Welcome to Syka

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Welcome to Syka

Postby Esma Bates on September 2nd, 2018, 3:06 am

3 Fall 518

Esma had never been on a boat before setting for Syka. She saved up the money, and since she was only taking the bare necessities the cargo fee wouldn't be so bad. All she had was a dagger, her shortbow and ammo, her woodcarving kit and the clothes on her back. In fact, the clothes weren't even really hers. They were much more simple than she was used to, being given to her by a friend. The trip was nothing liek Esma expected. She got sick a number of times, most of the time laying in her bunk with a bucket placed by her head. It was cramped, too. She wasn't used to sleeping in the same room as five other people, nor was she used to the plain food she had to eat along with everyone else. Not to mention Connex her hunting dog was with her, and she was forced to keep a close eye on him. If he did something out of line, she was the one who took the blame.

As unfamiliar and uncomfortable as it was, Esma couldn't help but be excited. She was finally making a life for herself. She dreaded the thought of having to be stuck in the same place, her main goal involved marrying and having children with a man she didn't love. That's what her parents had planned. But now she was on her own, going to help build the settlement of Syka.

The trip took over fifty days. When Esma woke up to the ringing of the bell and the captain calling out that they had docked at Syka's ports, she felt her stomach do a flip. She gathered her things, tidied what had been her sleeping arrangments, and hurried on deck. Sailors were bringing crates of supplies off the ship, and having been part of the crew during her voyage she was expected to help. She had no issue, bringing down one medium wooden crate at a time before being released. Connex had gotten off the boat and stayed nearby, waiting for her.

Compared to Sylrias, Syka was nearly abandoned. But the people she could see were busy carrying goods and tools. A good sign. She adjusted her bag, took a deep breath, and began to walk into the City Core with Connex at her side. Hopefully she could find someone who had the authority to get her settled.
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Welcome to Syka

Postby Gossamer on September 6th, 2018, 2:20 am

Any newcomer to Syka would notice immediately with the appearance of a ship, folks gravitated towards it. Everyone in the city wandered down to the singular dock that served as Syka's port and began to help unloading the ship. They often brought with them trade-goods that were being offered for sale or had been pre-ordered by the ship's captain that put in at Syka.

Esme would find her offloading of one medium crate frowned upon since she did it and left the area immediately. She'd find the rest of Syka, especially the Commons completely emptied out as folks all went down to help with the ship. It was a settlement tradition, this sort of group activity, and no one dispersed until the cargo was offloaded and the goods the ship was picking up were loaded.

So the newcomer to Syka would find no one though there was plenty of places to sit in the shade of the commons. Those not offloading or loading the ship would wander to the Communal Kitchens and get a meal started for what would be the hungry denizens of Syka. The meal seemed to be snake today, as giant round slabs of meat were skinned and put on spits to turn. Most of the cooks were men, though an occasional woman helped out - one spicing the food.

The timing seemed to work out perfectly. The ship and its crew with the settlers all seemed to get done at the same time as the feast was ready. Settlers mingled with sailors as they all gathered at the pavilion in the middle next to the Communal Kitchens. No one paid Esme much notice where she decided to end up until an older man approached. He looked her over and raised an eyebrow.

"Hello there. I'm Matthias. Is there anything I can help you with?" He asked carefully, noticing her pack by her side. He didn't show any open hostility and he didn't actually smile. He just seemed approachable and curious.
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