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Gemma Parker

Postby Gemma Parker on February 13th, 2019, 7:24 am

Gemma Parker


Race: Konti
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: Spring 20th, 500 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit

Appearance: Gemma is in every way the classic image of a Konti. She has very light blonde hair, almost white, which falls to her chest when down, though she often pulls it up into various high styles. She has a fair complexion, as is expected for a Konti. Her face is still slightly rounded from youth, and her eyes are a clear, crystalline blue. Her body is petite but she has developed some light curves. She stands at a moderate 5’5”.

She bears silvery white scales on her neck and jawline, as well as on her cheeks, making it impossible to hide her nature without some serious disguise work. She also has scales on her legs and arms, ending in slightly webbed hands and feet. These extremities are rarely seen away from the water, however, because she does not like the feel of earth in her gills and scales, so she either wraps her hands or wears gloves while she works. This means her gnosis mark is often covered. When it is exposed, however, it is marked by a single twirling winged serpent on the back of her right hand.

Character Concept

Gemma is a Konti healer with no Konti gift. She lives in her mother’s shadow and is struggling to make her own way while still honoring her family and culture. She tries to “follow the rules” of Konti culture, especially around her mother or anyone she thinks might talk to her mother about her. She is also determined not to get in any kind of trouble with the law for the same reason. This has led her to almost always stay within the lines of her normal routine: work, train and study, rest, repeat.

However, she has heard stories of how both her parents left their homes to explore, and she has a deep desire to do the same, but she feels restricted. Thankfully, her parents are pretty lenient with what is considered “train and study.” As long as she is doing something that could be considered constructive and isn’t getting into trouble, she is free to explore her interests. As a result, she has developed the hobby of diving off the coast of Lhavit and exploring the depths of the ocean in search of interesting locations that most people can’t reach. She even hopes to one day find a pearl!

If someone approaches her outside of work and asks to be healed, she will try to heal them without requesting pay. However, due to the limitations on her gift and her timidity in its use, she does not advertise her gift, and often wears either a long sleeve shirt or gloves or both. Her official reason for doing so is not to hide her gnosis mark, but it is an appreciated benefit. She is slowly getting more confident with her gift, though, and hopes to one day be gifted a second gnosis mark of healing.

Character History

To understand Gemma’s origin, we must first understand her parents, Sera and Miles. (But if you just want to know about Gemma, skip to Part 4.)
Part 1: Sera :
Sera was born and raised on Konti Isle, and thus developed, and retains to this day, Konti gifts in addition to her gnosis mark, Healing. The first mark of Divination was gifted to Sera at birth, as is common among the Konti.

As she grew, her compassion led her to an increased reverence for Rak'keli and she began to train in both magical and mundane healing and medicine. At this time, she joined the honored Opal Order and began to travel in search of new ways to heal.

She traveled far and wide but preferred to always stay close to the sea. While many Konti women are seen as meek because of their calm disposition, Sera was always only seen as calmly confident. Strangely enough, it was not during one of these extended travels that she met her darling husband, but one a brief trip back home. And it was the very same confidence that made her stand out among her peers when a philterer came to trade.
Part 2: Miles Parker :
Gemma’s father was born and raised in Lhavit. He was trained as an herbalist and philterer by his father with the expectation that he would one day take over the shop. He had a great relationship with his father and felt close to him when they worked together, even though they had little in common outside of professional interests.

As a maker and provider of tinctures, elixirs, potions, the young Miles had to think of a way to make his small shop stand out among the competition. His father had built a loyal clientele through skill and years of quality service, but Miles was worried that if his father left him the shop at his level of skill, many of the once loyal customers would leave. He began to develop a name as an herbalist specializing in “medicinal spiritual encounters.” That is to say, he helped people take hallucinogens and gave them a safe place to “meet their god(dess)".

He developed a very comprehensive knowledge of religions and gods and goddesses, but his father disagreed with his path and to avoid damage to their relationship, the two went their separate ways, professionally. His father let him know that he was always welcome to return, but that he would have to keep the businesses separate so as not to scare away many of his “more down-to-earth” clients.

The ambitious Miles decided to continue in his pursuits, confident that if he could become successful in his own way, his father would see that his plan was viable, and they would be able to reunite their businesses under the family name, and thus have the best of both without needing to sacrifice anything.

This ambition eventually led him to the Isle of Konti. As he continued to brand himself more and more strongly with medicinal enlightenment, more and more people started coming to his shop to ask for Konti Vision Water. At first, he was able to use his charm and salesmanship to convince the interested party that, while Vision Water was of course very impressive in its effects, this or that tea or potion seemed like a better fit for their needs and price range.

He had never seen Vision Water, but he had read about it in his studies. He had learned of The Isle of Konti, where an entire race of beautiful daughters of a goddess made their home. He had met a Konti or two when they traveled to Lhavit, but none since opening his shop or being asked about the water, and thus he could only tell people what he had gleaned from books.

This solution worked for a while. Most of Miles’ clients were either youngsters looking to get high, or people too ignorant to argue with him about his claims. And it was true, he had many ways of inducing all the effects his clients were looking for.

But as he grew more and more popular with that crowd, he could not help but compare his clientele to that of his father. He was not happy with the results, and each time he convinced a client they didn’t need Vision Water, he felt guilt and fear that someone might call him out on his weak deflection of the facts that he neither new much about the water, nor had a way of procuring it.

That decided it. If he was to become a respectable businessman like his father and one day unite the two businesses under one name, he would have to quit peddling knock offs to teenagers. He would need to appeal to even the most spiritual priests and priestesses and even the most devoted followers of any god/dess. And to do that, he needed Vision Water.

So he left his shop in the care of his only employee and charted a ship for The Isle of Konti.

When he arrived, he was overwhelmed by the idyllic island and wondered why anyone would ever want to leave. But the enchantment was not enough to take his eyes from his objective. It was not unheard of for traders to leave the isle with the precious water, but it was only ever in exchange for something the islanders needed.

Miles was determined not to leave the island without all the Vision Water he would need to establish his credibility in Lhavit, but he could not imagine what he might offer the natives that they didn’t already have. He thought of himself as a man of medicine and spirituality, but when he arrived at the city of Mura, he realized that he was only a cheat and a swindler. For in the city of Mura he found true healing and true spirituality.

It was nothing like what he had read about. Though he was from a peaceful and safe city full of craftsmen, Mura was something entirely apart. He was enthralled by both the magical and the mundane and began to doubt his own mission. He told himself that as a good salesman he had to find a need. It wouldn’t hurt to stay for a while, would it?

Years past, and Miles’ ambition waned. He still told himself his plan was the same, but his urgency and drive had been quenched by the figurative and literal waters of the Konti. Whenever he approached a person genuinely, he was received with peace. But whenever he tried to “turn on the charm”, it just… didn’t work. He quickly learned that this was largely due to the Konti gifts along with their culture. They could sense his insincerity.
Part 3: The Union :
While he was there, however, word reached him that his father had fallen ill and the local doctors, while skilled, could not cure him. This news shocked Miles out of the euphoria he had been living in, and he immediately booked passage on the next ship to Lhavit. And there at the port, he met Sera.

Sera had just finished a short return home after a long trip abroad in search of medical knowledge and healing secrets for the Opal Order and was about to set sail again, this time for Lhavit. When he learned that Sera was a divinely blessed Healer with a gnosis mark, he thought maybe she could help his father, or at least stabilize him until they could bring him back to Konti Isle to be healed. Sera did not promise that she could help, but she promised she would try, as was her pledge to her goddess.

It took almost a year to get to Lhavit. During this time, Sera’s calm confidence stood out more than it might have on Konti Isle because she was the only Konti onboard. In Miles’ eyes, she shone like an opalgloam in the night when compared to the professional-but-decidedly-not-Konti traders and sailors.

Similarly, for Sera, it was refreshing to spend time around a foreigner who had spent so much time with her people. His time on the isle had changed him. He was an acceptable mate, and even in the midst of worry and grief, they fell in love. She was his rock; he was her future.

By the time they reached Lhavit, Sera was pregnant but not yet showing. She knew, of course, but waited to tell Miles due to the grim possibility looming over him. She wanted the news to be joyous, not tinged with sorrow.

The two arrived to find that the doctors had done wonders to keep him alive but were not able to stop the progression, only slow it. They told him that it had only been his desire to see his son again that had kept him strong through it all.

It was a tear-filled reunion. Miles wept over his father’s frail figure as they forgave each other. Sera did what she could, even praying to Rak'Keli to gift her a second gnosis mark, but seeing the father of the man she loved dying before her finally cracked her confidence, and her request was not granted. Still, she was able to ease the man’s pain so the doctors could take him off the painkillers that were effecting his mind, giving father and son precious and lucid time together.

When Miles stepped out for a few minutes to relieve himself, Sera sat with her soon to be father-in-law and told him that she and Miles were in love and that he would soon be a grandfather. He made a comment along the lines of, “isn’t he a little old for you?” But she didn’t bother to correct him. She allowed the dying man to touch her still flat stomach, bringing a smile to his face.

“Does she have a name yet?” He asked, his voice weak.

“No, I haven’t told Miles yet. I wanted to choose the name together.” She said.

“Grant an old man a dying wish?” He asked. Sera nodded.

“Call her Gemma. It was my wife’s name.” He said. Sera nodded, a tear in her eye.

“But don’t you want to see her?” She asked. “We can bring you to my home. There are powerful healers there that can surely restore you completely.”

The man just smiled. “I can see in your eyes that you’re older than you look. Maybe you’ll live much longer than I have. But humans aren’t meant to live forever. We get tired. I’m… tired. You have many youth-filled years to share with my son, but he will also grow old. Part of living is learning to let go.” As he said this, Miles returned, and his father beckoned him to come sit by his bed.

“If you’ll have it, I would like to give you my blessing. Have you sworn vows to one another?” It was a bold question with a bolder implication, but neither of them shied away from it. They knew this was what they wanted.

They were married there at the dying man’s bedside. A patient from an adjacent room and the doctor’s aid came as witnesses. Before he died, Miles’ father saw the two wed.

Miles needed time to mourn. He had been so caught up in his ambition, never once having thought that he might run out of time before his big plan could be implemented. It was a sobering lesson. Thankfully, though, he had Sera by his side. She always knew just when to listen and when to give advice. He leaned on her when he couldn’t stand on his own and she helped him in so many ways.

By the time Sera began to show, Miles had recovered somewhat, enough to be overjoyed that they were to have a daughter. He instantly agreed to call her Gemma, if Sera was ok with it. It was decided.

The two settled down in Lhavit, living in the house left to them by Miles’ father. Miles officially sold his old shop to his former employee and took ownership of his father’s herb and medicine shop. Rather than trying to make the shop something it was never meant to be, he decided to take part-time classes at the Academy until he had learned all he could. Sera offered what healing she could to those in need, never charging for the goddess’ healing.
Part 4: Gemma Parker :
Gemma was born in the sea, as was Kanti tradition. They were able to find a secluded cove and hired a midwife to assist in the delivery. Gemma was born in the spring of the new century, marking a new chapter in their lives. Due to Sera’s higher affinity for Rak’Keli, and perhaps as a belated condolence for not having answered Sera’s prayer for a second gnosis, the goddess of healing marked the infant Gemma as one of her own, causing a mark of a single winged serpent to appear on the back of the baby’s right hand.

Gemma has grown up with a love for both land and sea. Her mother taught her how to walk and talk and behave like a Konti. And though the Avalis and Laviku were honored, and none in the family would ever imply favoritism, a greater level of devotion is clearly given to Rak’Keli in the entire family’s affinity for healing and medicine.

Though she has always admired her mother and wanted her approval, Gemma more enjoys her time with her father. When she turned eight, Miles allowed her to “help out” in the shop and even paid her for her service. Of course, the real value added by an eight-year-old is in how adorable she is, but Miles was sure to teach her what he could.

By the time she was ten, she knew the names of all the common herbs in the shop and could even give descriptions of what they were used for. She also loved gardening with her father and tending a small herb garden at home. Her father didn’t let her into his own garden, telling her “you wouldn’t deprive your old man of his favorite leisure activity, would you?”

Her mother tried to bring her up as she had been brought up but removed from the surrounding culture and support of her people, she often felt that she was competing. Thankfully, Lhavitian culture is not opposed to Kanti culture, but both Sera could not help but feel that her daughter was being tainted by the world.

Though she never communicated this concern to Miles or Gemma, the young Konti never felt that she was good enough for her mother. Sera could say all the right things and even display affection when appropriate, but Gemma never felt her mother’s full approval. She only had a single gnosis mark and, while she trusted the goddess implicitly, she doubted that Rak’Keli would want to use her, and was terrified that her gift might fail her while someone was watching. Even worse was the thought that that news might reach her mother for fear of disappointing her.

Sera sensed the distance growing between her and her daughter and redoubled her efforts to be a good mother. Though she maintains loyalty to The Opal Order, she has only traveled to one other city in search of healing knowledge and has never returned to her home on Konti Isle. In an attempt to connect her daughter more firmly to her home and her goddess, she commissioned a the Serpent Pendant for her daughter. The two winged serpents represented Rak’Keli; the opalgloam in the center represented divine guidance, and the opal’s need to never dry out would keep her daughter close to the sea.

The gift was received with tears of joy. It was the first time Gemma felt that maybe her mother might one day approve of her, even though she saw herself as “not a real Konti” due to her lack of Konti gifts and comparatively unimpressive healing skill.

However, this does not mean she did not use her gift. She just kept it a secret. She became friends with the owner of Okomo Estates and many of the neighbors and offered to tend their gardens and look after their animals. Sometimes she even kept a neighbor’s house while they traveled, though this was, of course, rare. She used any excuse she could to use her gift on animals, but never told anyone what she was doing. This practice slowly helped her to grow in confidence and faith in her goddess and her gift.

Her family had become friends of The Catholicon where Gemma’s grandfather had been treated. Her mother often volunteered to lend a healing hand, and her father offered them a discount on potions and herbs. So it was not entirely odd for the now teenaged Gemma to visit the medical center. It started with her making a few deliveries of herbs, then she offered to stay and help prepare some of the simpler remedies.

Before long, she was learning the very basics of medicine from the doctor’s assistant, Senri. She liked listening to his stories and listening to his music, and without knowing it, also learned bedside manner and the basics of care-taking. Within this environment, she was able to start using her gnosis on people, but only with supervision, and only with great care. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

She now works at The Catholicon as a Healer, though most of her value comes from her ability to prepare medicines and herbs as needed. Still, the job allows her to feel a small level of independence from her family, and they encourage her to continue on her own path, especially when that path is such a respectable and responsible one.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Kontinese


Name: Sera Parker
Relationship: Mother
Age: 94
Race: Konti
Location: Lhavit
Occupation: Volunteer healer, Opal Order
Skills: Medicine 50
Gnosis: T1 Healing
Languages: Common (Fluent), Kontinese (basic)

Name: Miles Parker
Relationship: Father
Age: 40
Race: Human
Location: Lhavit
Occupation: Herbalist/Philterer
Skills: Philtering 30 Herbalism 20
Languages: Common (Fluent), Kontinese (basic)
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Gemma Parker

Postby Gemma Parker on March 26th, 2019, 4:54 pm


Skill RB SP XP Total Proficiency
Herbalism 26 36 62 Expert
Observation 56 56 Expert
Medicine 10 9 18 37 Competent
Socialization 35 35 Competent
Acrobatics 2 2 Novice
Animal Husbandry 5 5 Novice
Botany 5 2 7 Novice
Caretaking 5 18 23 Novice
Cleaning 1 1 Novice
Cooking 1 1 Novice
Cosmetology 2 2 Novice
Drawing 1 1 Novice
Endurance 6 6 Novice
Investigation 4 4 Novice
Leadership 2 2 Novice
Logic 8 8 Novice
Mathematics 2 2 Novice
Meditation 1 1 Novice
Negotiation 3 3 Novice
Organization 7 7 Novice
Philtering 12 12 Novice
Philosophy 4 4 Novice
Planning 9 9 Novice
Rhetoric 13 13 Novice
Riding: Okomo 1 1 Novice
Running 2 2 Novice
Singing 2 2 Novice
Subterfuge 1 1 Novice
Writing 2 2 Novice


• Herbalism: vyfox leaf paste
• Herbalism: a cure for swelling
• Herbalism: Vyfox and honey- herbal antiseptic
• Herbalism: Tulja Poultice
• Herbalism: opiate anesthesia
• Tincture: type of concentrated extract
• Goatweed: antidepressant and antiviral
• Lore of identifying goatweed
• Lore of a recipe for goatweed tincture
• Herbalism: oil extract
• Herbalism: uses of an infusion
• Infusions: can be drunk or inhaled
• Herbalism: decoctions
• Decoctions: similar to infusions
• Decoctions: drunk or inhaled
• Lore of building a fire
• Lore of using a double broiler
• Herbalism: Calendula salve
• lore of identifying calendula
• Lore of caring for an oil infusion
• Lore of the uses of a poultice
• Poultice: a way of applying herbs directly to the skin
• Herbalism: medical uses of plantain leaf
• Herbalism: how to make a poultice
• Poultice: use fresh
• Lore of chickpea poultice
• Calendula: good in infused oils salves and poultice\
• Lore of dandelion poultice
• Lore of using a mortar and pestle
• Herbalism: spit can replace hot water in an emergency
• Herbalism: bruising a leaf
• Herbalism: making a poultice without tools
• Herbalism: the benefits of a pill delivery system
• Herbalism: identifying eleuthero root
• Herbalism Tool: grinding stones
• Lore of the medical benefits of Astralagus root
• Herbalism: identifying Astralagus root
• Fatherly Advice: measure twice, cut once
• Herbalism: identifying licorice root
• Lore of the medicinal benefits of licorice root
• Lore of the medicinal benefits of dandelion root
• Lore of the medicinal uses of rose petals
• Lore of the medicinal uses of cinnamon
• Herbalism: cinnamon is antibacterial
• Lore of the medicinal uses of ginger root
• Herbalism: identifying ginger root
• Herbalism: combining ingredients for pills
• Herbalism: rolling electuary pills
• Lore of the differences between herbalism and philtering
• Herbalism: using beeswax to thicken oil
• Herbalism: comfrey salve recipe
• Comfrey Salve: nicknamed Heal All
• Herbalism: identifying comfrey
• Infused Oil: requires patience to make
• Herbalism: balm, salve and ointment are all the same thing
• Syrup: sweetener added to an infusion or decoction
• Recipe: elderflower syrup
• Recipe: 'Fire and Ice' salve
• Lore of the process of making a salve
• Medicine: the effects of cancer
• Medicine: stitching a wound
• Medicine: sterilizing a wound
• Medicine: assisting in surgery
• Medicine: checking for sensation
• Lore of bandaging a wound in a crisis
• Medicine: relaying important information quickly
• Lore of the sanitation policies of the Catholicon
• Medicine: health checkup of a fetus
• Medicine: Tying a sling
• Medicine: how to tie a tourniquet
• Tourniquet: a dangerous medical practice
• Medicine: a sprain affects the ligament
• Medicine: a strain affects the muscle
• Ligament: connects bone to bone
• Tendon: connects muscle to bone
• Medicine: how to wrap a sprain
• Medicine: signs of labor
• Medicine: wrapping a chemical burn
• Medicine: stress-induced labor
• Medicine: supplies needed to help deliver a baby
• Medicine: handling newborns
• Philtering: Vapor Distillation
• Philtering: Basic Tools
• Lore: Using Flint to Light a Fire
• Philtering: Pressure Buildup
• Philtering: Reducing a Decoction for Potency
• Philtering: memorizing complicated tool names
• Philtering: the process of making essential oils
• Philtering: the process of distillation
• Philtering: brazier, not brasier
• Philtering: timing is everything
• Philtering: the proper way to use a brazier
Other Skills
• Cooking: prepping the ingredients
• Meditation: relaxing the mind with stretching
• Recipe: simple bread
• Socialization: the art of networking
• Socialization: bedside manner
• Religion: Rak’keli
• Proper Konti etiquette and behavior
• Event: the Azure Festival
• The Azure Festival: not all its cracked up to be
• Lore of the vague requirements to get into the Dusk Tower
• Location: Iraltu's Observatory
• Racist Bias: not all Konti look the same!
• Socialization: a break of etiquette
• Socialization: an effort at smalltalk
• Philosophy: the pros and cons of individualism
• Philosophy: waxing metaphorical
• Planning: intentions to endear oneself to the people in charge
• Dev'Ania: A more beautiful Konti
• Location: Solar Winds Apartments
• Dev'Ania: Lives in Solar Winds Apartments
• Miles Parker: unconventional teaching methods
• Miles Parker: Patient
• Sera Parker: A bit of a nag
• Sera Parker: Her job was hard on her
• Madeira: teaches at the Dusk Tower
• Magic: is it good or evil?
• Medicine: health checkup of a fetus
• Madeira: hasn't worked with the Dusk Tower for long
• Race: ghosts
• Madeira: expecting twins
• Philosophy: the institutionalization of magic
• Towers: require social presence to attend
• Madeira: not tolerant of weakness
• Madeira: similar to mother
• Lore of the requirements to attend the Towers
• Philosophy: elitism makes sense from the top
• Emma: Madeira's ghost
• Gemma: Doesn't like swimming in cold water
• Location: Quartz Cave
• Acrobatics: Leaping out of a pool
• Socialization: Embarrassing yourself in front of someone
• People: Savis Maren
• Savis: Has been to the Quartz Cave before
• Savis: Thinks the Quartz Cave has hidden treasure
• Savis: Wants to map the Quartz Cave
• Gemma: Doesn't think the Quartz Cave is cursed
• Negotiation: Asking to have a good word put in
• The Towers: Care more about connections
• Savis: Won't help Gemma
• Negotiation: Offers you don't like can be adjusted
• Gemma: Thinks most mages have restraint
• Gemma: Wants to use magic to help patients
• Savis: Has a creepy laugh
• Gemma: Thinks Savis is lonely
• Acrobatics: Pencil dive into water
• Lore of planning a harmless prank
• People: Hachia Koat
• Savis: Died in the sudden flooding in the Quartz Cave
• Endurance: Swimming through the pain
• Endurance: Pushing through pain to escape a near-death experience
• Prayer to Rak'keli for protection
• Dev'ania: raised in Riverfall and Mura
• Riverfall: east of the Suvan Sea
• Dev'ania: an unhappy past
• The Opal Order: a brief overview
• Dev'ania: aspires to have her own family
• Mathematics: using ratios in herbalism
• Organization: multitasking
• Healing Gnosis: always pray over a patient
• Motherly advice: best way to learn in through the hands
• Logic: cool in a crisis
• Leadership: issuing orders
• Logic: creative problem solving
• Subterfuge: keeping secrets
• Location: Infinity Manor
• Location: Infinity Manor Castlette
• Faith: prayers to Rak'keli
• Madeira: has a sentient house
• Madeira: an Eiyon
• Madeira: fought a Desolate One
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Gemma Parker

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• Simple Hooded Dress (brown, sleeveless, with corset-style lacing up the sides and center of the bodice.)
Image :
• Ramie Undergarments (aqua, double as a two-piece swimsuit)
• Simple Cloak (brown)
• Simple Boots (brown, leather)
• Black Leather High Boots
Boots :
• Arm Warmers (brown)
• Side bag for herbs (brown, leather)
• Ramie Sarong (aqua)
• Body Pack (Black)
• Diving Knife
• Aqua Dress, high gloves, sandals, and mask
Dress :

• White Linen Embroidered Dress with Lace Trim
• Green Cotton Dress
• Brown Medium Wool Poncho
• Black Leather Pants with Simple Buckles and Chains
• Black Cotton Shirt with attached Black Cotton Hood
• Black Linen Embroidered Gloves
Magical Artifacts
The Lullaby Flute (Pending Acquisition)
This delicate little instrument needs no musical skill to be played effectively. However, it can only affect a singular individual at a time if one has no Play Musical Instrument Flute skill. If its owner gains the skill and levels up in it, the flute can affect more and more people. Novices can affect only one person while competent flutists can affect six. Expert flutists can affect a dozen people, while Master Flutists can affect anyone within hearing of the beautiful melody this flute produces. When affected, an individual will grow sleepy and fall into a deep restful slumber and wake fully refreshed a few bells later depending upon their level of health and exhaustion.
Cloak of Comfort (Pending Acquisition)
This fine cloak looks to be made of light spun Okomo wool and has embroidery around the edges. It appears as the color its owner wishes it too and perfectly regulates its owners temperature regardless of the harsh or mild conditions of the weather that surrounds it. This cloak will always be sized to completely swath the owner and can be willed to expand to include sheltering a singular friend or companion in the event of a survival situation.
The Dravlak Scale (Pending Acquisition)
This magical item looks like a small indestructible scale made into a pendant hung from a chain. When worn, it can once per season absorb a single critical physical wound, thus, saving the life of the wearer.
Trinket of Falling (Pending Acquisition)
Heights are often an issue, and falling from them in certain places in the world are common. These falls often result in death. So, to counteract this, an item has been developed via magecrafting and harnessing the power of feathers to float gently to the ground. This metal feather is about the size of one’s thumb pad and is punched with a hole through its calamus. When threaded with twine or string of some sort and affixed among the owner’s hair, it will prevent the owner from falling to their death in any situation. Instead, the owner will fall, then hesitate just before the ‘splat’ and finish floating gently to the ground surrounded by a protective (yet bright) glow.
• Toolkit, Herbalist/Botanist
• Toolkit, Traveler’s, Herbalist/Botanist
• Mortar and pestle
• Healer’s Kit
• Philtering Kit

Miscelanious Items
1 Waterskin
• Comb (Wood)
• Brush (Wood)
• Soap
• Razor
• Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
• 1 eating knife
• Flint & Steel
• Small steel mirror
• Journal and ink sticks (10)
• Kohl, Rouge, Cologne, Face Powder, Lip Pommade, Face pastes

Heirloom: Her prized possession is a sterling silver pendant in the shape of two winged serpents twirling around a small white opalgloam. It was a gift from her mother in affirmation of her devotion to Rak'keli.


Location: Lhavit

House: She lives with her parents in Okomo Estates. Her house is a small two bedroom, one bathroom cottage. It has two half gardens, one in the back and one in the front. Her father keeps the front garden and allows her to tend the smaller garden. She has been given the space of her bedroom and the back yard as her own, and in exchange, she helps to cover living expenses for the family.
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Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100ki 100ki
Toolkit, Herbalist/Botanist 20ki 80ki
Toolkit, Traveler’s, Herbalist/Botanist 1ki 70ki
Gloves 5tk 69ki, 5tk
Mortar and pestle 1ki 68ki, 5tk
Body Pack 10ki 58ki, 5tk
Ramie Undergarments (material difference) 8jk 58ki, 4tk, 2jk
Ramie Sarong 8tk, 8jk 57ki, 5tk, 4jk
Diving Knife 5tk 57ki, 4jk
Healer’s Kit 50ki 7ki, 4jk
Kohl 1oz 1tk 6ki, 9tk, 4jk
Rouge 1oz 1tk 6ki, 9tk, 4jk
Cologne 1oz 1ki 5ki, 9tk, 4jk
Face Powder 1oz 1tk 5ki, 8tk, 4jk
Lip Pommade 1oz 1tk 5ki, 7tk, 4jk
Face pastes 1oz 1tk 5ki, 6tk, 4jk
Dress, gloves, shoes, and mask 1ki, 4tk 4ki, 2tk, 4jk
Winter 518 Wages +1,196ki 1,200ki, 2tk, 4jk
Winter 518 Expenses 135ki 1,065ki, 2tk, 4jk
Spring 519 Expert Herbalism Class 75ki 990ki, 2tk, 4jk
Philtering Kit 150ki 840ki, 2tk, 4jk
Ink Sticks (10 sticks) 3ki 837ki, 2tk, 4jk
Book, Blank 3ki 834ki, 2tk, 4jk
Mirror, Small Steel 10ki 824ki, 2tk, 4jk
Spring 519 Novice Philtering Class 25ki 799ki, 3tk, 9jk
Weekend Challenge Gold Upgrade [*] 500ki 299ki, 3tk, 9jk
White Linen Embroidered Dress with Lace Trim 6ki 4tk 292ki, 9tk, 9jk
Green Cotton Dress 1ki 4tk 291ki, 5tk, 9jk
Brown Medium Wool Poncho 1ki 290ki, 5tk, 9jk
Black Leather High Boots 5tk 290ki, 0tk, 9jk
Black Leather Pants with Simple Buckles and Chains 8ki 8tk 281ki, 2tk, 9jk
Black Cotton Shirt with attached Black Cotton Hood 2tk 6jk 279ki, 2tk, 3jk
Black Linen Embroidered Gloves 5ki 274ki, 2tk, 3jk
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