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The calendar of events for this autumn.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Autumn 518 AV Calendar

Postby Luminescence on September 1st, 2018, 8:02 pm



Early autumn brings with it the disappearance of summer's fog, prompting relief across the city; however, the series of strange events seems to be approaching a head as aggression runs rampant across Lhavit.

While not as cold as normal, it seems that summer's frigid mist has cooled the Peaks; most of the trees begin to turn colours and lose their leaves, blanketing the streets in hues of red, yellow, and orange. It is uncertain if winter will arrive normally or continue to be kept at bay by Morwen vanishing, but the cooler weather seems to have reignited some hope.

Overview of Season Events

☼ Daytime Event - ☾ Nighttime Event
☆ Moderated/Prompted Event

1st: The Watchtowers flare red, signalling the end of a strange and stressful summer, and heralding the arrival of autumn. The Star's Shadow throws a closing party where all drinks are 25% off.

☆ 3rd: An announcement is made that a strange artifact has previously been discovered by the Constellations on a prior expedition into the Unforgiving. It has been placed on the ground floor of the Twuele, guarded by a Shinya and Constellation at all hours. People who are curious are permitted to examine the artifact for a period of 3 days, after which it will be destroyed.

(Note: I will post a starter to this thread, and if you are interested, you may make a single post where you examine the artifact. Anyone who examines it will be plagued with headaches, aggressive tendencies, and bad luck until the 56th of the season. If you wish to use magic to examine/interact with the artifact, PM me for the effects/consequences.)

4th: Debates begin in the Basilika about the artifact, blaming it for all of the recent strange occurrences within the city.

6th: The artifact is removed from the ground floor of the Twuele, to be destroyed. Later that day, a small explosion can be heard from one of the top floors of the Twuele. The Shinya assure the public that it is nothing to worry about and that nobody was hurt.

7th: Suddenly and with no warning, the fog that has been blanketing Lhavit for the past season thins out, becoming practically nonexistent. Over the next 24 bells it vanishes entirely.

8th: When it becomes apparent that the fog is gone, celebrations are thrown around the city, with impromptu parties being held in the streets and at various taverns. The Towers announce that they will be resuming classes as normal.

☾ 22nd: The Moon Festival is held, taking place as soon as Leth rises into the sky and lasting the whole night until Syna's rays begin to creep over the horizon; Aysel is seen much more cheerful than usual, and gets quite drunk.

☼ 55th: Chiona Dusk is seen acting strangely in the streets during the day, talking to herself and generally acting aggressive; it is said that Lheili Dawn eventually escorted her out of the public's eye, but it is unclear if it's merely a rumour.

☆ ☾ 55th: That same night, Chiona is discovered in Alheas Park; she is covered in blood with the body of an Ethaefal. It quickly becomes apparent that she murdered and was dissecting him.

☼ 56th: Chiona's murder of the Lethaefal seems to have served as some sort of catalyst, and dozens of Lhavitians seemingly go insane the next day, and violence breaks out across the city. The Shinya manage to keep casualties to a minimum and restrain many of those affected; it's discovered that those that were affected had all examined the artifact at one point or another in the season.

(Note: If your PC has previously examined the artifact, on this date they will temporarily go insane until the 59th. How this manifests exactly is up to you.)

59th: The Shinya have calmed things down, and those that went insane seem to finally come to their senses, albeit dazed and exhausted. No longer posing a threat, they are sent home to rest, with some sent to the Catholicon if necessary. Repairs also start on damaged property.

☼ 72nd: The Sunrise Nook and Mhakula Tea House get together to arrange a picnic of sorts in the Surya Plaza, in an effort to help restore the calm and sense of community among Lhavitians after the recent happenings. Tea and baked goods are sold at 50% off, and the Spinning Glimmers put on a performance at no cost.

85th: The season approaches its end on a calmer, quieter note. A migration of thousands of luminous butterflies descends on the city for two days; it is taken as a good sign.

☾ 87th: The butterflies depart from Lhavit, with many crowding the streets to watch them depart. For once, there are no celebrations, but it is rather a quiet and introspective moment for the city; many take it as a moment to give thanks or to pray to their deities, and to wish for a better coming season.

The Moon Festival

Held on the 22nd of the season, the Moon Festival is held every year to honour Leth and celebrate the harvest. Hundreds of candles and lanterns are lit across the city, and people enjoy a night out underneath the moon, praying and partying in equal parts. Vendors line the streets selling all kinds of sweets, and the Chandra welcome many visitors to the Temple of the Moon.

It is customary to gift peonies to your loved ones as a symbol of love and wishing them well during the Moon Festival; it won't be long before they go out of season, but the petals fill the streets with colour and a lovely smell. Aysel can be spotted around the city getting increasingly drunk.

Mysterious Artifact

On the 3rd, an announcement comes from the Twuele and is posted around the city concerning a mysterious artifact; the explanation is brief and somewhat vague. Two seasons prior, the Constellations ventured into the Unforgiving when several of them were injured looking for fallen meteorites; on this expedition, they found a strange artifact. They are giving the public an opportunity to look at it before it is destroyed.

The artifact is put on display on the ground floor of the Twuele, where it can be examined by those who are curious for a period of 3 days before it is scheduled to be destroyed. It is kept in a glass case, guarded at all hours by at least one Shinya and one Constellation; visitors may get as close to the case as they wish but are not allowed to touch it, a strictly enforced rule.

A starter for this thread will be posted with all the necessary details, and then you may post to it once where your PC examines the artifact if you so wish.

By the Light of the Moon

After acting strangely during the day of the 55th, Chiona Dusk is discovered in Alheas Park that same night. She is covered in blood and holding a knife, and the partially dissected body of a Lethaefal is nearby.

The Shinya are notified and arrive with Aysel and Talora in tow; Chiona is taken away, though she struggles. Those who discovered the scene are questioned by Aysel and Talora, and recruited to help figure out what exactly Chiona was doing.

This will be a moderated event; if you wish to participate in it, please sign-up in my office. Note that I will only be taking a certain number of people, so if you're interested, do so quickly!

Weather Throughout the Season

Weather throughout autumn will be pleasant; it is notably warmer than what is considered the norm, but also much cooler than it has been previously in Morwen's absence. The frigid fog from the summer seems to have cooled Lhavit down, and a large majority of the trees begin to change colour.

The season is mostly cloudy, with relatively frequent light showers of cool rain. Cool breezes are also common, particularly at night. There are no exceptional storms, and the season doesn't get cold enough to experience any frost. High boots and flowing scarves are the fashion staples of the season.

Seasonal Challenges

Complete 6 of these challenges to earn Lhavit's Seasonal Medal. A maximum of 3 challenges can be completed in a single thread, and if doing multiple challenges in a thread each one should consist of at least 800 words; that is, threads containing 2 challenges should be a minimum of 1,600 words, and threads containing 3 challenges should be a minimum of 2,400 words. Single challenge threads should be a minimum of 1,000 words. If you have completed the challenges, then post them to my office with links to the threads.

✧Tell a story to a Seeker at the Library (True or not)

✧Learn to cook a new recipe

✧Teach a skill to or learn a skill from someone else (With another PC)

✧Get caught doing something embarrassing (With another PC)

✧Gain 5 XP in any one artistic skill of your choice (Painting, drawing, singing, etc.)

✧Visit a location that you haven't yet been to

✧Go shopping for the latest fashions

✧Make and play in a leaf pile (With another PC)

✧Attend the Moon Festival

✧Get into a fight with someone who has gone insane, or while you're insane (With another PC)
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