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Ismay and Aksana drink a bit too much while the sky spits rocks....

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Hail and Alcohol (Aksana)

Postby Ismay on September 30th, 2018, 5:18 am

The 62nd of Fall, 518AV

It wasn't often that Ismay drank. In fact, he wasn't ever really inclined to, and Issam hated alcohol entirely. The smell alone was worthy of a good few gags, and the taste was, of course, even worse, in his opinion. Issam had stated on multiple occasions that he'd rather consume rotten, regurgitated meat than drink as much as alcoholics did. Which, of course, was a gross exaggeration as he'd never do anything so morbidly revolting, but the point remained.

And so, usually, Issam could easily convince his twin that they'd be fine without becoming drunk. There were times, however, that Ismay was oh-so sad and depressed that Issam merely let the Light Brother drink them both into a mindless stupor. Issam was in the mind that Ismay was far too emotional for their own good, but Ismay always retaliated with the idea that the occasional night of idiocy and heavy drinking was a healthy way to temporarily liberate the mind of its troubles.

The day hail happened to plummet from the heavens was one of Ismay's chosen days of idiocy and heavy drinking. The Akontak had been in Sunberth for some time, now, and the city of anarchy was far more depressing than their home of Mura. The masses were sick, unwashed, and so very, very sad. And that was the only word Ismay or Issam could come up with to describe them: sad. In some unadmittedly self-centered way of thought, Ismay had proffered the night of drinking to make up for all of the sad that they did not feel themselves, as both Zenobia souls only felt pity towards the citizens.

Issam didn't agree, but neither did he disagree, with Ismay's plans. He merely stayed silent as Ismay walked them to the Pig's Foot Tavern, which was said to be the most popular in town. It was that time of day where it wasn't dark quite yet but things were slowing down, and people were getting ready to go home and eat whatever dinner the could scrounge up. The hail had mercifully stopped for the time being, making it safe to walk outside of shelter again, but Ismay's brisk and long-legged pace showcased his uncertainty about how long it would stop for. The clouds still looked quite menacing.

The tall, blue-skinned man ducked into the establishment, pulling his hands free of his coat to swipe stray locks of platinum hair from his field of vision. "Oh, look, more homeless people to look at while we drink. We just can't get away from them," Issam mentally voiced, which caused Ismay to grimace in sympathy. "Maybe they were here before it started hailing and just don't feel like leaving yet. Not everyone is homeless, Sam," Ismay responded, putting on a friendly smile as he walked to the bar and took a stool. Issam merely snorted and remained quiet at that, giving Ismay a feeling of disbelieving.
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Hail and Alcohol (Aksana)

Postby Aksana on October 2nd, 2018, 10:34 am

The weather had died down enough for Aksana to again make her way through the Commons. Stopping here and there to take a look at what some of the merchants still holding their ground at their stalls had for sale. It seemed like the little shops had just about everything one could want from food and spices, to things she didn't know if one could find anywhere else in the city. Maybe next time if she had more coin she might splurge a bit and buy something for herself.

It wasn't long after however, the bad weather rolled in again so Aksana decided to head into the only tavern around. The Pig's Foot was supposed to be one of the more popular choices in Sunberth, but once she entered the building she couldn't figure out why. It looked like any other she seen though she hadn't been inside that many to judge. But she was out of the rain and her clothes and hair weren't too soaked.

Blue eyes skimmed the place, first making sure there was no one there she knew. For being the most popular place in town there sure weren't that many people inside anymore. But quiet was nice. Aksana decided to stay for a while if only to be out of the rain a bit longer. Drinking was something she didn't get a chance to do too often either.

Out of the corner of her eye a couple of the patrons were whispering to one another and kept looking over towards the bar. She followed their glances over to some man sitting alone. She could see why they kept staring. The man was blue, and not the sad kind of blue either. The majority of Sunberth's population was human, and many of the other races were slaves including herself at one time. This man didn't appear to be someone's slave though. At least not yet. The Kelvic girl didn't look back towards the two whispering but made her way over towards the man. She took the next stool to his left, and got the other man's attention behind the bar to order a drink. She figured sitting nearby would benefit both of them this time though she wasn't very intimidating at just over five foot tall, Aksana imagined it still might deter others from bothering them. Though she'd be keeping an eye on him too just in case. No one had stolen from her yet and she planned on keeping it that way.

The storm really began to pick up again and Aksana wondered if the roof of the old building would even hold up. She had a feeling she'd be stuck walking back to her room in the rain as well. "Someone else coming to join you?" She asked with a side glance over towards the stranger, now wondering if she had taken someone else's seat.
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