Facts About Sloths (Itt's Plotnotes)

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Facts About Sloths (Itt's Plotnotes)

Postby Itt on February 13th, 2019, 5:55 pm


Welcome to Itt's plotnotes! This is where I can keep track of all of Itt's goals as well as my goals for Itt. If you have any ideas or want to help with a particular goal, feel free to post below or PM/discord me and I'll be in touch!

Small Goals :
These are goals I have for Itt that can be done in a thread or two. Most of them are stepping stones to the larger goals.

■ Discover religion
■ Discover Zulrav
■ Learn more about birds
■ Discover Wind Reach

Medium Goals :
These are goals that will require many threads over the course of time, either to build up necessary skills or to find the right people/locations to do them in.

■ Become Fluent in Common
■ Become Basic+ in Nari
■ Travel to Wind Reach
■ Work for an Endal
■ Get a bird companion
■ Study bird anatomy/physics/flight
■ Discover Magic/Reimancy
■ Discover Lhavit
■ Travel to Lhavit

Large Goals :
These goals will take many, many, in depth threads over the course of potential years, or (for some) at least some very in depth planning and OOC communication.

■ Find a Bondmate
■ Find a suitor
■ Get marks by Zulrav
■ Become an animator's apprentice
■ Animate magic assisted wings
■ Create a flying based courier system (or courier business in general)
■ Have an aviary
■ Help an endangered bird species
■ Build his own house


Thread Ideas :
■ Gets discovered as a Kelvic and has to go into hiding
■ Has internal conflict about who Rhysol really is due to conflicting views from insiders and outsiders
■ Ask himself why he loves birds and the wind
■ Get to ride on the back of a bird as a sloth
■ Try to ride a horse
■ Have a crush


What Does A Sloth Say? :

True Facts About The Sloth :

Ten Facts About The Sloth :


"Itt: a hero of men and barbecues" -Sinnie
"forks of doom"-Sinnie
"danger trident"- Sinnie
"Itt smash these puny requests!"- Elias


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