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Postby Caspian on August 19th, 2018, 1:30 pm


Race: Human, Mixed (Half-Vantha) – Kelvic Sand Fox mother, Vantha father
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthday: 35 Spring 493
Birthplace: Avanthal
Current location: Sunberth


Caspian takes very much after his mother’s human form (effectively Benshira), with darker skin, and an angular countenance that some regard as a singular point of attraction, and others find subtly off-putting in its intensity. His hair is black, like both his mother and father, and his eyes are a deep green, though all without a full Vantha’s opalescent glimmer. His build is slim, bordering on perhaps too slight, and at 5’9”, he doesn’t cut very imposing of a figure.

Caspian tends to gravitate towards luxury, and at every opportunity dresses in finer fabrics, with a fondness for embellishments, embroidery, and filigrees. It’s an odd day if he isn’t, at the very least, seen wearing gold eyeliner. This amount of conspicuousness can sometimes have an adverse effect, given his line of work.

Character Concept

At the core of Caspian is the desire to escape his upbringing, and he goes to great lengths to represent himself - both symbolically and manifestly, but very seldom successfully - as being unaffected by the influences of his past. He carries a deep-seated anxiety that all he will ever be has already been decided for him by the dual, conflicting inheritances of his blood, and that the corruption by the forces that brought him against his will as a child to Sunberth is too deeply rooted now to ever shake. Now in his late 20s, this anxiety has only grown worse, as he is able to articulate, when making a decision of any magnitude, that he finds himself at one moral and ethical crossroads after another, but without the means to completely declare the right and wrong. He has not yet fully committed to either being “better” than the barbarism that shaped him into his adulthood, or finding relief in embracing what may just be inevitable.

Beneath his clean-cut, often velvet-and-damask lined exterior - yet another active departure from the aesthetics of the figures of his past - is an unsolvable sense of displacement and dissatisfaction. He carries a deep resentment towards his stepfather Taaldros, and especially of late has dreamed of the wholeness that he believes would have characterized his life now, had he not been ripped away from his peaceful childhood in Avanthal. In opposition to that, however, is his mixed parentage, which had never made him entirely at ease in the northernmost reaches of the continent, even through his most idyllic lens. And with each year that passes, his memories of Avanthal cloud further, his affiliations with Taaldros and aptitudes for his criminal lifestyle are reinforced, and the rush attached to getting away with it loses none of its charms.

Due to his sordid, violent upbringing as party to Taaldros’ mercenary occupations, and all of Taaldros' contemptible associates that came with it, Caspian’s instinctive mode of operation is one of survival at all costs. His main priority is the protection of his own interests and safety. The only exception to this rule is his half-sister Taalviel.

Character History

Caspian was born in Year 493 in Avanthal, to Haalram, a string player of Snowsong Hold, and Kharis, a sand fox Kelvic from Eyktol. The nature of Kharis’ arrival in Eyktol is largely a mystery, as she shared very little of her life with Caspian. As far as he was able to piece together, she was slave to a trader, who had taken her over the seas and across the western coasts of the continent, and on to Avanthal on a business venture. For one reason or another he had abandoned her there, in a climate her vulpine instincts found unwelcoming and inhospitable. Haalram took in Kharis, and soon after, Kharis gave birth to Caspian, during a still-snowy spring in Avanthal - and all this without ever bonding, as so many Kelvics would have, to Haalram.

When Caspian turned 7 – Year 500 – a wandering human mercenary named Taaldros arrived in Avanthal, and for reasons yet unknown to Caspian, his mother bonded with the criminal almost instantly. Taaldros left Avanthal with Kharis. Caspian never saw his mother again.

In Year 505 – Caspian then 12 – a rogue visiting Avanthal, official business unknown, mistook Caspian for a Kelvic, drugged him into cycling states of unconsciousness and half-waking stupor, and brought him south to Sunberth with intent to sell. The rogue was known by Taaldros' circles, and his cargo was intercepted in a bloody skirmish – not a rescue, but a forcible repossession.

Though not entirely inconceivable that Taaldros would feel some obligation towards his stepson, Taaldros had been mistakenly under the impression that Caspian was a Kelvic, just like his mother, and was eager to acquire another asset to support his criminal endeavors. He was dismayed to find out Caspian was only human, but not being one for waste – and perhaps from a real place of affection towards Kharis after all – kept him in his household all the same. In Sunberth, Caspian was forced to immediately confront several shifts in his reality: His mother had reached the end of her naturally fleeting lifespan just months before; Taaldros had taken a new Bondmate, Zhassel, a vicious Kelvic hound, replacing Kharis before she had even expired; and with Kharis, Taaldros had sired a daughter – Caspian’s half-sister Taalviel, a Kelvic Raven.

During his time in Sunberth, all of his resistance amounting to nothing, he was pressed into Taaldros’ service, and was groomed to become an effective thief and spy. Though not the worst collection of people by Sunberth standards, the other mercenaries and degenerate roustabouts who frequently sought Taaldros’ company were vulgar, shameless, ruthless, and given to brutishness – all save one, a quiet Vantha man whose main weapon of choice was a handsomely carved longbow. Gavir had left Avanthal and Snowsong Hold of his own volition many years ago, and worked now for Taaldros, hiding beneath a modest mien a long career as a formidable extortionist. He was, in addition, a master of many instruments, and gave Caspian a violin, continuing the lessons that Caspian’s father Haalram had begun. Music was one of very few sources of respite for Caspian in a world ruled otherwise by violence and chaos.

Despite his loathing for Taaldros, Caspian remained in his company in Sunberth, and did not strike out on his own until age 21, Year 514. He had dreamt of returning to Avanthal, to find his father Haalram, and to abandon criminality for good, but on his way stopped in Ravok. Caspian remained in Ravok until Year 520, enchanted by its opulence and affirmed by the reliable profitability his particular skill set brings.

In Ravok, Caspian made a living largely through playing hired companion, covert courier, and spy to several wealthy benefactors, members of semi-successful merchant factions that hold power in the city – that income, of course, supplemented through the odd job for petty burglary. Since leaving Sunberth, he refused all points of contact with his family – the cronies' rap sheet only having grown, Zhassel ever savagely devoted, and Taaldros now a marked Brother of the Daggerhand – save for his half-sister Taalviel, who joined him in Ravok in Fall 518. Taalviel came and went as she plesaed, encouraging Caspian’s cultivation of connections with Ravok’s inner circles, keeping at the forefront the material interests of the family Caspian had never asked for, and had convinced himself he had sworn off.

In Summer 520, following an attack on Shiress and her unborn child, Caspian fled with her from Ravok, along with her companion Ambrosia. In late Summer they arrived in Zeltiva, Shiress’ hometown, and have been staying at her parents’ cottage ever since. Despondent, discontent, and still reeling from all the events in Ravok, Caspian has distanced himself from the people he had once called his friends.

But in the Year 521, he has begun to accept that he can’t change the past – and with his sister Taalviel yet by his side, he’s ready to face what comes next.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Vani - From his childhood in Avanthal, though without regular use, his memory of it has begun to fade.
Poor Language: Shiber - The bits and pieces he can recall from his mother.


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acrobatics 1+1+3+2+1+1 9 Novice
Acting 1+2+1+2+1 7 Novice
Begging 1 1 Novice
Brawling 4+1+1 6 Novice
Cleaning 1 1 Novice
Climbing 5+5+5+1+3 19 Novice
Cooking 1+1+1+3 6 Novice
Cosmetology 1+1 2 Novice
Dancing 1 1 Novice
Disguise 1+1+1+2 5 Novice
Drawing 1 1 Novice
Embroidery 3 3 Novice
Endurance 1+3+1+4+3+1 13 Novice
Etiquette 1 1 Novice
Fortune Telling 1 1 Novice
Impersonation 2+2+2 6 Novice
Intelligence 15 SP +3+1+3+1+2+1+1+2+4+4 37 Competent
Interrogation 1+1+1+2+5+1+3+4+2+1 21 Novice
Intimidation 1+1+1 3 Novice
Investigation 1+1+3+2+2+3+3+3+3 21 Novice
Land Navigation 1+1+2 4 Novice
Larceny 15 SP +1+1+1+1+4+1+2+2 28 Competent
Leadership 2 2 Novice
Logic 2+1+2+1+3+2+5+2 18 Novice
Medicine 3 3 Novice
Meditation 1 1 Novice
Negotiation 2+1 3 Novice
Observation 3+5+1+3+4+4+4+1+4+5+5+4+4+3+4+5+5+5+3+5+5+5+5+1 93 Master
Painting 2 2 Novice
Persuasion 2+1+2+3+5+2+3+3+2+3+3 29 Competent
Philosophy 1+1+1 3 Novice
Planning 2+1+1+3+1 8 Novice
Play Musical Instrument: Violin 10 RB +3+1+1 15 Novice
Poison 1 1 Novice
Rhetoric 2+1+2+1+1+2+1+1+2+3+1+3+3 23 Novice
Running 5+1+3 9 Novice
Seduction 1+3+1+1+1+2+4+3+3+4+1 24 Novice
Socialization 5+1+2+1+5+5+5+5+3+5+5+3+4+5 54 Expert
Stealth 10 SP +1+1+2+1+2+1+3+2+2 25 Novice
Storytelling 4+1 5 Novice
Subterfuge 1+2+1+2+1 7 Novice
Tactics 2+1+1+2+5 11 Novice
Unarmed Combat +1+1+5 7 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 10 SP + 3+1+2+2 18 Novice
Wilderness Survival 1 1 Novice
Wrestling +1 1 Novice
Writing 1 1 Novice

A note on Play musical instrument: Violin: Though he has been playing music from a young age, as with his knowledge of Vani and Shiber, his lack of practicing in the last few years has caused his ability to suffer.


1 Set of Clothing (SP)
- Simple Shirt
- Simple Pants
- Simple Undergarments
- Simple Cloak
- Simple Boots
1 Damask Silk Jacket
1 Gold-embroidered Linen Shirt (dyed dark red)
1 Pair High Leather Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
- Comb (Wood)
- Brush (Wood)
- Soap
- Razor
- Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
- 1 eating knife
- Flint & Steel
- Wood Pipe
- Cyphrian Tobacco (1 oz)
- Painting by Akvin
Weekend Writing Challenge - 9th, 10th, 11th
- The Ultimate Party Dress
Weekend Challenge - 9, 10, 11th
- Obfuscate Dagger
Seasonal Challenge - Thread Fall of 518
3938 GM, 8 SM, 9 CM

Heirloom: Violin. A gift from Gavir to Caspian, and a persistent reminder of his old life in Avanthal. The body of the violin is a warm brown, with a reddish hue, and the back is brilliantly flamed. It bears, however, a number of chips in the tuning pegs- fortunately, only to the instrument's cosmetic disadvantage- from choice drunken blunders by Taaldros over the years.

In Fall 518, Caspian acquired the maker's certificate of authenticity.


Location: Ravok

House: Caspian maintains his standard unit rented through the NHC, located above the Silver Sliver Tavern.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Cash in housing (Ravok, non-native resident) +500 GM 600 GM
Damask / Silk / Jacket -16 GM, 8 SM 583 GM, 2 SM
Leather / Boots, High -1 GM 582 GM, 2 SM
Embroidery / Dyed / Linen / Shirt -6 SM, 5 CM 581 GM, 5 SM, 5 CM
Kohl (gold) -1 SM 581 GM, 4 SM, 5 CM
Kohl (black) -1 SM 581 GM, 3 SM, 5 CM
Dagger, Assassin's -4 GM 577 GM, 3 SM, 5 CM
Wood Pipe -14 GM 563 GM, 3 SM, 5 CM
Cyphrian Tobacco, 1 oz -1 SM 563 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Fall 518 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 428 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Fall 518 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 293 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Fall 518 Rent -135 GM 158 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Week Challenge 29th-3rd +300 GM 458 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Fall 518 Wages +546 GM (6 GM/day x 91 days) 1004 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Winter 518 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 869 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Winter 518 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 734 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Winter 518 Rent -135 GM 599 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Winter 518 Wages +546 GM 1145 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Spring 519 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 1010 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Spring 519 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 875 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Spring 519 Rent -135 GM 740 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Spring 519 Wages +546 GM 1286 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Summer 519 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 1151 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Summer 519 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 1016 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Summer 519 Rent -135 GM 881 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Summer 519 Wages +546 GM 1427 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Fall 519 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 1292 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Fall 519 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 1157 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Fall 519 Rent -135 GM 1022 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Fall 519 Wages +546 GM 1568 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Winter 519 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 1433 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Winter 519 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 1298 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Winter 519 Rent -135 GM 1163 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Winter 519 Wages [HALF] +273 GM 1436 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Spring 520 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 1301 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Spring 520 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 1166 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Spring 520 Rent -135 GM 1031 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Spring 520 Wages [NO JOB THREADS THIS SEASON] +0 GM 1031 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Drinks at the Silver Sliver (Fall 518) -4 SM 1030 GM, 8 SM, 5 CM
Travel Expenses (Summer 520) Ravok > Zeltiva -568 GM 462 GM, 8 SM, 5 CM
Poppers (drug): 6 -36 GM 426 GM, 8 SM, 5 CM
Fall 520 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 291 GM, 8 SM, 5 CM
Fall 520 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 156 GM, 8 SM, 5 CM
Fall 520 Wages +273 GM 408 GM, 8 SM, 5 CM
Theater tickets (2) -6 SM 408 GM, 2 SM, 5 CM
Bread (2) -4 CM 408 GM, 2 SM, 1 CM
Bribe -5 SM, 1 CM 407 GM, 7 SM
Reward +25 GM, 4 SM 433 GM, 1 SM
Winter 520 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 298 GM, 1 SM
Winter 520 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 163 GM, 1 SM
Winter 520 Wages +273 GM 436 GM, 1 SM
Bribe -2 SM, 1 CM 435 GM, 8 SM, 9 CM
Reward +3000 GM 3435 GM, 8 SM, 9 CM
The Last Weekend Challenge of the Season +500 GM 3935 GM, 8 SM, 9 CM
Spring 521 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3800 GM, 8 SM, 9 CM
Spring 521 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3665 GM, 8 SM, 9 CM
Spring 521 Wages +273 GM 3938 GM, 8 SM, 9 CM
Summer 521 Season Expenses -135 GM 3803 GM, 8 SM, 9 CM
Summer 521 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3668 GM, 8 SM, 9 CM
Summer 521 (HALF) Wages +136 GM, 5 SM 3805 GM, 3 SM, 9 CM
Ramie scarf -1 SM, 8 CM 3803 GM, 5 SM, 9 CM
Winter 521 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3668 GM, 5 SM, 9 CM
Winter 521 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3533 GM, 5 SM, 9 CM
Winter 521 (HALF) Wages +136 GM, 5 SM 3670 GM, 9 CM
Spring 522 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3535 GM, 9 CM
Spring 522 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3400 GM, 9 CM
Spring 522 Wages +273 GM 3673 GM, 9 CM
Summer 522 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3538 GM, 9 CM
Summer 522 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3403 GM, 9 CM
Summer 522 Wages +273 GM 3676 GM, 9 CM
Fall 522 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3541 GM, 9 CM
Fall 522 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3406 GM, 9 CM
Fall 522 Wages +273 GM 3679 GM, 9 CM
Winter 522 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3544 GM, 9 CM
Winter 522 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3409 GM, 9 CM
Winter 522 Wages +273 GM 3682 GM, 9 CM
Spring 523 Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3547 GM, 9 CM
Spring 523 NPC (Taalviel) Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 3412 GM, 9 CM
Spring 523 Wages +273 GM 3685 GM, 9 CM

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Postby Caspian on September 2nd, 2018, 5:50 pm

NPC: Taalviel


Race: Kelvic (Raven)
Age: 16 - Appearance: Early 30's
Birthday: 80, Fall, 504 AV
Birthplace: Sunberth
Current Location: Zeltiva

Taalviel is the daughter of Taaldros and Kharis, and Caspian's half-sister. Between herself and Caspian, she has always been Taaldros' clear favorite, due in no small part to the advantages her Kelvic abilities bring to the family tradition of putting food on the table through espionage and larceny. Taalviel does not share the brutishness of her father, and reacts, at least externally, with resolute indifference towards it. She has an unfalteringly deep devotion to the well-being of her family - though without the visible zealousness of Zhassel - and Caspian can count on one hand how many times she's expressed even the slightest hesitation towards her role in Taaldros' schemes.

Skill EXP Proficiency
Intelligence 15 Novice
Stealth 9 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 26 Competent
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Postby Caspian on October 27th, 2019, 11:43 pm


Lore of a proper substitute for violin shoulder rest
Play Musical Instrument: how to properly tune a violin
Play Musical Instrument: proper way to hold a bow
Play Musical Instrument: diagnosing a worrying sound
Play Musical Instrument: how to handle the finicky E string
Lore of reverence to the gold-plated E string
Lore of doctoring loose pegs with charcoal

Location: Silver Sliver Tavern
Taalviel: Half-sister and ruiner of moods
Lore of Rhythm: Tapping out triplets and fourths
Harrel: Former 'employer'
Walthaen Frye: Appearance and characteristics
Persuasion: Assuring with a smile
Helva Frye: Appearance and characteristics
Helva Frye: A mark and Walthaen's wife
Stealth: Tailing a mark at a safe distance
Helva Frye: Clever new employer

Play Musical Instrument: Overzealous tuning results in sharp, square notes
Planning: Anticipating and preparing for a future attack
Brawling: Even furniture can be a weapon
Caspian: Untuned... just like a violin
Taalviel: Formidable and infuriating in either form
Tactics: An extra blade can even the odds in a fight
Dagger: Don't sacrifice function for form
Dagger: The importance of the weight and balance of a blade
Play Musical Instrument: How to restring a violin
Gavir: Stole the violin he gave you
Melric: Violin's previous owner
Subterfuge: Spinning tales to deceive
Persuasion: Pulling heart strings

A Dravlak rampaged the city on the 8th of Summer 519 AV
Rohka: A fortune teller who keeps readings confidential
Fortune Telling: The first question holds the most weight over a reading with Rohka
Fortune Telling: Cards provide nuanced, symbol-filled answers
Fortune Telling: It doesn’t matter if it’s a trick or a treat—what matters is that it works.
Rohka: Wants you to have a sense of control when divining fortunes
Caspian: cultivated his handwriting to depict secrets in flourish
Auristics: An aura can be seen, and has hidden information
Caspian: Aura contains ignition.

Helva: Is having an affair with Simour
Simour: A chef in the centre of Ravok
Simour: Is having an affair with a coworker
Helva: Took money from husband to invest in people
Helva: Married to Walthaen
Stealth: Using props to blend in

Seduction: playful flirting
Taalviel: an expert prier
Caspian: needs a job
Persuasion: using emphatic language
Intelligence: eavesdropping
Investigation: stakeout
Land Navigation: determining direction by time of day and sun placement
Stealth: the use of cover when following a target

Helva: unclear motives
Observation: noting escape routs
Taalviel: has a secret boyfriend?
Lore of formal place settings
Intelligence: wine will loosen tongues

How to handle a Hangover and Comedown
Caspian: A ‘silly sparrow’
Consumption of Ravokian Liquor and Drugs
Violin: Must be tuned daily
Dagger: How to avoid being blindsided
How to pack and light a pipe
Caspian: Escaped the Mess of Sunberthian Socioeconomic Politics
Poison: Checking for poisoned food by asking another to eat before you

Location: Slave Market
Alann Taire: slave merchant
Acting: faking gratitude
People: Marcelyne Taire
Marcelyne Taire: an investment
Meditation: counting to calm the mind

Lore of the fundamental architectural differences between Ravok and Sunberth
Impersonation: Do I know you?
Lore of the absurd fashion of Ravokian artists
Impersonation: explaining away credentials
Intelligence: infiltration and observation
Lore of the conflicting philosophies of mass produced art
Logic: back engineering a word
Beidra Grahn: studio artist

Thancerell: Possessive
Thancerell: Manipulative
Manipulated by Thancerell
Seduced by Thancerell
Taalviel: Impatient
Diffusing Taalviel
Running Interference
Self-defense against a raven
Grappling with a raven
Brandishing a dagger
Obfuscation dagger makes you hard to spot
Thancerell: Coping with drugs
Thancerell: Knows the truth about heritage
Opening up about Taalviel
Mysterious illness afflicting kelvics in Ravok

Using Taaviel to scout ahead
Disguise: Kitchen staff
Impersonation: Keeping consistent
The balance of a kitchen knife
Persuasion: Establishing a repertoire
Seduction: Finding an excuse to make contact
Signe: Allergic to speckled eel
Accounting for diet when poisoning
Dehan: Thoroughly seduced

Climbing: Poor construction = Unstable
Lore - Climbing onto a pile of broken furniture
Climbing: Slick surfaces make for treacherous footing
Climbing: Using hand holds to stabilize
Climbing: Using leverage to swing across a gap
Lore - Climbing a wagon
Acrobatics - Swinging your weight from wagon to wagon

Taaldros: Quick temper
Lore - Staging a wagon collision
Climbing: Scaling a crumbling wall

Lore - Climbing a trellis
Lore - The perils of standing out in Sunberth
Lore - Climbing up a chimney
Stealth: Hiding in a chimney

Taalviel is not a figment of Caspian's imagination
Wilderness Survival - Fire Starting
Cooking - Boiling Water
Medicine - Keeping a Newborn Warm
Medicine - Newborn's first bath
Childbirth - Lots of screaming
Brawling - Shoving
There’s no coming back from murder

Eve - Friend of Shiress's
Eve - gave birth to a stillborn
Eve - Abducted Shiress's baby
Avery - Fisherman, survivalist
Avery - Bella's father
Fauxsil - Herbal sleep aid
Connal - Herbal sleep aid

Teeva - Apothecary
Teeva - Childhood friend of Shiress and Zane
Teeva - Healer Twice marked by Rak'keli
Teeva - Free medical care for discretion
Shiress - Suffers from a mental 'injury' (PTSD) and mental 'episodes'
Madeira Dusk - Shiress's patient
Madeira Dusk - Coerced Shiress into injuring her
Shiress - Bribed for 3,000 GM to injure Madeira
Shiress - Killed Elijah Jordan

Rohka: Asked by Lelia to provide insight on the Larks
Larks sold Kelvic slaves to Rohka’s uncle Mattias
Rohka’s uncle wants to meet the Taires to form a partnership
Caspian’s Philosophy: True law is the abstinence of law, of constitutionalized congregation
Rohka: Seems to think trained slaves bring life to a party and add to Rhysol’s praise
Rohka: Does not want to do as she’s told, moved into the city to build mental fortitude to handle business matters
Moyran and the Shipment will Arrive in Ravok

Caspian: Likes the air in Zeltiva, it’s just right
Location: Lightshow Theatre
Delmaria: A play
Location: World’s End Grotto
Rohka: Arrived in Zeltiva at the beginning of Fall 520 AV, woke up in the Healing Centre, and is here to take care of business from The Mystic Eye
Rohka: Met Elias at the Plaza of Dark Delights
Caspian: unintentionally invited infidelity when he was younger
Rohka: Did a ritual for a child that was possessed by the ghost of a man who wants to ensure security for her past self through marrying her
Rohka’s Philosophy: To See someone is a skill to be learned
Rohka: Never learned to see someone enough for her family to accept the person as their own
Rohka: Needs to find Paternal grandfather in Zeltiva, who was part of the Iceglaze family
Rohka: Dreams to run a business of her own
Rohka’s Philosophy: Change is constant and a reading provides a glimpse into exactly what you have the power to change, if you so choose
Caspian: Is in a place where he would like to find out about commitment

Caspian: Doing His Job Is Hard Work
Caspian: Older And More Responsible?
Harv: Fallen Husband, Nervous Partner
Kagerou: Hunter
Mindy: Crestfallen Divorcee
Nessa Reena: Young Upcoming Actress
Stepfather: Mercenary

Cosmetology: Less Is More, More Is Less
Cosmetology: The Trickiness Of Eyebrows
Disguise: The Old Fashioned Shirt Tuck Up
Embroidery: Colour Coded Canvas
Larceny: Stealing Other’s Work
Ravok: Canal Layout
Saticath: Generous Selectively
Mistress L: Vengeful Reject

Cooking: Arithmetic Of Stirring
Intelligence: Importance Of Blending
Matthiel: Family Business
Matthiel: Ordinary & Modest
Matthiel: Weakness Of Pride
Taalviel: Right Reasoned Endings

Family Outings: Unusual Affairs
Sunberth: Gated Community Allure
Taroko: First Crush
Taroko: Not Who I Thought He Was
Taalviel: Protective, Surprisingly
Taalviel: Saviour
The Lemsworth Job: Defining Moment

Paying a child to deliver a message
Planning: Making plans in case things go wrong
Weighing the pros and cons of physical versus emotional pain
Unarmed Combat: The trickiness of making a proper punch
Unarmed Combat: Dodging is best
Unarmed Combat: If you can't dodge either parry or take the hit right
Unarmed Combat: Taking a simple ready position
Unarmed Combat: A Good punch uses your entire body
Unarmed Combat: A punch must be altered for your target
Unarmed Combat: Punching a face with a bare hand is a bad idea
Moritz: Much bigger and denser than Caspian
Philosphy: The difference between accepting and giving in
Unarmed Combat: Choosing where to be hit
Acrobatics: Rolling with a punch to lessen the blow
Unarmed Combat: Technique of rotating your body into making a punch
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