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Duncan sets off on a delivery for Kelski yet it is definitely not routine.

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[The Midnight Gem] An Odd Day Out

Postby Duncan Rightstone on March 1st, 2019, 3:47 am


5th Day of Winter in the Year 518 AV

The morning began like any other as of late. Duncan awoke with a powerful stretch and casually sat up and shifted to sit on the edge of the bed. On the other side of the small room, Lia lay in her own bed; still asleep. For a moment, Duncan watched as she slept. She was curled on her side beneath the blanket, her soft breathing barely audible. Even in her sleep, she had this slight curl to her lips that looked like a smile. To Duncan she looked so fragile yet happy. It was a long way from the first time he saw her; frightened beyond measure and locked in a cage with a collar around her neck.

Although that was something that happened not all that long ago, Lia had adjusted quickly and seemed as though she had put all that had happened to her in the past. Duncan had a bit more difficulty letting go of that fateful day but he was happy to see her doing so well.

Quietly, he rose from the bed and gathered his gear. He had a delivery to make first thing but it was still early. With a couple bells before he had to head out, Duncan made his way downstairs for his daily workout. It was his way of greeting the day with a bit of reverence to Izurdin and it would get him ready for whatever his duties to The Gem would offer throughout the day.
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