[Anti's Scrap] Misadventures of opposite poles girl

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[Anti's Scrap] Misadventures of opposite poles girl

Postby Antipodes on September 25th, 2018, 9:43 pm

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give a heads up about my dwindling activity (not that it's been great this month with moving my mum! That's thankfully done and dusted now.) I thought work would die down a bit these next two weeks (it's school holidays here and usually everyone goes away somewhere and bookings drop) but it's been the opposite. I've also picked up a contract with Cricket Australia so that's keeping me extra busy.

I'm mainly posting this to assure folks I haven't forgotten about threads or other commitments. I know I have boxcode requests still waiting from July (*sob*) and I intend on rectifying the issues posted in the Lore Discrepancy thread AND stay on top of the global grading status. Just need to get through this weekend (sold out international T20 women's match on Monday = lots of time and prep over the weekend). Here's hoping for some slower weeks so I can have some energy time to play catch up.

Thank you all so much for your patience with me <3
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