[Job Thread] It's all in the Flip of a Coin (Placeholder)

Duncan heads out on a delivery for Kelski and finds that something as simple as the flip of a coin can make life interesting.

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[Job Thread] It's all in the Flip of a Coin (Placeholder)

Postby Duncan Rightstone on December 1st, 2018, 4:19 am


27th Day of Fall in the Year 518 AV

Although he'd only been in Sunberth a relatively short amount of time, Duncan was finding life in the strange new city to be anything but dull. He'd already encountered a number of rather unsavory individuals, been in more than a few fights, experienced the attention of the Moon God, Leth, discovered something quite unique about his trusty gauntlet, received a unique orb that allowed him to view an important memory in vivid recollection and saved a kelvic from slavery; all within a matter of his first 20 days in Sunberth. What more was in store for him, Duncan couldn't bring himself to imagine.

It was midway through his shift at The Gem. The weather, as it had been since his arrival, was rotten. Blustering winds, torrential rains, it was as if he could never get dry. This particular day would be no different than the others as he prepared to head out on a delivery for Kelski. The delivery would take him a bit further into town than he'd been to that point, so Duncan took a few moments to prepare himself for what he knew would be an eventful delivery. A part of him wanted it to be just another routine drop off yet, considering how his days had gone already, he knew that would not be the case.
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