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Postby Athlin on August 27th, 2018, 7:56 pm

Name: Athlin
Race: Kelvic (tiger)
Age: 4 years old
Mander: Male
Date of birth: Spring 2nd 515AV
Place of birth: Sunberth


Height: 5ft 7.
Weight: 80kg
Build: skinny
Eyes: yellow
Hair: blond
Skin: pale

In human form Athlin can quite seamlessly blend into the crowd. He's quite an unremarkable boy, with roundness of childhood still lingering in his features and a blonde crop of hair dangling over eyes as yellow as the sun. He's certainly on the scrawny side, dressed unremarkably and usually quite scruffy. His animal form is far from from majestic or awe inspiring. In fact he's quite a small tiger, skinny and soft on his feet.

Personality: Athlin can be summed quite simply as; rather innocent. Though cautious, he tends to be quite naive when approaching humans. He's mostly gentle, mostly positive and most certainly loyal. He hasn't yet grown out of childish curiosity about very many things but he certainly is not a trouble seeker. It is trouble that finds him.

History: Athlin doesn't really know his true parents. The woman, Sayla, who had filled the role of mother has no blood ties to the orphaned Kelvic, nor had ever been willing to divulge much information about how she came to find him. In fact, any question that wasn't met with a swift dismissal would be answered with vastly different and most likely made up stories. Athlin had always found himself wondering why that was. Instead she taught him about the practical side of life; how to work, wield a dagger and patch himself up if need be. For a woman who never wanted much to do with the outside world, she was a fountain of medical knowledge. Athlin would never come to learn it all however, for one day she simply hadn't come home and that was it. Day to day life in Sunberth proved to be an easy distraction from pondering the miserable fate of his only human companion, but at least he had a roof over his head and a place to lay down, and that would just have to be enough.

Housing: one room apartment in The Sunset Quarters

Languages: Common (fluent)

Acrobatics: 10sp 10 Novice
Dagger: 5sp 5 Novice
Hunting: 5sp 5 Novice
Medicine: 20sp 20 Novice
Stealth: 10sp 10 Novice
Unarmed combat: 10RB 10 Novice

Medicine: using a tourniquet
Medicine: cleaning wounds to prevent infection

+100GM starting package

Simple set of clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple dark, charcoal Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Metal Comb
-Metal Brush
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel

Heirloom: Gold broach left after Sayla. It's a little dusty and scratched but still rather pretty, or so he thinks.
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