Jungle Flowers, Jungle Trees (Sophia Sunshore)

Uta lead Okara and Sophia into the jungle for some teaching moments.

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Jungle Flowers, Jungle Trees (Sophia Sunshore)

Postby Gossamer on July 9th, 2019, 1:26 am

The Fates Have Spoken
Here is your thread grade!

Character: Sophia

Experience Awarded:Observation +4, Planning +1, Herbalism +3, Socialization +5, Wilderness Survival +1, Foraging +1, Botany +1, Interrogation +2

Lores Awarded: Okara: Appearance & Personality, Okara: Keeps Chickens, Herbalism: Cat’s Claw: Appearance & Usage, Okara: Apprentice to Jansen, Herbalism: The signs plants might be poisonous, Herbalism: Inside wrist test to see if something is poisonous contact-wise, Botany: What A Bromeliad is, Botany: What A Epiphyte is, Wilderness Survival: Vine Snake Appearance & Mannerism, Foraging: Signs strange plants are eaten by animals, Phylonura: Asking An Animal To Leave In Peace, Okara: Marked by Rak’keli,

Notes: Okara, if you return PM me for a grade.

As always PM me if you have issues.

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