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A library of seeds.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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The Crystal Seed Bank

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The Seed Bank is a metaphorical temple of knowledge for botanists, herbalists, and florists alike. A beautiful, aged structure of skyglass, the Crystal Seed Bank truly is built like a temple. It stands on the Sharai Peak, the largest of all the greenhouses; in fact, it was the first skyglass greenhouse constructed on the Peak, and was transformed into the Seed Bank when the other greenhouses began to be constructed.

With a greenhouse exterior, the Bank is a network of beautifully lit transparent halls and garden spaces growing both native and exotic species of flora. The entrance is an ornamented gate that leads down a long corridor to the main portion of the building. At the very center of the Seed Bank lies a library of files. Bookcases and shelves fill a wide open space, so tall that the very top layers can only be reached by a network of ladders and pulleys.

Each shelf is stacked with boxes of different sizes and shapes, all which at some point or another have been labeled appropriately and stacked alphabetically. Inside the boxes one can find files and files of information on various plants, as well as samples of seeds. Many of the favoured seeds are grown on the Seed Bank's grounds; those seed samples are often replaced, whilst others have been sitting dormant for decades.

A carefully crafted ventilation system keeps the atmosphere inside the seed library cool and dry to prevent the activation of seed samples, but accidents do happen. Every so often whole boxes of precious information have to be discarded because a little bit of moisture got to them. Outside of the library, the rest of the building is humid and warm to allow a variety of plants and flowers to grow year-round.

Decades of time have a habit of obscuring knowledge; suffice to say, it isn’t easy to find what one is looking for inside the Seed Bank, but with enough time and determination it’s not impossible. The vast collection is a result of years of careful work as well as some trade between Lhavit and neighbouring cities; but not every single plant in Mizahar can be found here. Grains, fruits, vegetables, and flowers native to Lhavit take priority and are most common. They are usually kept in far better conditions and treated with far better care, also boasting large sample sizes in the archives. A lucky botanist can, however, hope to accidentally happen upon the odd, unusual specimen of plant; some even as old as the city itself.

The Crystal Seed Bank really is every botanists’s dream...but also their nightmare. Around the grounds and within its vast network of interconnecting glasshouse rooms, a visitor can find strategically hidden laboratories fitted with everything one might need for the study of seeds and plants, from philtering kits to specific chemicals and magnifying glasses; these labs are available for use with permission from either the head groundskeeper, or one of the researchers or botanists. There is no charge for using the labs, but permission is harder to get than one might think.

Although the labs aren’t always easy to find among the maze of foliage, they do provide a peaceful and silent atmosphere for a botanist to work in. The result, however, is that the groundskeepers don’t always keep tabs on everyone that uses the labs, so botanists and scholars can sometimes find themselves accidentally trapped in the building during rest periods.

Tours are offered to those who wish to visit the Seed Bank on a somewhat erratic schedule; the workers at the Bank are always busy, but if someone comes by asking about a tour, at least one botanist or groundskeeper will find the time to show them around, free of charge.

Visitors may also peruse the archive and library of information and seeds; all one has to do is ask. The archive room is staffed by several botanists and researchers at all times of day and night, ready to help those who are doing their own research, but also keeping a close eye on their precious stock.

Taking seeds outside the Seed Bank's grounds is strictly forbidden. This location is very important to the city’s scholarly and agricultural communities, so be prepared to face the wrath of the Shinya if you’re found with stolen seeds on you.

Location credit: Raeyn

Amarina Lior
ImageName: Amarina Lior
Race: Human
Birthdate: 492 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Head groundskeeper at the Crystal Seed Bank
Gnosis: 2 marks of Caiyha (Phylonura level 2)
Skills: Agriculture - 25, Botany - 75, Foraging - 50, Floristry - 38, Gardening - 85, Herbalism - 35, Leadership - 62
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Beautiful with a willowy frame and long, pale blonde hair, Amarina is almost always seen in an old dress and worn boots, with gardening gloves either on her hands or tucked into her belt. Grass and dirt stains always cover her clothing, and often her knees and hands as well, and she is usually wielding some sort of gardening tool or another. Despite her young age, she is head of the groundskeepers at the Bank, and in charge of the various botanists and researchers; she took the position over from her mother when she passed, and was practically raised in the Bank.

Amarina is a no nonsense lady. She’s pleasant and easy enough to have a conversation with, but she is also often very, very busy. Her daily duties include coordinating the vast force of keepers under her leadership, employing new recruits, and generally battling with the overflow of information contained at the Bank. However, she is also always the one who represents the good name of her business, often making appearances at local Lhavit festivities. Amarina also spends much of her time caring for the grounds and live plants within the Bank.

Amarina owns a little cottage in the Okomo Estates, and her garden is always the most beautiful one in her neighbourhood. Many who wish to know the secrets of her way with plants often find themselves with unanswered questions, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Atsu Kyres
ImageName: Atsu Kyres
Race: Human
Birthdate: 489 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Groundskeeper at the Crystal Seed Bank
Skills: Botany - 50, Gardening - 70, Meditation - 72, Organization - 75, Socialization - 10, Unarmed Combat - 64
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Atsu was born to a long line of gardeners in Lhavit, and to his parents' delight, he picked up their interest in plants, and eagerly continued their line of work. Having worked at the Seed Bank since he was 20, Atsu is fairly familiar with it by now.

While he does tend to the grounds and the live plants in the Bank, Atsu primarily spends most of his time in the archives, where he keeps things organized and also keeps an eye on visitors. In his spare time, he can often be found meditating or practicing his unarmed combat in reclusive corners of the Bank or its grounds.

While not unfriendly, Atsu can be somewhat awkward; his person skills need work, to put it lightly, and he would much rather spend his time among plants, who he can speak to without fear of judgement. Despite that, he is a sweet man, and deeply enjoys conversations about plants and gardening.

Raphael Varis
ImageName: Raphael Varis
Race: Human
Birthdate: 455 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Botanist and researcher at the Crystal Seed Bank
Skills: Botany - 88, Gardening - 70, Herbalism - 52, Intelligence - 45, Investigation - 40, Organization - 50, Philtering - 30, Teaching - 35
Languages: Common (Fluent)

An elderly man with thin, wispy white hair, Raphael is still surprisingly spry for his age, and has yet to retire from the Seed Bank; born and raised in Lhavit, he spent much of his youth working alongside his parents, who were both farmers on the Sharai, before finally beginning to work as a botanist at the Seed Bank.

Raphael is a veritable library of knowledge when it comes to plants. Having little passion for anything else, other than the preserving the knowledge and understanding of Kalea’s flora, has made the man not only the longest lived researcher at the Seed Bank, but also the most elusive presence.

He doesn’t give up the many secrets he knows easily, but is also mindful of his old age, and is determined to create the next generation of botanists and researchers; thus, he’s always on the look out for fresh meat to reign into the ranks of groundskeepers. Even though he technically answers to Amarina, Raphael has earned a position of high respect at the Seed Bank, and is considered the unofficial second in command.

Raphael spends most of his time in the labs at the Bank, doing research on various plants; if not in one of the well-hidden labs, he may be found in the library going through the archives of seeds and information.

OOC Info
While tours of the Bank are freely given, and visitors are allowed to peruse the vast archive of seeds and information as they please, both Amarina and Raphael are very picky about who they allow to access their labs.

Anyone who wishes to use the labs must prove themselves to be knowledgeable in botany or gardening, and it must not be their first visit to the Bank, as Raphael in particular is wary of trusting strangers. Bribes will do nothing, nor will outside connections (barring direct permission from Aysel, Talora, or Zintila); Amarina does not care who knows who or how influential someone is, as none of that matters within the Bank and its labs. It is much more important to her that someone know what they are doing.

In order to be allowed access to the labs, a PC must have either the botany or gardening skill at a competent level, and must have been to the Bank at least once prior to making their request. Contact your ST for permission to use the labs.

While the Bank has a large archive of seeds, it does not have information on every plant throughout Mizahar. Seeds common to Lhavit and Kalea are found most readily; information on rare or exotic flora, or plants found outside of Kalea, is considered much more uncommon, and requires ST permission to study. If you are uncertain about what plants might be considered common or rare, ask your ST.

This location is free to self-moderate, except for the usage of the labs or for the study of rare and/or exotic plants; in that case, please contact your ST for more information and permission.
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