Something Old, Something New

Lani disposes of an old mirror, and acquires a new companion.

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Something Old, Something New

Postby Lani Stranger on January 13th, 2019, 5:58 am

”Do you read?” The man asked, seemingly questioning her grasp on the language, Lani barely noticed it and did not take it as an insult, nodding her head to answer him instead. ”Good.” The Chiet said simply, and then turned around. He shuffled through some things at his desk for a chime and then returned to her with a thick scroll in hand. Lani took it when he offered it to her, noticing that it was fresh parchment with a leather wrapped around it, a clear sign of something that had been written just for this purpose.

”This will help you, these are what you need, the rest will be pretty self-explanatory.” The large word threw her off, but for the most part, she understood what the Chiet shopkeeper meant. He seemed too confident in her skill, but she supposed anyone raised in the mountain would have some level of birdkeeping and so the standard of expected knowledge was higher. Still a confidence swelled in her chest as she took the scroll and reached for her coin purse again. The crow on her shoulder began cackled, and she could feel his aura grow excited at the sight of the shiny pinions again.

”Not for you,” She answered him, as if the cackle and his aura had been spoken words. The bird didn’t answer her, but she felt his curiosity grow slightly whenever she spoke to him in common. In just the short time she had met him, the crow seemed to like the sound of the foreign language, which made Lani happy because she would be speaking in her native tongue to the bird a lot. By the time the whole transaction was done, Lani felt like a new woman. There was still an ache in her abdomen, and her coin purse was plenty lighter now, but she now had a crow perched on her shoulder, and was lugging his supplies, which weren’t all that heavy, but were awkward back to her rooms. Her new companion excited her, and the curious bird seemed to not mind the stroll towards the Darvina Common rooms, distracted by her chatting with him.

Today had not started out well, but Lani thought that throwing away her mirror was an excellent trade-off for her new companion.

Receipt :
Juvenile Crow (50) + Perch (10) + Small Cage (5) + Short Jesses (2) + Medium Jesses (2) + Long Jesses (2) + 2x Short Falconry Glove (1.2) + Crow Hood (1) + Blanket (0.5) + 5 in. Tin Dish (0.02) + 8 in. Tin Dish (0.06) + Birdkeeping Scroll (15) = 88.78 Pinions

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Something Old, Something New

Postby Ssezzkero on January 13th, 2019, 10:12 pm

Logic +2, Planning +3, Endurance +5, Philosophy +3, Meditation +2, Medicine +1, Acting +2, Socialization +5, Auristics +2, Rhetoric +1, Acrobatics +1, Falconry +1, Logic: Dealing with Pain before it gets worse, Recovering from a Miscarriage, Philosophy: Will not raise a child in Wind Reach, Philosophy: Love is not possible where there is an abuse of power, Miscarriages: Not always caused by outside forces, Malnutrition can make a miscarriage more painful, Philosophy: One should not have to work so hard to fit in if they know it will never happen, Location: Apothecary within the Infirmary, Acting like you aren’t in pain, Auristics: Comparing emotions felt in auristics to face expressions, Acting like you aren’t about to cry, Meditation: Regulating one’s breath, Rhetoric: Making a point through as few words as possible, Magma is hot enough to melt metal, Planning: Return to Lhavit, Self: Misses Madeira, Crows: Can copy human words, Crows: Very intelligent birds, Auristics: Reading an animal’s aura, Falconry: How to hold a bird, Crows: Companion birds, Do not force affection on animals
+ Juvenile Crow + Perch + Small Cage + Short, medium, and long Jesses + 2x Short Falconry Gloves + Crow Hood + Blanket + 5 in. Tin Dish + 8 in. Tin Dish + Birdkeeping Scroll (Nari)
-88.78 Pinions
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