[Item Acquisition Thread] Fear can be a Powerful Motivator

Duncan discovers something remarkable about his otherwise mundane looking gauntlet.

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[Item Acquisition Thread] Fear can be a Powerful Motivator

Postby Duncan Rightstone on December 1st, 2018, 3:57 am


19th Day of Fall, 518 AV (Early Evening)

His shift at the Gem for the day had ended and Duncan made his way upstairs to clean up. He took the opportunity to indulge in a long bath before heading to his room to dress. With the past few days being rather eventful and more than a little odd, he felt the need to get away for a short time and maybe make a stop back at the Pig's Foot and attempt to smooth over any hard feelings from the tavern's owners after Duncan got drug into a fight. It was a fight he never started, didn't want but surely finished.

Dressing in his warskirt, black boots and a simple black shirt, Duncan strapped on his toothed gauntlet, pulled his nettle cloak over his shoulders and proceeded to leave the Gem. Although evening was setting in, it still wasn't all that late which would hopefully reduce the chance of any undesirable encounters with the wonderful denizens of Sunberth.
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