Appeal to the Hunger

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Appeal to the Hunger

Postby Kailani on December 30th, 2018, 5:47 am


Skills Earned:
  • Cooking +5
  • Logic +1
  • Teaching +2
  • Cooking: Cubing potatoes
  • Cooking: Peeling onions
  • Cooking: Rabbit meat makes an excellent soup
  • Language: Making herself understood with gestures
  • Location: The Sunset Quarters
  • Luminance: Gives increased awareness of light
  • Luminance: Instills fear and cowardice in those who aren't good
  • Kailani: Ambitious, just like her
  • Kailani: Born on the Suvan Sea
  • Kailani: Marked by Laviku
  • Kailani: One adult in Sunberth she can stand
  • Kailani: Speaks Fratava and Common
  • Kailani: Spent most of her life on the Sebakem Ocean
  • Kailani: Svefra
  • Self: Doesn't like dogs
  • Self: Hasn't been touched in too long
  • Self: Likes to feed others
  • Self: Loves humans, but doesn't trust the people of Sunberth
  • Self: Never found fault in a child

Comments: This was a fun thread! :) I can't wait to delve more into the next one!
Skills Earned:
  • Cooking +1
  • Deduction +2
  • Drawing +1
  • Logic +1
  • Observation +5
  • Philosophy +1
  • Socialization +5
  • Cooking: How to skin a rabbit
  • Ixzo: Born in Taloba
  • Ixzo: Doesn't speak Common well
  • Ixzo: Gentle and patient with children
  • Ixzo: Has a hidden sense of humor
  • Ixzo: Lived in Endrykas
  • Ixzo: Marked by Priskil
  • Ixzo: Night lion Kelvic
  • Ixzo: Speaks Myrian and Pavi
  • Kona: Likes eating rabbits
  • Kona: Protective of her, even when frightened
  • Kona: Scared of Ixzo
  • Language: Using hand gestures to make herself understood
  • Location: The Sunset Quarters
  • Luminance: Offers a feeling of ease and contentment
  • Self: Can't be good at everything
  • Self: Fascinated by Charoda
  • Self: Rabbit doesn't taste as good as fish, but it's still delicious
  • Self: Unsure why Laviku marks some sailors and not others
  • Self: Worships Laviku and Zulrav

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