[Item Acquisition Thread] The Starfire Song (Placeholder)

Duncan awakes the morning after his experience with the strange stone that fell from the sky.

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[Item Acquisition Thread] The Starfire Song (Placeholder)

Postby Duncan Rightstone on December 1st, 2018, 3:34 am


17th Day of Fall, 518 AV (Morning)

With the strange and disturbing encounters of the previous day having thankfully been left behind, Duncan awoke slightly later in the morning than he normally did. Leth was just starting to set with Syna beginning her rise into the sky. He wasn't sure exactly what caused him to open his eyes, but Duncan felt something strange as he sat up in bed. His attention was strangely drawn to the odd stone he'd discovered. As the stone rested on the nightstand, his gaze falling on its rocky surface, he heard a strange voice. Quickly looking around the small bedroom, he saw that he was alone yet the voice continued.

“As the rays of my beloved Syna reach across the horizon, I wish to give you this bit of insight. The changes you’ve experienced were not without a purpose. They were meant to serve as a source of reflection. Change is an important force that drives all life. How you dealt with the changes you were faced with; changes in body, mind and even in the minds of others, speaks greatly to who you are as a person. As you continue to live your life, take time to reflect on what you experienced and ponder your reactions to the change. Did you hide them or hide from them? Did you embrace them? Did you exploit them or use them for the betterment of others? As you search for the deeper meaning of change and how you deal with it, know that I, Leth, God of Thought and Change have gifted you that opportunity. Also, as a gift and a reminder, I offer a piece of my light. The stone you discovered contains a piece of starfire. In your hands, it will undergo its own change. Take it with my blessing.”

The voice was no more and in the place of the strange rock which had flaked away as if it were nothing more than dust, sat a small piece of a strange silver colored substance that burned with a silver flame. Reaching over to touch the fiery piece of silver with his metallic hand, Duncan found the material to be cool to the touch. Picking it up, it was very light weight.

As he held the fiery material in his hand, there was a sudden, brilliant explosion of silver light. Blinking, his vision momentarily blinded, he could feel the material moving in his hands; shifting and changing. When his vision began to clear, he found that the silver material had transformed into the shape of a silver flute.
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