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Postby Orakan on March 14th, 2016, 1:52 pm


basic information
Name Orakan Khendras
Alias Ora/One-Eye Ora
Age & Sex 19 & Male
Race Human
Height & Weight 1.80m (5'11") & 85kg (187lbs)
Sexuality Asexual
Origin Sunberth
Date of Birth Summer 43, 497 AV
Current Residence Sunberth
Occupation Daggerhand brother & thug
Alignment Neutral Evil
Faith Loosely follows Rhysol and, to a lesser extent, Yshul

character concept
'It still seems a strange decision, though, for the tortured to turn torturer.'
'On the contrary, nothing could be more natural. In my experience,
people do as they are done to.'

― Joe Abercrombie, Before They Are Hanged

Impressionable and damaged whoreson and gutter rat turned fear-mongering Daggerhand thug, Ora is well versed in the ways of the streets. He's most focused on surviving and maintaining what little hold his gang has left on Sunberth. Although neutral evil at heart, he has yet to develop much in the way of personal ambition and is currently content with his pack mentality.

physical description
Ora is hardly remarkable in appearance for a Sunberthian and easy to overlook from a distance. Somewhat swarthy, his dark olive skin darkens considerably in the warmer season, face and shoulders heavily freckled and pigmented because of the amount of time he has spent outside and around the wharf. His hair is brown yet mousy from the sun and he keeps it short and out of the way.

Despite his physical activities, Ora is on the stockier side, barrel-chested and a little soft around his middle. However, his broad shoulders are well-muscled and his arms noticeably defined, veined, scarred and inked. He has duck-syndrome, with his legs being disproportionately short compared to the rest of his body, resulting in a somewhat bullish appearance.

His face is boyish and would seem gentle if not for his perpetual glare and frown - a stark contrast to the roughness of his body. The only thing of note about the young man is his eyes. Born a shifting shade of hazel, his left has since turned pale and milky since the incident that maimed him and left him blind in that eye. A deep, telling scar rests above and below. His brow seems constantly narrowed, making his eyes hold a pensive, wary look and his nose is broad yet sharp. His upper lip is far fuller than his lower - both dotted with freckles - and his crooked, cheeky smile (when he does decide to offer it) is filled with crowded and crooked teeth, the top two left incisors jagged and broken.

Image Image Image
Ora tends to favour practical yet loose and drapey fashion often in dark colours with the odd - and faded - pop of colour. He's most often seen donning a faded blue shirt - sleeves rolled up - worn loose and open around the neck and chest yet bound at the waist by a dirty red striped sash - that cinched in by a dark leather weapon belt. His trousers are well-travelled and baggy, worn tucked into his old leather boots.

He has a thing for collecting odd scraps of fabric and tends to tie them where he's able: around the top of a bicep, a thigh, his neck, wound around his boots or his head and - most often - worn wrapped around his right forearm and knuckle to hide his markings and to act as pseudo-bracers. He wears simple silver rings on his left middle finger and thumb and his finger blade is also worn on that index finger. His Kopis and knuckleduster are kept on his left side, the former slung between his belt and sash and latter strung from one of his strips of cloth and ready to be pulled free for use.

He trades his long-sleeved shirt for a loose, open linen vest in the warmer months - or forgoes a shirt entirely, hardly modest or shy of the marks that litter his frame. Conversely, the cooler season and travel finds him layering the two and adding a hooded cloak over his usual ensemble. This cloak is also used to disguise his features, wrapping it around his head and face when necessary.

scars and markings
Image Image Image
Scar - Left eye A deep, thick scar winds through his left brow and continues down nearly to the corner of his lip. Clean and paler than his tan skin, he received it (among many others) when he was thirteen and found himself in the middle of a bloody gang clash.

Scars - Body Growing up in Sunberth, one will inevitably acquire their fair share of scars and Ora is no different. His back is littered with deep, ugly marks from his days of getting flogged by his mother's pimp. Pale, raised scars also make their appearance on the top of his left pec and lower left torso near his hip.

Tattoos - Arms & Hands His arms are littered with scraggly scars from his rough and tumble upbringing and line of work as well as simplistic, poorly-done tattoos - shapes and symbols, mainly (the Daggerhand symbol - the thorn-encircled dagger - is on his right forearm). His hands are calloused, worn and battered, each knuckle tattooed with some small symbol and finger inked in a manner to resemble thick rings, each bearing an emblem of sorts.

Ora is an absolute shyke of a thing. A stroppy, surly mongrel and plucky in the most annoying way, he will niggle and meddle to his heart's content and do his best to make your life miserable. Despite his arrogance and brazen self-confidence, he is not an affable man but rather a smug and sarcastic cynic. To Ora, life will always be petched so he might as well get his kicks where he can.

Like the bulk of those born, raised and/or residing in Sunberth, Ora is extremely self-serving, unabashedly selfish, untrusting and prone to apathy. As a natural born hustler, he lacks empathy and morals and will do what he must to get by without a second thought. It's from this scrappy need to survive that he turned to the Daggerhand and he is as loyal and dutiful a member as they come (which isn't saying much). However, when it comes to the crunch, he will inevitably do what's best for himself - loyalties be damned. He's no stranger to betrayal, after all.

quirks and traits
Speech - Ora has an annoying habit of referring to himself by name and speaking in third person. Adding to this, his common is extremely lazy and he tends to keep his comments and replies monosyllabic which leads most to believe he's as dumb as a bag of hammers... and he prefers it this way.

Hygiene - Oddly a stickler in some areas and completely unfettered by others, Ora is semi-obsessed with oral hygiene, his finger nails and the state of his hair. It's common to see him cleaning his nails, running a comb through his hair or attempt at a beard or picking at his teeth. He also enjoys to bathe any chance he gets.. but only if the opportunity presents itself. His clothes are a completely different story...

Restless Hands - Despite above, Ora is a notorious skin and nail picker and hair twister. He simply cannot handle his hands being idle and must busy them at all times, making him come off as a touch twitchy.

merits and flaws
+ Streetwise - Ora grew up on the streets of Sunberth and has developed relevant survival skills and situational awareness because of this. He's opportunistic with a hustler mentality and knows to follow his gut and to keep his eye(s) and ears open for anything that might benefit him.

- Uneducated (formally) - Due to his upbringing, Ora never received much in the way of a formal education. Although he's learned to read and write out of necessity, he is hardly skilled in that regard and actually struggles due to dyslexia (he's unaware this is a thing). He's the sort to favour a 'hands on' approach to learning and generally avoids abstract theories and discussions.

- One Eye - He lost his sight at thirteen and, although he has adapted to this shortcoming, it is a hindrance. His depth perception is hugely affected as well as his peripheral senses on his left side.

pre-creation history
Sunberth has never been kind to her children and Ora knows this all too well.

Middea, his mother, was but a lowly prostitute, thrust into the life after being sold to pay off her parents debts, and she was hardly equipped to handle a child. Yet a child she did have - despite her pimp’s best efforts and fists - but a mother she never truly was.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and the Tent City was just that for Ora. Whilst his mother was often absent, others stepped in to care for the hapless bub. There was no love, just a base need of those nearby to stay the squalls of a hungry child as best they could - which wasn’t much. Oft left with little but dust in their pockets, a select, forgotten few did what they could. It was a charity he would have no recollection of but one that kept him alive long enough for Sunberth proper to take him into her wretched arms.

He became many things during his formative years, hustling and doing whatever necessary to survive, and yet the greatest thing he became was numb. Numb to the reasons he did what he did. Numb to his mother’s - and, moreover, her pimp, Nasso’s - machinations and manipulation. Most importantly, numb to the pain that clung to him like his shadow.

It started with the floggings. Most often directed at his mother, they soon included him as well, especially as he grew. He’d be flogged for speaking, flogged for not speaking. Flogged for what his mother’s pimp perceived as a challenge and flogged for backing down. Flogged for getting in the way of his mother’s business and then flogged when he didn’t bring in business. It seemed the man took a perverse pleasure in striking out at the kid whenever the opportunity presented itself - which was often - and Ora simply learned to endure.

It wasn’t until the flesh-peddling that Ora’s resolve was truly tested and worn thin. Albeit not technically Nasso’s property, the man viewed the eight-year-old as such and exploited him appropriately once the idea to do so wormed its way into his head. The following four years hardened the boy in ways no other experience could, especially after his mother's death in late 508 av which saw Nasso turn his full attention onto Ora.

The pimp had little regard who took interest in the boy, only that he brought in mizas, and so he paid little mind when Ora's path crossed with that of a Daggerhand Big brother. Despite the seedy nature of the 'relationship', this man laid the foundation to the life Ora has worked to build for himself.

With time, the man began assuring the boy of his safety by way of their association and, being the first taste of hope the boy had ever experienced, Ora latched on to this idea. He turned on Nasso that Spring before seeking a new life within the Daggerhand numbers.

His history followed him.

Members knew of that Big Brother's particular predilections and it did not take much for them to put two and two together. They frowned at the favours that had been exchanged. They laughed. They jeered. They taunted. Then they turned him away.

Ora had never been familiar to hand-outs, having always worked to get what he had, and so the taunting and the possible nepotism stung. Flung back to the slum-mother and her streets, he regrouped himself and grew twisted. All notions of trust went to dust as the young boy grew cold and callous, nurtured by her heavy hand.

Despite this, he learned that one cannot survive long in Sunberth as a lone wolf. And so, he once more sought safety in the numbers the Daggerhand provided. It had been a year since he had been turned away, a year that had seen many changes as well as the death of that particular Daggerhand Big Brother. He went through the trials necessary to be inducted as a Brother despite how hypocritical it was of him to do so, to put himself in league with a group run by a sociopathic and megalomaniacal tyrant that reminded him so much of the man he had grown up loathing. Ora, despite his youth, opted to listen to reason rather than emotion: The Daggerhand were arguably the strongest of the big three and, in a city like Sunberth, strength equalled survival. Plus, they ruled through fear.

And, oh, did Ora ever love both.


Common Fluent (Heavy Sunberthian accent)
Fratava Basic/Semi-conversational

Lore of the Daggerhand

Lore of Sunberth Street Layout

Skill RB SP XP Total Proficiency
Intimidation 20 20 / 100 Novice
Unarmed Combat 20 20 / 100 Novice
Weapon: Kopis 15 15 / 100 Novice
Torture 10 10 / 100 Novice

Linen shirt, gray (once blue) Tall boots, brown
Hooded cloak, black Loose linen vest, once maroon
Loose linen trousers, brown (faded) Plain undergarments
Striped sash, reds Leather belt, brown

Rings, silver (x2)
Strips of coloured cloth
Pouch, belt

Wooden comb
Straight razor
Bar of soap
Wooden pick (nails & teeth)

Nasso's Kopis (heirloom)

Pack Flint & Steel Balanced rations
Bones, game Eating knife Waterskin
Manacles Rope, Hemp (50 ft.) Candles

Location Robern's Reaches
Lifestyle Common
Housing A room within the Daggerhand-owned inn complete with bathing, regular meals, and all the drink one can guzzle. His room looks just as it did before he moved in and lacks any personal detail or ornamentation, containing nothing more than a bunk, chest, chair and table. The floorboards have grown warped, the ceiling sunken and walls discoloured and covered in mold and mildew after water damage in Spring 516 AV.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting package 100gm
Manacles - 15gm 85gm
Rings, silver (x2) - 6gm 79gm
Pipe - 5gm 74gm
Pouch, belt - 1gm 73gm
Rope, hemp (50ft) - 1gm 72gm
Knuckleduster - 5sm 71gm 5sm
Belt, leather - 4sm 71gm 1sm
Finger blade - 4sm 70gm 7sm
Vest - 3sm 70gm 4sm
Sash - 1sm 70gm 3sm
Bones, game - 1sm 70gm 2sm
Candle (x2) - 2cm 70gm 1sm 8cm
Gold Dust, single dose - 8gm 62gm 1sm 8cm
Gambling - 8sm 61gm 3sm 8cm
Gallon of ale - 2sm 61gm 1sm 8cm
Fall 516 income + 273gm (tbc) 334gm 1sm 8cm
Fall 516 expenses (common) - 135gm 199gm 1sm 8cm


fall 516av
Date Title Status Reward
22nd [Robern's Reaches] The Tools We Have In Progress
22nd [The Pig's Foot] Sivah Sips & Secrets Spill In Progress
23rd [The Docks] Trust in Nothing Forthcoming
24th [Tall Johnny's] The Wretched and Joyful Forthcoming
24th [The Pig's Foot] Licking Old Wounds Forthcoming
29th [Baroque Bay] Crude and Proud Forthcoming
39th [Baroque Bay] Of All the Feckless Men (pt II) Forthcoming
75th [Baroque Bay] Something Fishy In Progress

work - fall 516av
Date Title Status Reward
24th [Baroque Bay] The Messes of Men In Progress
39th [The Docks] Of All the Feckless Men In Progress

Date Year Title Status Reward
3rd Fall 504 AV [Tent City] How Dogs Are Trained Forthcoming
88th Spring 505 AV [Stumble Alley] Dark Work Forthcoming
51st Summer 506 AV [Tent City] Better Than Death Forthcoming
53rd Summer 506 AV [The Commons] Words and Dust Forthcoming
70th Winter 508 AV [Tent City] All Alone and the Fire Grows Forthcoming
86th Spring 509 AV [Tent City] Nobody's Dog Forthcoming
3rd Spring 510 AV From a Certain Point of View In Progress
61st Fall 511 AV [Robern's Reaches] Of (Gutter) Rats and Men Forthcoming


Image Image
Middea "Midge" Khendras - Mother Sold to Nasso at a young age in order for her family to clear a substantial debt, it did not take long for Midge to break and become the thing Nasso used her as. She seized the role of lowly prostitute and crafted her being around it, shaping herself, her mentality and her ways to suite the lifestyle. Albeit far from one of Brega's or Ruby's girls, Midge honed her skills to make herself one of the savviest streetworkers and grew to be cut-throat, manipulative and cruel for the sake of survival. The birth of her son was unwelcome and unwanted yet she came to view the boy as a tool and used Ora as such. The two never truly formed a healthy bond but one based on necessity and co-dependence until her death in the Winter of 508.

Nasso Rast - Former Pimp As the only regular male presence in Ora's early life, Nasso played a huge role in shaping how he viewed others. A study in duality, Nasso was either pleasantly sedate or violently hostile - there were no in-betweens - and Ora was most often exposed to the latter, bearing the internal and external scars to prove it. He was nothing more than a lowly thug when Ora knew him; a fledgling enforcer in the employ of Goldfinger with the leanest of gang ties to a minor gang, he lacked the brains and initiative to be much more. However, it was once he began flesh peddling Ora that things changed. The Brotherhood began to take notice and Nasso sought safety in their numbers and ever-increasing influence in the Spring of 509 after Ora turned on him, the boy using his growing ties to the Daggerhand to his advantage.

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