Location The Star's Shadow

A courtyard bar that is only open during the warmer seasons.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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The Star's Shadow

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Tucked into a little corner on the Shinyama Peak, the peak that honours the sky, the moon and the stars, The Star’s Shadow is a small little bar, looking out over a large courtyard, that deals in intoxication and having a good time. The bar is small, just one room big enough for the bar itself and a latrine. The walls and ceiling are all crafted solely from skyglass that shines purple during the day, and indigo at night; the building is small enough that such a venture was indeed affordable.

The bar itself is made from a deep rich wood, found from a fallen tree in the Misty Peaks, and made just for this purpose. At the bar there are no stools, and behind it are an array of wines and spirits, all distilled locally. There is no indoor seating at The Star’s Shadow; rather, all the chairs and tables for the patrons to sit on are found scattered around the courtyard that the bar opens onto. As a result, the bar is only open in the Summer and the Spring, for in the cooler months, it would be far too cold for the patrons to visit.

In the courtyard, there are no lamps or lanterns to illuminate the area. Save for the few candles burning in the bar to help along with the creation of drinks, the bar is illuminated solely by the skyglass of the building. The plants in this area are infused with a high proportion of calias, making them brightly luminescent and responsible for a large majority of the lighting in the courtyard. As such, there are a number of small trees and bushes present in the courtyard.

This gives the entire bar and its patron an unearthly glow: a good place for the shadier deals, and those seeking privacy. Situated high on the Shinyama Peak, the courtyard looks over the heart-stopping drops of the Misty Peaks. The view faces away from Lhavit, so that all one can see is the endless rise of mountains in the Unforgiving. The waiters constantly have to watch out for the intoxicated, as with no barriers at the edge of the peak, one could fall to a very unpleasant, very drunk death far below.

Drinks are brought from the bar by waiters and waitresses, wearing all black and blending into the shadows. The bar serves strictly no food: it's alcohol and alcohol alone. Where other bars have set drink menus, the appeal of the Star's Shadow is the 'do it yourself' atmosphere; a list of available drinks are set out, and people can mix and match as they please. The Star's Shadow also serves a specialty wine made from rice that isn't served anywhere else in Lhavit. They can also serve flaming shots upon request, which is a specialty of Miken's; a shot is lit on fire and blown out before drinking it.

If the drunks become too unruly and fights begin breaking out, Miken or some of the more muscled waiters will intervene and escort them off the premises, with a ban from visiting the bar until the next year. If this happens twice, the right to go to The Star's Shadow is revoked entirely.

Location credit: Johanne

Anya Tai
Name: Anya Tai
Race: Human, mixed (Human/Inarta)
Birthdate: 486 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Manager and hostess at the Star's Shadow
Skills: Cosmetology - 25, Leadership - 32, Negotiation - 43, Organization - 53, Seduction - 84, Socialization - 76
Languages: Common (Fluent), Nari (Poor)

Anya Tai is a woman who knows how to manipulate men to her advantage. She is tall, with vibrant red hair and cherry-red lips. Her mother, an Inartan chiet who had left Wind Reach in search of a land where she would have more of a standing, had a one night stand, intoxicated, with a tall dark-skinned man who turned out to be one of the Ethaefal. Anya grew up with her father, as her mother eventually went back to Wind Reach. Anya is often seen wandering around the courtyard, talking to the patrons. She manages the accounts and acts as hostess of the bar. She is oddly close to Miken, the head bartender at The Star's Shadow.

Miken Heid
Name: Miken Heid
Race: Human
Birthdate: 495 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Main bartender and bouncer at the Star's Shadow
Skills: Bartending - 78, Body Building - 25, Intimidation - 52, Socialization - 85, Storytelling - 45, Unarmed Combat - 43
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Miken Heid is the second-in-command to Anya; the primary bartender at The Star's Shadow. He can be seen there every night behind the bar, whipping up drinks as efficiently as the dawn for patrons. He is a joker, and enjoys teasingly insulting near everyone who comes into the bar. His relationship with Anya, too, is somewhat peculiar. Though he is near ten years younger, the two are constantly touching, laughing and flirting. Those who attend the bar theorise that there is a secret relationship between the two. Miken is the main muscle of the bar, and despite his fun personality, won't hesitate to throw troublemakers out.

Mixed Drinks

Simple mixed drink (1 spirit, 2 juices of your choice): 1 kina/glass or 4 kina/pitcher
Strong mixed drink (2 spirits, 1 juice of your choice): 2 kina/glass or 8 kina/pitcher
Complex mixed drink (3 spirits, 3 juices of your choice): 4 kina/glass or 16 kina/pitcher
Herbal additive (Add an herb or spice to your drink): Additional 2 topaz kina/glass or additional 5 topaz kina/pitcher

A pitcher is equal to ~5 glasses. See the menu for available spirits, juices, and herbs.

Alternatively, one can pick the kind of drink they would like, and ask Miken to surprise them with the flavours.

Standard Drinks

Ale: 4 jade kina/mug or 2 topaz kina/pitcher (~6 glasses)
Wine (Common, red or white): 2 topaz kina/pitcher (~5 glasses)
Wine (Fine, red or white): 10 kina/bottle (~5 glasses)
Wine (Rice): 12 kina/bottle (~4 glasses)


1 shot: 4 topaz kina
5 shots (Same liquor): 1 kina, 8 topaz kina
10 shots (Same liquor): 3 kina, 5 topaz kina
10 shots (Varied liquors): 3 kina, 8 topaz kina
Flaming: Additional 5 topaz kina/shot

Liquors/Spirits (Mixed Drinks & Shots)

Rum (Spiced)
Rum (White)



Herbs & Spices

Orange blossom water
Rose water

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