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Tythos cooks stuff for the morning meal.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

[Thunder Bay] Potluck Shuffle

Postby Tythos Everstorm on April 10th, 2019, 7:14 am


30th Day of Spring, 519 AV.
8th Bell

The Processing Center was a remarkable building, exquisitely tasteful, with large pillars of ivory marble, works of art, and filled to the brim with exotic foods. If it wasn't all of those things, then maybe Tythos just had a hyperactive imagination that morning as he looked over at it from a distance. Despite having traveled for years now, Tythos had not visited the city of Wind Reach, as surprising as that was.

From Sultros to the Spires, only to stray to Sunberth for short stint before departing after not really enjoying the lawless city. He'd spent near two season on the merchant ship that brought him here, burning things in a pot as a ships cook to pass the time. Once it had learned the roard to the city was blocked, its merchant diverted to Lhavit.

That was why Tythos now stood outside of his pitched tent located a short distance from the Processing Center. The Isur stood managing a small fire that heated a cooking pot which rested on the cast iron grating of his campfire tripod. A slow trickle of red headed Inarta all started to flock around him, most of which he'd seen working when the ship he came on first arrived.

"Come on over! Bring your own food, bowls, and eating utensils. If you want a hot meal that at least has a lick of flavor, then I'll cook it. Got everything set up right here!" He called out, hawking that he had the equipment more so than his own skill. Tythos looked like he could deliver a hot meal, and looking like a Chef was half the battle even though he knew he lacked the skill of a true chef.

There was a clear distinction between the castes when the Inarta who seemed to have just started their day all began to gather around him. Tythos could tell the Chiet from the Dek by the fact that the Dek only brought him cold liquids in bowls that seemed to be soups with bits of fish in them, where as the Chiet brought him workable amounts of fish and oddly unidentifiable slices of raw meats.

The smell of meat caused a rapid shifting of something brushing against fabric to sound off behind him. Tythos glanced over his shoulder at his large Falivan Elk Dog who laid napping within the tent, mainly just guarding it lazily where it laid on its back. The sound coming from its tail when it slapped against the side of the tent.

"What is this?" The Cook stated curiously when a Chiet put a portion of meat into the Isur's hand, to which he then held it up towards the Inarta. "Its whale belly." Tythos narrowed his eyes at it, putting it into his normal right hand to weigh it. "Since I'm not making individual meals at a time, I'm just going to cut this up, toss it in there, and give you as more way more meats in the stew. If you only brought soup, then that's what you are getting in return." He said aloud so that everyone could hear him. It was something he needed to say aloud to keep the peace for those of a caste who brought more.

The Inarta gave Ty a nod before finding a seat to wait for the food to cook. The pot was already heating up the bowls of fish soup that Tythos had already poured into it which made up the base stock. The Cook sat down on the ground with his back to the tent to prepare the whale meat. He placed the meat into a cast iron frying pan that rested on the ground next to him, and picked up the knife that was also in the it to use the pan like a cutting board.

There was no special cutting technique involved, at least when it came to what Tythos knew at the moment. He simply set the knifes blade to the meat to cut right through it. He kept chopping it up until it was mostly bite-sized pieces. A few of the pieces were needlessly flattened from slips of the hand as the flat side of the knife flatted the meat down.

He gave that no real thought before standing up to dump the contents into the roiling pot. "Its cooking too fast..." The heat seemed to be reducing the contents of the stew far too rapidly. He was glad to catch the fact that he was literally burning fish soup before it had gotten too bad.

To keep from messing up the stew any more, Tythos reached into the fire to remove a burning log with his green Isurian Arm. It was a small act, but one that caused those sitting around to focus their attention on his arm. It seemed the Isur cook was proving to be their interesting curiosity of the day.

To make up for the pots lost content, he retrieved his waterskin to pour the rest of the water into it. As a cook, he always had some type of seasonings on his person at any point in type. At the moment he had those which came with his cooking kit. He opened the small pouch hanging from his belt to grab a pinch of the simple seasoning and salt to drop them into the pot.

A ladle hung from the tripod that held in his green hand to stir the now whale-fish stew. "How long do you think the road to the city is going to be flooded?" He asked aloud to the general public as he mixed the stew. The Inarta sitting across from the young male who brought the previous whale meat chimed into answer his question. "The Sanikas Road. Not sure, you'll just have to wait it out until the river calms down. Until then, I guess you're stuck with us."
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