Global Grading Status IV

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Global Grading Status IV

Postby Zeva on September 5th, 2018, 2:22 pm

Mizahar Global Grading Status

      Highest Grades Pending:
      • Lhavit: 13
      • Riverfall: 12
      • Syka: 7

    Sylira Region
    • Sahova (Closed): 4
      ---Begins on page 1, 3rd post
    • Ravok: 3
      ---Begins on page 1, 1st post
    • Sunberth: 0

    Cyphrus Region
    • Riverfall (Closed): 12
      ---Begins on page 1, 5th post

    Falyndar Region
    • Syka: 7
      ---Begins on page 1, 1st post

    Kalea Region
    • Lhavit: 13
      ---Begins on page 1, 2nd post
    • Wind Reach: 0

Thank you graders!!

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