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A popular bar that specializes in luminous drinks.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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The Obsidian Club

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Lhavit prides itself on its identity as a multicultural melting pot, and where better to experience varied styles of music and song than at The Obsidian Club? So named for its unique darkened tone of skyglass for its roof, the Obsidian is a two story building that finds itself sitting among the much coveted locations along the border of Springwater Square. This alone enhances business; though the Obsidian's popularity as it is, it might fair just as well on any of the other five peaks.

Upon entering the club, one is met with the more common traditions of any good tavern or inn, a series of sturdy tables and benches, usually made from something tough like oak, and discolored from years of spillage. Serving girls hastily traverse the floor, ensuring mugs are kept filled and patrons satisfied. A small bar sits on the far wall, a center for mixology to be demonstrated with flair, as all manner of daring and exotic cocktails are mixed, shaken and stirred.

On the same back wall, a space has been cordoned off into a stage area, specifically for the many musical acts that pass through Lhavit courtesy of the harbor at the foot of the peaks. The Obsidian also maintains a quota of local acts, though in keeping with the city's penchant for 'foreign flavors', these too are rotated to keep things fresh and varied.

ImageA corner based staircase leads up to the second story, a corridor finding itself punctuated with four doors. The first three, spaced evenly on the length of the corridor, keep behind them private rooms for hire at a reasonable rate. Available for hire for either a day or a night, (usually the latter), each room ensures a dedicated server, as well as a selection of party foods ideal for all manner of gatherings and shindigs. The fourth door is clearly marked 'Staff Only', and leads to simple furnished rooms inhabited by the club's owners and, space permitting, any of the workers in need of a roof over their heads.

The Obsidian Club is owned and run by Charlie and Bob Kacee, brothers heralding from Alvadas who had decided a less illusion-filled city was more their scene. The two were the first to discover glace; a hard liquor made from the snowberries native to Lhavit. Where most avoided the berries for their hard exterior and lack of flavour, the brothers discovered that when fermented they make for an incredibly strong liquor that is tasteless but enhances the flavours of whatever it is mixed with, and keeps its bio-luminescent properties, making it perfect to add to any drink. The brothers guard the exact recipe jealously, refusing to give it out; it is this drink that makes for their signature glowing cocktails.

Perhaps most interesting about the pair - it should be noted this is strictly rumor - is how they came to acquire the lease to the Obsidian, given its prime location on the Shinyama Peak. While those rumors are only whispered in dark corners, the theory goes that either Charlie or Bob proved quite persuasive when dealing with the previous owners, owners who have in fact not been seen or heard of since. Of course, less superstitious folk might assume those owners simply left Lhavit for ventures new.


Location credit: Julius Starr

Bob Kacee
Name: Bob Kacee
Race: Human
Birthdate: 487 AV
Birthplace: Alvadas
Occupation: Host and bartender at the Obsidian Club
Skills: Bartending - 64, Leadership - 67, Philtering - 10, Rhetoric - 61, Seduction - 55, Socialization - 76, Storytelling - 60
Languages: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Basic), Nari (Basic), Symenos (Poor)

Bob is more hands on than his brother, proving a popular and adept host, as well as an expert mixologist. His thunderous laugh is often heard rolling across the room, while the man is considered to be rather easy on the eyes. Certainly a more fitting choice as the face of the Obsidian Club.

Charlie Kacee
Name: Charlie Kacee
Race: Human
Birthdate: 476 AV
Birthplace: Alvadas
Occupation: Manager at the Obsidian Club
Skills: Brewing - 26, Intimidation - 43, Negotiation - 73, Organization - 70, Persuasion - 62, Philtering - 35, Unarmed Combat - 40, Vinting - 23
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Charlie, the older of the two brothers, maintains the books, deals with finances, and any other duties fitting of his station as general manager. A quiet man with an expressionless face, Charlie isn't known for his chit chat. He likes to experiment with making his own alcohol from various fruits and grains in his free time, but only ever lets Bob try the results.

Mixed Drinks (Absinthe Based)

Amber Stick (Absinthe, orange juice, strawberry juice): 2 kina/glass
Green Beast (Absinthe, glace, lime, mint): 3 kina/glass
Morning Death (Absinthe, apple juice, grapefruit juice): 2 kina/glass

Mixed Drinks (Rum Based)

Hot Blossom (Spiced rum, cherry juice, rose water): 1 kina/glass
Sapphire Candy (White rum, glace, blueberry juice, lime): 2 kina/glass
Summer Solstice (Spiced rum, grapefruit juice, lemon): 1 kina/glass

Mixed Drinks (Tequila Based)

Bitter Rose (Tequila, glace, grapefruit juice): 3 kina/glass
Mystic Blast (Tequila, strawberry juice, basil): 2 kina/glass
Stars Light (Tequila, blueberry juice, apple juice): 2 kina/glass

Mixed Drinks (Vodka Based)

Liquid Garden (Vodka, raspberry juice, peach juice, apple juice): 2 kina/glass
Obsidian Special (Vodka, glace, blackberry juice, raspberry juice): 3 kina/glass
Sex on Skyglass (Vodka, peach juice, orange juice, lemon): 2 kina/glass
White Mountain (Vodka, okomo milk, honey): 2 kina/glass
Winter Solstice (Vodka, lime, mint): 2 kina/glass

Mixed Drinks (Whiskey Based)

Lava Peach (Whiskey, peach juice, ginger): 1 kina/glass
Red Sky (Whiskey, glace, cherry juice, lemon, lime): 2 kina/glass
Screaming Lion (Whiskey, tomato juice, hot pepper juice): 1 kina/glass

Mixed Drinks (Wine Based)

Moonstone White (White wine, tequila, apple juice, lime): 8 kina/pitcher
Sunstone Red (Red wine, whiskey, orange juice, lemon): 8 kina/pitcher
Sweet Kiss (White wine, red wine, glace, strawberry juice, peach juice): 10 kina/pitcher

A pitcher is equal to ~4 glasses.

Drink Additions

Glace (Flavourless luminescent snowberry liquor): Add a shot to any drink for 1 kina
Absinthe: Add a shot to any drink for 5 topaz kina
Rum (Spiced or white): Add a shot to any drink for 3 topaz kina
Tequila: Add a shot to any drink for 5 topaz kina
Vodka: Add a shot to any drink for 5 topaz kina
Whiskey: Add a shot to any drink for 3 topaz kina

Standard Drinks

Ale: 4 jade kina/mug or 2 topaz kina/pitcher (~5 glasses)
Wine (Common, red or white): 2 topaz kina/pitcher (~4 glasses)
Wine (Fine, red or white): 10 kina/bottle (~5 glasses)


Cheese plate (Goat cheese, okomo cheese): 3 topaz kina/platter
Garlic bread: 1 topaz kina/loaf
Mixed nuts (Almonds, cashews, pine nuts): 8 topaz kina/bowl

Room Rental

One room: 10 kina/5 hrs

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