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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Stair Step Falls (Nya)

Postby Taren Coballon on October 1st, 2018, 2:02 am

Nya’s brindled hair shimmered in the light as she told him her story, she avoided looking at him at all, which he was quite glad as he hoped she didn’t see the surprise that flitted across his face and it wasn’t only the thought of what she was forced to do for survival but the fact of her opening up to him like she just had.

As she continued it gave Taren a moment for the information about her to sink in and regain his himself. He wasn’t sure why she was confiding in him now but he found this simple interaction with her comforting as well, albeit a little uncomfortable as well.

Although he spoke softly he tried to speak as clearly as he could “You shouldn’t judge yourself by the things that you were forced to do when you were imprisoned, you were only trying to survive yourself and nothing more. You didn’t have a choice.” he told her, sympathetically. “The choices we make everyday show who we really are much more over what we have been forced to do. I have only known you a very short time but you are teaching me, a complete stranger, about the jungle so I don’t get eaten my first time alone out here, along with how many others from Syka I would bet. I heard you try to keep the worst of the weather away from Syka. Judge yourself by the choices you are making now and you would see a very different person I think.”

“I would wager you are as strong as a woman as you are a cat.” he paused for just a moment “and we all have things we would prefer to stay in the past too.” He could tell she was uncomfortable telling all this to him and he disliked that she felt that way without really knowing why.

As the pair stood at the lake, Nya still acted nervous and wouldn’t look at him at all. As she looked over the lake, he walked up next to her on her right and looked down at her. “It’s not just you Nya, I haven’t had a friend to talk with in more years than I would care to count.” He found it much harder to say out loud regardless that he knew it was very true. “It might be nice to have a friend to talk with again” he trailed off as he bent down on the sandy beach and splashed some lake water on his face and neck to cool off. The kelvic chose him to open up to and he instantly knew he shouldn’t waste the possibility of a making a friend out of he. It also gave Nya a moment to think as he took in the sights of the island and the lake spilling over the falls.

“Sylira, you have traveled far indeed. Besides Syka I have never been out of Riverfall and the edges of the Sea of Grass, probably should of sooner” he admitted to her. “I would help you if I knew how to build a canoe myself. Maybe a raft but it likely wouldn’t float far.” Taren looked up at Nya over his shoulder as he smiled at her and hoped to lighten the mood a little to make the conversation more comfortable with her, maybe a bit of both of them “But there I go inviting myself to tag along with you”.

“I have to admit that I have never had to hunt wild animals myself so I really am not sure what to do with it.” he admitted to Nya. He knew he was guilty of not knowing something so basic as hunting. “I have tried trapping unsuccessfully a couple of times so I hoped you could show me a little of hunting. Anything you shared would be helpful to me”. He hadn’t relied on another person for some time but he realized that was just not who he wanted to be anymore. “To be honest, I am decent at unarmed, I have learned some basics with my longsword, but recently bought my spear because I thought it may be useful here in the jungle.”

He noticed that Nya had kept watching the island every now and then, he wondered if she really wanted to go out there as she said. “Seriously Nya if you wanted to find a way to the island I would be willing to try. My stomach can easily wait for some time to be sure. With all help you have given me since we have been here in Syka, I would gladly try.” he asked her, while he waited to hear her response he walked into the lake using the butt of his spear to gauge the depth of the water in front of him.

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