Willow Bark III

Lani completes the medicinal journal and then negotiates a price for the rough draft.

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Willow Bark III

Postby Lani Stranger on January 9th, 2019, 4:04 am


14th of Winter, 518AV
Anticipation drove Lani’s feet as she made her way to the Enclave. Her mind was set on the herbalist’s journal that she had been working on the past few days. She had a mere couple bells of work before her and then she could bring it to the Avora. Usually Kavisan had a Dek or a Yasi deliver the completed items, but Lani was positive she would be able to request to do it herself. Her pocket was heavy with more of the glass pinions than she normally would have carried, even to market day. She had a plan for this journal, and she wanted to make it work.

The Avora who had requested the copying had did so in the hopes that a scribe would make his work more legible and neat, and he intended to keep the copy. Surely Lani could request to copy another piece for the Enclave, but she had a different request. She was hoping he would give her his rough draft. She had not been able to properly research and learn from the journal while copying it, because her work ethic did not allow her to slow her duties too far in the pursuit of knowledge. Not that she would have been able to memorize the information anyway. But if she had more time to properly learn the Nari words she hadn’t recognize and spent time with the book, she was hopeful she would be able to glean more useful information. Even more if she could request clarification from Narth, who had far more medical knowledge than even this Avora, although Lani was unsure if her bedmate would help her.

Still, Lani blew past Kavisan as she headed towards the back room, anticipating the dry bound book waiting for her on the work table, the rough draft of the piece resting beside it.

”Hello—Lani!” Kavisan’s usual monotone greeting, which he only ever gave when prompted by herself, sounded just behind her. The greeting was interrupted by a surprised exclamation of her name, which brought her up short. ”What is the rush today?” He asked incredulously, with more emotion than she had ever seen on the Avora’s face. Lani paused, stumbling on her words as she tried to process him having an actual reaction to her, an emotion other than boredom on his face was a surprise. The Chiet had not even seen anger on his face, although she suspected he had gotten annoyed with her a few times in the past season she has worked underneath the Librarian.

”I, uh, I am to work.” She tried to explain herself in breathless Nari, unsure of what she was supposed to be answering for.

”I’ve never seen you so excited before.” He said, resting his hand on his desk which held the scroll he was sealing. ”It is suspicious.’ He peered at her, his face returning to the usual bored expression she was used to, it relaxed the foreigner more.

”No ‘suspicious’,” She repeated his word, not entirely sure what it meant exactly, but understanding the gist of it. ”Just excite.” She gave him her usual bright and fake grin, supplying him with the usual fake cheer she reserved for such encounters. The Avora raised a single eyebrow and then hrumphed at her, turning back to his scroll and ignoring her again.

”Thank you Kavisan,” She called over her shoulder, trying to be more polite to the man, and heading straight for the work rooms in the back. Sure enough, her precious journal and copy were waiting for her, patiently resting on the table where she had left them the day before.

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