a soft spot for children and animals, but is blunt and sometimes painfully honest.

Mariolla doesn’t hold grudges, but is quick to teach one a lesson if she feels they need it, and getting on her bad side isn’t advised. After all, being deprived of delicious snow apple produce even for a day is a truly difficult punishment to bear.

In the summer months, Mariolla can usually be found in her rocking chair overlooking the orchards on her front porch with one of her cats on her lap, napping or telling stories to any children who may have come by.

Snow Apple Cider

1 year old: 1 kina/liter
2 - 5 years old: 5 kina/liter
6+ years old: 10 kina/liter


Snow apple jam: 5 topaz kina/jar
Snow apple pie: 2 topaz kina/pie
Snow apple tart: 5 jade kina/tart or 6 topaz kina/dozen
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