Gemma's Plotnotes

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Gemma's Plotnotes

Postby Gemma Parker on March 1st, 2019, 10:17 pm

Spring 519 Calendar

1WorkWork, then w/MaddyPhilteringClass2WorkWorkPhilteringClass3WorkWork & w/ CassieaFreeClass


-The Academy
Post that she comes in and applies
xTraining threads
x51 to 76 (25 classes) for herbalism (0/25)
x1-55 (54 classes) for philtering (0/55)
xRomance in classes, before and after class, at Catholicon, outside of class
xthen get invited up to his office!
xAlso look up what herbs are good for a hard pregnancy
xShinya volunteering (Medicine Training + Tower Recommendation)
xPost her going and offering her help as needed
xJob Threads
xHerbalism to L4
xPlan threads
xJob threads
xMaddy Birth Thread
xWait for her to post the thread
xTraining with her braiding hair, showering, self care, mom teaching her
xSeasonal Challenges
xSight one of the graffiti symbols on a door*
xCome down with a cold
xBuy a fancy new hat/hood or a pair of boots to protect yourself from the weather
xSpend a day inside and earn 5 XP in a crafting or artistic skill (baking, sewing, painting, calligraphy, etc.)
xGet caught in the rain, and do some singing or dancing to make the best of it! (with another PC)
xGive an Okomo a treat (with another PC)*
xGet into an argument about whether or not civilian mages should be able to teach magic and take a side (with another PC)
xLots of material for herbalism/medicine training with flu season in full swing. Lots. Use it.
xthen flu/cold season at work volunteer 65-76 (11 posts) during which she's doing philtering for essential oils.
xShopping Spree
xBuy long sleeve shirt for under her dress.
xBuy dress
xBuy cloak (minimum)
xEnnervism gnosis - learn about Yahal, start learning more, have talks with a believer, pray to Rak'keli to see if she should add him to her pantheon, then start praying to him for protection throughout the season - protection from sickness, protection from harm, protection from all the scary things happening with magic, etc.


Name: Expanding the Pantheon
Description: Gemma has long worshiped the three gods of the Konti people, but is starting to wonder if she has kept her prayers too narrow. She begins to search for more gods to honor, seeking those that resonate with her. In the end, she decides on Yahal and Caiyha. She also wants to deepen her reliance on and faith in Rak'keli
Target: Get 2 marks from both gods
Timeline: 1st Mark Yahal: Spring-Summer 519 | 1st Mark Caiyha: Fall 519| 2nd mark Rak'keli: Spring 520 | 2nd mark Yahal: Summer 520 | 2nd mark Caiyha: Fall 520 | 3rd mark Rak'keli: Spring 521
Next Steps: Yahal believer talks to her about his faith

Name: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Description: Gemma feels that her mother does not approve of her and is disappointed by her. She attributes this to all her failings (perceived and real) and all her differences from other Konti.
Alternate Target: Realize she doesn't need her mom's approval, only her own.
Next Steps:

Name: I wanna be like other Konti
Description: Because she does not have her own Konti gift, does not speak fluent Konti, feels less pretty than other Konti, doesn't act like a Konti should, etc, Gemma feels that she is somehow less-than-Konti, considering herself to be a half-breed or similar. She feels this is a significant part of why her mother doesn't approve of her.
Target: Develop lore and skills surrounding Konti behavior, language, healing, get more healing gnosi, visit Konti Island, stay for a while, and drink the water OR find a way to import it/drink it regularly.
Alternate Target: Realize that she's her own woman and doesn't need to be like other Konti.
Next Steps: Observe proper Konti behavior with Dev, speak Konti with Dev and Lani

Name: The Fairest One of All
Description: Gemma believes that she is the least pretty of all Konti she has met, by a significant margin. She does not think herself ugly, but she feels that her appearance is just one more way that she is different from other Konti. She wants to do this by learning to use makeup and clothing, as well as herbal remedies/etc to enhance her appearance.
Target: Increase cosmetology and seduction to ??
Timeline: 51 cosmetology by Winter 519 so she can make her mask
Next Steps: Cosmetics flashbacks and daily self care, romance arc with Izo

Name: Making a name for myself
Description: When she outgrows her time at the Catholicon, she will open her own clinic where the only costs are those of materials. Everything else is voluntary. It will have free care for kids, home care classes, basic first aid and herbalism training, etc.
Target: Herbalism to 76, Medicine to 51, Philtering to 51
Timeline: Summer-Fall 519
Next Steps: Train, flashbacks, academy

Name: L is for the way...
Description: Gemma is taking classes in the academy and her teacher for both classes, Izo, has caught her fancy. Let's see where this leads...
Target: Seduction increases while slowly developing this over several threads
Timeline: Spring-Summer 519
Next Steps: Talk to Izo before/after class and at the Catholicon, talk to girl friends about what she should do, try to get his attention and get him to like her. Weave all this through her academy posts.

Name: Volunteering with The Shinya
Next Steps:

Name: Volunteering with The Hunters
Next Steps:

Name: Parlor Tricks
Description: Gemma wants to learn Auristics to help diagnose patients, and Shielding to protect those around her when danger strikes again. To do this, she must enroll in two of the three towers, but there's a problem: she can't get in without a recommendation. Her only two links are Madeira (though she has no pull) and possibly Ilam of the Shinya, though the latter is a long shot. Rather than asking him outright for a recommendation, she plans to build good will with the organization first by volunteer with The Shinya to help heal them during training and by offering her services during the riots and any dangerous missions where they think they might need a healer nearby. She also plans to attend any and all social events possible with the possible chance of meeting people and being seen, though this one is awkward and unnatural for her, so who knows if it'll pan out.
Target: Learn Auristics and Shielding
Timeline: Volunteer with the Shinya: Spring 519 |
Next Steps: Volunteer and overcome fears about magic throughout the season. Pray to Yahil to purify her spirit so she will not be corrupted by magic.
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Gemma's Plotnotes

Postby Gemma Parker on March 7th, 2019, 5:09 pm


Date Written WC Posts
3/4 2,713 3
3/5 2,577 2
3/6 3,887 6
3/7 4,067 8
3/8 3,035 5
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