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Nenn Panora, Rider of Jackyl

Postby Nenn Panora on December 30th, 2018, 1:15 am


The Static Sheet

Name: Nenn Panora
Full Name: Nenn Panora, Rider of Jackyl
Nickname: Nenna

Gender: Female
Race: Inarta
Caste: Endal

Age: 20
Birth Date: Unknown - Around 498 AV
Birth Place: Wind Reach

Height: 5'10
Weight: 115


Nessa intimidates her peers not only with her intellect, but her appearance. She stands near tall as an Inarta man. While she is tall and nimble, her features also reflect her persona - sharp and swift.

Her eyes are piercing, radiating a vibrant green with a golden rim, which appeared after she began communing with her eagle companion, Jackyl. Ness's eyes are large, but also narrowing at the corners. She often lines her lids with black charcoal, giving her the appearance of a jaguar and accentuating her brilliant pupils even further.

She is clad in all white so as to blend into the landscape while hunting. When not wearing her thick coat during a ride, she nears her matching white top and bottom inside the mountain, flaunting her slim, pale figure and slender movements. Most of the time, she prefers to be barefoot in her home.

Ness's fiery red hair reaches down to her waist. She keeps two braids on either side of her head tucked behind the ears to keep it neat and out of eyes. The braids are tight, neat and usually wrapped in white silk and silver wire. To accompany this, she displays roughly eight piercings extending the length of each ear, each filled with different types of titanium hoops or studs.


The Past
The history of the Inarta has always been an unknown, except for the rare folktale passed on by an elder round a hearth fire. This is also so for Nenn's own history. She has no remembrance of her family, but the commoners who cared for her in Mount Skyinarta's larger nursery say that soon after her birth, Ness's parents suddenly left Wind Reach without so much as a whisper. No one saw them leave, and their rooms were barren.

Larissa, even an elder back then, 20 sun revolutions ago, found the child at the very bottom of the winding cobblestone stairs leading up to the nursery, wrapped in a thick grey woolen blanket. The elder sighed, scooping the fragile baby into her arms. This was no new occurrence, as many of the young that came to the keep appeared in this way, often because the parents lost their lives in battle.

As Ness grew, she grew well. She was thin, nimble and sharp as a tack. Larissa watched her closely as she aged in her youth, often smiling with approval. It seemed that Ness had unnatural talent, always excelling beyond every other student of her age. The subject didn't matter...She always had answers in academics (often without studying) and she was consistently the fastest in every game.

Despite her merit, her mouth was foul and often got her into trouble, along with her unruly actions. Children were supposed to stay within the walls of the warm volcano. Only those highly trained in wilderness survival, riding, and hunting were advised to leave the mountain, as chances of survival in the harsh weather conditions were slim. Despite her many attempts to slip out of Skyinarta, Ness was usually caught red-handed by an adult, then returned to the nursery in shame. She never stopped trying, and certainly didn't conform to manners...until later.

This was the only concern of the Valintar when they decided Ness's direction upon turning 15 years of age. It was clear to them, by her rapid mind and her uncannily large amount of time spent in the falconry speaking with the birds, that she was to become Endal - an Eagle Rider.

Present Day
Five years ago, Ness had left the care of Larissa and began her journey as an apprentice with the Eagle Riders. Her life changed significantly since then. After 15 years of trying to catch a glimpse of life outside the mountain, it now became a requirement. The first time she saw the landscape from the top of the mountain, her soul - her spirit welled with emotion and purpose. The void that had been present in her heart by the unknowing of her parents seemed to heal upon that experience.

Throughout her years of vigorous training, Ness had calmed down significantly. She was still so very bold and sharp, but she had become more...she had become stoic and fierce, carrying a great sense of duty and leadership. The Valintar saw it only fit that she be next in line to become the Tavina within the next year. What a great honor this was, yes, but there was a secret she kept well-hidden - She did not want to become the Tavina. In fact, she wanted to leave Wind Reach altogether. The reality was that she was needed to provide food for her people, and so she told not a soul, and continued on with her training.

The Meaning of Panora
Although Ness had more freedom now than she ever did before, as she gazed out beyond the snow-capped mountains, she knew there was more...and longed for it. She often wondered if this was because of her last name, Panora.

Ness had heard rumors from the elders that her last name had not been without meaning. The Inarta were not people of strict kinship, and thus didn't usually have last names unless they saw one fit for themselves and their offspring.

Panora, she believed, was the name her parents had chosen as they conceived her. (And yes...she was an unusual case of one child, unlike most Inarta births rearing many offspring). The suffix, "Pan," she learned, meant "All." Suspicion had it that her parents had traversed all through Mizahar and returned to birth her. This, in a way, was an urban legend, and many thought it impossible to leave Wind Reach and survive.

And thus, the thirst for travel was possibly present in her very blood.


Nessa, 20 years of age, is sharp as a sewing pin and quick as lightening. Her true spirit is bold, firey and even rude at times. But through rigorous training and a sense of duty to those within Mount Skyinarta, she has become stoic, reserved, and exceptionally fierce.

Ness shares a deep telepathic bond with her eagle, Jackyl, but this is no different from that which she shares with the wild of Wind Reach. Throughout her training, she realized she was able to tune into the songs and movements of the trees and the animals, to learn of imminent danger - Most of the time, that consisted of a fierce storm on the horizon. She saved the lives of many hunters, as they were able to escape into the shelter of the mountain before the strong winds ripped mercilessly through the land.

Unlike many Inarta, Ness keeps to herself, although still with a sense of humor and crass at appropriate times. She often dreams of her parents and what the rest of the world was like for them...had they actually seen it. How did they leave Wind Reach? What were their travels like? What did they see? The questions play incessantly in her mind, but she keeps this close to her...and Jackyl's...heart.

Ness is regarded highly within the walls of Skyinarta, wearing her clothing of all white and standing near tall as most of the men. In some ways, the reason she became withdrawn is simply because the others had become intimidated by her. And so it was.

Although she has a deep sense of duty to continue hunting for her people and eventually become female leader, Tavina, she longs to leave the mountain one day to pursue her purpose and learn of her true identity.
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Nenn Panora
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Nenn Panora, Rider of Jackyl

Postby Nenn Panora on December 30th, 2018, 1:16 am


The Evolving Sheet

Mount Skyinarta in Wind Reach


Fluent: Nari
Basic: Common Tongue
Poor: None


Wealth Ledger
100 Pinions (= 100 Gold Mizas)


20x20 bunk in the Aeries
Floor cot
Table and stool


White Bryda (pants)
White Vinati (shirt)
White Katinu (coat) with heavy fur lining
Pale leather tall boots

1 waterskin
Small 10" dagger
Flint and steel

Oak bow
20 arrows

Artisan-crafted jar that sits on her dresser


Communicating telepathically with Jackyl
Knowing dangers to come through wild animal behaviors


Eagle riding: 15
Hunting: 15
Wilderness survival: 5
Archery: 10
Telepathy: 5
Total: 50





Nenn Panora
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Nenn Panora, Rider of Jackyl

Postby Nenn Panora on December 30th, 2018, 1:51 am



Name: Jackyl
Gender: Male
Race: Obsidian Eagle

Age: 11 AV
Birth Date: Unknown
Birth Place: Wind Reach

Length: 10'
Weight: 600
Feather Color: Midnight black with hints of deep green
Eye color: Deep purple

There is uncertainty, in the realm of the Endal, or eagle rider, about whether the rider takes on the personality of the eagle or vice versa. Some say, upon bonding, they meld into each other, forming one unit comprised of both of their traits.

Like Nenn, Jackyl stands tall and has a rather stoic, hearty air. He is confident and very brave, always the first of the eagles to dive into a hunting area.

However, he has quick wit and great discerning abilities. While he is first to dive, it is not out of stupidity. Rather, he is always the quickest to assess and deduce the situation. Not once had he put Nenn or the riders and their eagles in a dangerous situation.

He is revered, respected, and would give his life for Nenn's.
Nenn Panora
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Nenn Panora, Rider of Jackyl

Postby Luminescence on December 30th, 2018, 7:51 pm

Let me shed some light on the situation

Welcome to Miz, Nenn; I'm Luminescence, and I'm here to help. Before you start playing, there are some things you need to fix with your CS.

*Your caste: Being an Endal requires special permission, a bonding thread, and a specific set of starting skills. Solstice, the ST of Wind Reach, has informed me that she has PMed you; please work out the details of this with her.

*Your CS title: The title of your CS should simply be the same as your account name, without any added titles. Please edit this accordingly.

*Your birthdate: Character sheets are OOC information; even if Nenn does not know her birthday, you must include one. This means a day, season, and exact year. Keep in mind it's currently winter 518 AV.

*Your appearance: Height and weight ratios vary from person to person, but being 115 pounds at 5'10" would be VERY thin. Inarta are also usually quite short, as stated in their lore page. You may want to adjust these measurements. Please also avoid stating how people would feel about your character's appearance, and stick to just describing them.

*Your history: Please avoid exaggerating your character's skills and abilities, and keep them in line with the skills you have given Nenn. As far as I'm aware, the Valintar do not decide who becomes an Endal; anyone can so long as they bond to a Wind Eagle.

You'll have to discuss the details of this with Solstice, but I highly doubt your character, with only their starting skills, would be next in line for Tavina. If this is a goal of yours, as I said, talk to Solstice about it and work towards it in-game.

Inarta do not usually leave Wind Reach; if Nenn's parents left, they likely would not have been welcome back to give birth to her. Others likely would not spread rumours about her surname, but if Nenn believes that about herself and her name, that's fine.

*Your concept: Nenn would not be able to sense danger in the wilds anymore than the average person; sensing storms is associated with a gnosis mark from the storm God, Zulrav. Please remove this part of your concept. Again, don't exaggerate skills and the way others feel about your character, please.

*Your ledger and possessions: You must pay for everything you purchase that is not included in the starting package, and subtract the cost from your ledger. This includes the mittens, dagger, bow (which you need to specify as a longbow or shortbow, ideally to match your skill), arrows, and quill you have listed with your possessions.

*Your skills: Please list your skills in alphabetical order. 'Telepathy' is not a skill; Endals can communicate with their Wind Eagles naturally. 'Archery' is also not a skill, but should rather be listed as 'Weapon: Shortbow' or 'Weapon: Longbow'. Please specify what biome you are familiar with for your Wilderness Survival skill; I would suggest Mountain or Forest since you are living in Wind Reach.

Please denote your skills as being from the Starting Package (SP). As an Inarta, you get a +10 Racial Bonus (RB) to either Falconry, OR Weapon: (Any bow), OR Glassblowing.

*Your name: Throughout your CS, your refer to your PC as both Nenn and Ness; I'm assuming 'Ness' is a typo, since your username is 'Nenn'. You may want to go through and fix these errors.

Please let me know once these corrections are made so that I can remove this intervention. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me or find me in chat; if you have specific questions about Wind Reach or being an Endal, I would advise you to ask Solstice.
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