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Wullis Weapons

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Wullis Weapons is a small shop located in the upper Azure Market, a few doors down from a wine merchant and situated on a pleasant cobbled street. A sign on the door reads 'Wullis and Son Weapons' in white; the 'and Son' portion of the sign has been crossed out several times. A small tree cheerily grows alongside the rows of shops, though it was never planted on purpose. During the summer, the boughs rustle with verdant greenness and in the winter, various shopkeepers in the street decorate it with garlands meant to encourage shoppers to their doors.

The shop itself is a little shabby and in need of a bit of TLC, though it is perfectly functional. There is a middling sized window that lets in light during the day, and a wooden door that is usually propped open when it's warm. Inside, the sales counter lies directly opposite the door. The walls are lined with neat shelves displaying various daggers and smaller melee weapons, and there is a selection of staffs and spears hooked to one wall of the shop. All of the weapons sold here are secondhand. Wullis will also teach some weapon skills if asked nicely, and if he has enough time. Training usually takes place outside wherever it is quiet.

The back of the shop is slightly messier, and more personalized; various bits of junk and knickknacks decorate the space, and a bookcase with a few old, worn volumes sits in the corner. Behind the counter are two beautiful swords on display. One has a red pommel inlaid with gems and a curved blade polished to perfection, and displays a price tag with many zeros. The other is priceless, and if asked, Wullis will tell you he will never sell it.

In the center of the floor is a blank space, wide enough to allow customers to try out weapons. In between shelves and products are sconces for candles. The walls are painted maroon, and the floor is paved with large terracotta tiles.

Location credit: Saiyin

ImageName: Wullis
Race: Human
Birthdate: 464 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Owner and shopkeeper at Wullis Weapons
Skills: Leadership - 30, Persuasion - 40, Teaching - 20, Weapon (Dagger) - 40, Weapon (Quarterstaff) - 50
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Wullis is a quiet, introspective man, possessing twinkling brown eyes. He has a mop of grey hair and a neatly-trimmed grey beard across his jaw. He is tall and slim, and wears a kindly look on his face.

Once upon a time, Wullis shared the ownership of his shop with his son, Marek. In his youth, Marek had been a promising swordsman and aspiring personal guard. Wullis and Wullis' wife, Amelia, had encouraged their son with his endeavours. Gradually, over time, Marek became a little strange and a little aloof, but they loved him nonetheless, though they worried. They argued from time to time, and laughed from time to time. Marek gave his sword back to his father after several years of apathy and sullenness, and from then on out the two men worked together.

Wullis was upset, but accepted his son's decision after it became apparent he couldn't change his mind. One day however, Wullis discovered a large amount of money had been stolen from the family funds. He began to investigate, and it became apparent that Marek had taken the money and left Lhavit on a merchant's ship. Angry and distraught, Wullis was forced to move to a smaller shop so that he could afford to keep living. His wife, Amelia, had been privy to Marek's departure (though not the theft), and the deception forced the two apart as Wullis could no longer trust her.

Now, Marek's sword hanging above the counter is the only reminder of his son left. Time has passed and the man has become accustomed to his new life. Wullis spends his days tending the shop, buying new stock, and enjoying wine on a pleasant evening. Although he has few friends, he is a pleasant man to chat with once you get to know him.


Chakram: 10 kina
Crossbow (Bracer): 85 kina
Crossbow (Light): 35 kina
Dagger: 2 kina
Gladius: 45 kina
Jutte: 4 kina
Lance (Light): 6 kina
Ribbon dagger: 1 kina
Rope dart: 4 kina
Shortbow: 30 kina
Shortspear: 2 kina
Shortsword: 10 kina
Shuriken: 1 kina
Whip: 1 kina

Extras & Ammo

Arrows: 1 kina/20 arrows
Arrows (Game): 4 kina/20 arrows
Bow case: 20 kina
Crossbow bayonet: 20 kina
Crossbow bolts: 1 kina/10 bolts
Hilt flail: 10 kina
Scabbard: 4 kina

Everything sold by Wullis except for ammo (arrows and bolts) is bought by him secondhand before being put up for sale in his shop. Despite all weapons sold at the shop being secondhand and coming lightly used, they are sold at full price. If you wish to attempt to haggle the prices down, contact your ST.

Weapon Training

Lesson (Novice): 4 Ki/hour
Lesson (Competent): 8 Ki/hour

Wullis only offers training in the quarterstaff or dagger weapons. Those who wish to receive training must bring their own weapons. Expert and master level lessons are not offered.

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