Award April's Featured Contributor and Featured Character Is....

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April's Featured Contributor and Featured Character Is....

Postby Gossamer on April 7th, 2019, 2:59 pm

Don't read the Interviews!

Why not? Because there is none. No one is contributing at length to the game atm nor are people really sticking to the spirit of the game to really stand out as what we'd consider Featured Characters and Featured Contributors.

People are taking from it, being ultimately greedy, and loosing sight of what Mizahar is about. I'm feeling more and more like I don't want to be a part of this site anymore. Chat is full of people that are just trying to impress others in their newness by throwing around names like Harvard and threads are full of The Hero of Hero Mountain stuff that just gets me down because no one is real.

Recently someone wrote a World Forge Article and she logged onto chat every day to beg people to read and review her article. She only needed 5 reviews to get it moved on. 5. But people couldn't take time out of their busy chat lives to do it? How do you think that made her feel? I don't review until Founder Review, or else I would have done so. But its sad.... very sad.

This last challenge really hit home. It took Gillar forever to write up prizes because he was so disgusted by the turnout. He and I read every thread posted... every one. And honestly? There was little about facing fears. My PC pissed her pants she got so scared. Others displayed little to no emotion in the 'Kryptonite' challenge. How many of your PCs felt core deep fear and you wrote about it? How many of them cried or wept or even shit themselves? He didn't even want to give prizes, but felt he had too because he said he would. It was all just fluffy crap people were going through the motion for to get money and magic items.

I'm just done... completely at this point.

Until people start actually showing that they care and doing more caring by action rather than just staying around saying they care by verbalization.... I won't be around for the game. I might write with my PC, but I'm done doing all the shit I do day in and day out to make this game run. Why should I care when everyone else doesn't? It's a waste of effort on my part.
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April's Featured Contributor and Featured Character Is....

Postby Cassidy Finch on April 14th, 2019, 3:00 am

I came back to look at this site, and...yeah, I think I'm glad I didn't stick around. If you don't like running the site, then you won't do a good job running the site and it'll run into the ground. Why bother?

Just put somebody else in charge! You've built something that has all the framework for a successful game, but it seems like your leadership has been holding it back. No shame in recognizing you're a fantastic writer and worldbuilder, while not being a great manager. Some of the best site admins I've ever known have been barely competent writers, and liked running the community far more than actually participating.

Anyway, I just stopped by to check in and figured you could really do with the advice. I probably won't be back, so good luck with whatever you decide to do!
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April's Featured Contributor and Featured Character Is....

Postby Antipodes on April 14th, 2019, 3:41 am

Hey there. I appreciate you coming in here on your high horse and doling out vitriol disguised as advice. You are clearly the expert on Mizahar and Gossamer, with your two seasons experience and <100 posts from seven years ago. The five odd minutes you spent poking around to 'refamiliarise' yourself was truly enough to show you how things are here. Congratulations, you look like a fool.

If you really knew anything about Mizahar then you'd know that the only reason it is still around today and doing as well as it's doing is because of Gossamer. Her blood, sweat and tears keep this site going... and it's been ten years now. So go talk your big talk elsewhere, we do not want your snarky, hate-filled attitude here. There are plenty of copy-cat sites around to choose from, using all the stuff that Gossamer came up with.

Good riddance.

To Gossamer: Thank you for all you do. I'm sorry you feel let down. You have such an amazing thing here and I'm truly grateful that you do continue to care as much as you do and do as much as you do. I hope you see that people still do care about this wonderful labour of love of yours and ignore the ignorant comment above.

Again, thank you.
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April's Featured Contributor and Featured Character Is....

Postby Finn Reefdiver on April 14th, 2019, 4:30 am

I really can't say what the site was like in 2012 as I didn't know about it but I started here the middle of last year.

The site has been around 10 years, the lore has depth, and the original admins are around and active still! On top of that the admins have put together a wonderful staff that are around and answer questions although that does not do them justice. When someone asks a question it is not uncommon for two or three of the staff to be answering the question quickly or discussing it with you.

Of course this is only my opinion though but I find the staff to absolutely great and that includes them all. Every. Single. One.

So I think we really have a different definition of what a 'bad' admin is.

Thank you Goss and all the staff for all that you do to make this site as great as it. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.
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