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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Prismatic Petals

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Prismatic Petals is the go-to flower shop for Lhavitians; near the edge of the Surya Plaza, the shop is open all year long, selling flowers and arrangements even during the snowy winter months. The flower shop provides bouquets and arrangements for everything from dates, to weddings, birthdays, funerals, and the many festivals that Lhavit celebrates throughout the seasons.

A quaint little shop, Prismatic Petals is difficult to miss despite the blatant lack of a sign; the outside of the front of the shop is always covered in a variety of flowers, drawing in customers with vibrant colours and heady floral smells. Vines creep up the walls, and vases and pots line the outside of the shop; in the winter, when the majority of flowers are dead, the decorations are replaced with wreaths and clippings from various evergreen trees and berry bushes.

Inside the shop is a cacophony of colours and smells. The windows and doors are always open, even in the winter, allowing in light and fresh air for both the plants and customers alike. A front desk sits to the left immediately upon entering; one of the two owners, either Adie or Noemi, is always present at the desk to help customers.

Shelves upon shelves are lined with potted plants and seed packages, with vases and pots scattering the floor along the walls and between shelves; one would be wise to watch their feet, as a customer has tripped over an obscured pot on more than one occasion. Neither of the women who run the shop are ever particularly upset when such an accident happens, though; they know all too well from experience that the shop can be tricky to navigate.

The shop itself is two stories; a door at the back leads upstairs to the private residence of Adie, Noemi, and their son. The upstairs includes a master bedroom, a smaller bedroom, a small sitting room, and a kitchen; the door leading upstairs is always locked, and can only be accessed if one is invited up by either of the women. More frequent customers that the women consider friends may be invited up for tea on occasion.

Adie Skyflower
ImageName: Adie Skyflower
Race: Drykas
Birthdate: 490 AV
Birthplace: Endrykas
Occupation: Owner and florist at Prismatic Petals
Skills: Floristry - 80, Gardening - 30, Horsemanship - 20, Hunting - 38, Leadership - 50, Negotiation - 45, Riding (Horse) - 40, Weapon (Shortbow) - 32
Languages: Common (Fluent), Pavi (Fluent)

A pretty woman, Adie has dark hair that is often braided with colourful bits of string; she is the quiet one between her and her wife, Noemi, but she is still friendly. Sweeping tattoos cover her shoulders, back, and chest. Adie specializes in floristry, and is often the one who will work with customers to put together arrangements, having detailed knowledge of what flowers and colours have what meanings.

Adie was born on the Sea of Grass, and grew up a Drykas; she bonded with her Strider when she was 15, but tragedy struck, and only a few years later her Strider was wounded and killed during a hunt. A great depression fell over the woman; she stayed with her pavilion long enough to get a new set of windmarks signifying the devastating change, and then left the Sea of Grass, taking her Strider's name.

She traveled for some time before finally deciding to move to Lhavit; the mountainous region and decided lack of horses was as stark a change from Endrykas as she could get. Eventually, Adie met Noemi, and the two bonded over their shared love of flowers; slowly falling in love, the other woman helped Adie heal, and eventually the two opened a shop together.
Noemi Vont
ImageName: Noemi Vont
Race: Human
Birthdate: 488 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Owner and gardener at Prismatic Petals
Skills: Botany - 50, Cooking - 32, Floristry - 20, Foraging - 35, Gardening - 78, Herbalism - 30, Socialization - 75
Languages: Common (Fluent), Pavi (Poor)

Noemi is Adie's wife, and the other owner of Prismatic Petals. She is the biological mother of Seph; born and raised in Lhavit, she has always had a love for gardening, and grew up on the Sharai Peak. Noemi spends most of her time tending to the flowers, but will help out with customers as well.

A bubbly and bright individual, Noemi is always smiling or laughing, and is very friendly and sociable. She is much more talkative than Adie, but doesn't mind; she often jokes that she speaks enough for the both of them. Opening Prismatic Petals was Noemi's idea, and the two women have been running the shop together for several years now.

Seph Vont
ImageName: Seph Vont
Race: Human
Birthdate: 512 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Helper at Prismatic Petals
Skills: Cooking - 5, Drawing - 10, Gardening - 5, Socialization - 12
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Seph is a young child; he is Noemi's son by birth, but never met his father, and has been raised by Noemi and Adie almost his entire life, considering them both to be his parents.

Inquisitive, curious, and adventurous, Seph can sometimes get himself into trouble. He fancies himself a helper at the shop, and is often running around between the legs of customers; he delights in being asked his opinion, and will pick and choose his favourite flowers and colours gladly for customers.

Despite his somewhat rambunctious nature, Seph is a sweet boy, and usually listens to his mothers.

Seeds & Plants

Seeds (Common): 5 topaz kina/25 seeds
Seeds (Uncommon): 1 kina/15 seeds
Seeds (Rare): 5 kina/5 seeds
Starting plant (Common): 7 topaz kina
Starting plant (Uncommon): 3 kina
Starting plant (Rare): 13 kina
Full grown plant (Common): 1 kina
Full grown plant (Uncommon): 5 kina
Full grown plant (Rare): 25 kina

If you are uncertain if a plant or flower is considered common, uncommon, or rare, contact your ST to find out.

Arrangements & Bouquets

Small (6 flowers): 6 kina
Medium (12 flowers): 10 kina
Large (18 flowers): 16 kina
Huge (24 flowers): 22 kina

Arrangements and bouquets can be made up of all the same type of flower, or of multiple different flowers. The listed prices includes only common flowers; to add any uncommon flowers, there is a price modifier of x5, and to add rare flowers there is a price modifier of x25.

If you are unsure about what flowers are considered common, uncommon, or rare, contact your ST to find out.

Equipment & Supplies

Botany kit: 20 kina
Flower pot (Small): 3 topaz kina
Flower pot (Medium): 6 topaz kina
Flower pot (Large): 1 kina
Rake: 1 kina
Shovel: 2 kina
Spade: 2 kina
Flower Info
Flower Meanings

Grief/Sadness: Hyacinth, marigold
Happiness/Joy: Crocus, daffodil
Hatred/Anger: Petunia
Hope: Iris, snowdrop
Innocence: Daisy, lilac
Love (Platonic/Familial): Freesia, chrysanthemum
Love (Romantic): Carnation, rose
Love (Unrequited): Tulip
Loyalty: Baby's breath
Luck: Gardenia
Prosperity/Wealth: Alstroemeria, peony

Colour Meanings

Blue: Serenity, calm, sympathy
Orange: Excitement, enthusiasm
Pink: Playfulness, general love, gentleness
Purple: Elegance, dignity, success
Red: Passion, desire, romantic love, courage
White: Innocence, purity, peace
Yellow: Joy, happiness, familial/platonic love, friendship

Listed above are only a few of the more commonly used flowers for certain meanings; there is a wide variety of different flowers with different meanings that are not listed. Please note that just because a flower is listed above does not automatically mean it is considered a common flower in regards to pricing.

It is important to note that the meanings of flowers can be dramatically changed depending on what colour is picked, and what other flowers they are paired with. Colours can even sometimes change meanings when attached to a specific type of flower.

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