Calico Correspondence

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Calico Correspondence

Postby Rohka on July 28th, 2019, 7:22 pm

From Rohka's mother to Mosa

1st day of Summer, 519 AV

Dear Mosa,

I hope you’re doing well. This reply has taken some time, forgive me if I sound a bit scatterbrained. Thank you so much for the reading you sent through your letter from the Fall of 517 AV. Writing 'AV' makes me remember that it has been 519 years since the Valterrian. It is hard to wrap my head around exactly how long ago that would have been. Almost six generations? My grandmother spoke so highly of you and the stories you shared with her when she was in Denval during her teens. Countless times she spoke of discipline, courage, and physical strength, but also of the fierce protection your family held over the Suvan history. I can’t claim to know much about the wars before, but I do share the Suvan allegiance, as you know, and am praying for your safety in these questionable times.

Which brings me to the reading. During the two years that have passed, I was hoping you were wrong. To be honest, I wanted you to be wrong. For my husband’s sake. Since the disappearance of Morwen, our entire family has been slowly discovering the hardships here on the Lakeshore, with the numbers of pests and the unpredictability of predators increasing and causing havoc on our business. Our slaves have felt the brunt of it, and my brother has made a profit on the murder of one or two Vantha. I know that you know this, but as I said, I didn’t want to believe it — for my husband’s well-being. He is now preparing to go to Zeltiva, where as you know, our family has a complicated history. He hasn’t heard a word from his father and he’s worried. I tell you this because I never told him about the reading you sent. It was too devastating. I figured my own craft had better signs, but I was wrong. Meer wants to go and talk to his father as soon as he can, to find out the truth of his situation. He knows what I want out of all of this, and I wish I could just tell him about your reading but I can’t. He should find a way to change the fate. I believe in him.

I tell you all of this because of my daughter. You sent your letter from Sunberth back in 517 AV, and I hope you are still there. I hope this letter finds you safe and in health. I could have given this to my husband to find you himself, but I wanted this to get to you before he does, because I don’t know how long it will take for him to convince my daughter to join him. She may not leave Ravok, but my cards say otherwise. Yes, I’ve been wrong before, but I hold hope. I need her to see you, Mosa. I need you to explain the forces that Denval carried in its heart, to reinvigorate her spirit—she is a Calico now, but she has yet to truly understand the depths of our history. You’ve known our history. Leonara loved you—I knew it from the way she spoke about you. She must have told you what her mother and her grandmother had been through, in Zeltiva. The crimes they committed in the name of the Suvan Empire. You also know that ever since Leonara died, our family hasn’t been the same…

I need my daughter to understand why this is important. Our matriarchy held purpose, security, integrity. Today, under my brother and father… it is lost. The Larks are slowly taking over with their influence on bigger profits through the slave trade. Becoming slavers was never Leonara’s intention, you knew that. I respect my father, but I cannot stand by as my brother makes deals with this outrageous Ravok family. He his ruining our legacy, Mosa. My daughter shirks responsibility because she wants to find her own path, which I respect as well. Every one of the Calico women has built their strength upon their ability to fight for themselves, in body, spirit, and mind. She is building upon these aspects. It would help if you could inspire her… if she decides to join her father, that is.

I realize that this is a preemptive ask, but I needed to plan for it, just in case. I am sending a small, hand carved wooden box as well, shaped as a violin, as a gift of gratitude for the accurate reading. It can fit jewelry or small herbs or your cards! It has a very simple lock and key included within. Please Mosa, if my daughter Rohka decides to go to Zeltiva and arrives in Sunberth, speak with her. I will tell my husband to drop by your residence. It does not matter what you tell her. What matters is that she hears from someone with experience. If the girl decides to stay in Ravok, no matter. I will handle it.

If you choose to reply to this letter, please let me know how you are doing! What has happened in the years we haven’t corresponded? Any significant news from Sunberth? You have always been a clever soul, I am sure you played a hand in something or another! Jokes aside, I miss you Mosa. I know we never met in person, but I feel you through your words. Your joy and wisdom comes through, always. If it was not for you teaching my grandmother how to tell fortunes, I would never have known how to do it myself, nor would I have been able to teach my daughter the techniques you passed down to us. By the time I receive your reply, the Fall will have arrived, and if all goes well, Rohka will meet you. In any case, once again, I appreciate the kindness you’ve shown our family over the years. That is the intention of this letter and gift—gratitude for the care and honesty given through your readings and your spirit. This request with my daughter… it is a desire that I am tackling through many means. Worry not, for the Calicos shall stay strong.

With love,
Vida Calico
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Calico Correspondence

Postby Rohka on November 3rd, 2019, 6:51 am

Rohka's Journal

1st of Fall, 519 AV

Rhysol, please bless this book with the durability to sustain physical and emotional damage.

I, Rohka Calico, will use this leather-bound blank journal to record any and all musings I deem worthy of being remembered. My past has been such that I may not remember significant events and feelings very well, so I now have need to write things down, to keep for my well-being. I would like to give my written thanks to Tegol Golben for finally allowing me to view this section of the shop and for recommending this particular book for its colouring and amount of pages. I am happy that he now sees me as someone with true interests in expanding my craft.

Time has been hard to assess these days. Plans to leave have been ever more dubious. Even work has been feeling as if it’s falling off the usual routine. I will be heading to the temple later this morning, once I’ve gotten myself ready, to try to help clear my head. I’ve been thinking that I should start something of my own. I’ve been thinking it for a long time now. It’s been harder to do so with Papa asking me constantly to take care of the family, but he knows that I want to come with him. He knows that. He knows that I’ve been restless here. That I’ve lost myself here, in ways.

I see the city and the Noble District, and I see families and citizens much more well-off, in areas that look and feel grandiose. I’ve found it hard to imagine myself living in such a lifestyle, but I’m not opposed to it. Making myself a better home, where I can find some time to create beautiful things that I love and to meditate on the unique world we live in would be peaceful, I think. And good.

I’ll go and I’ll pray for… I don’t know what to pray for anymore. Things have been hard to assess. Mother wants me to continue the family business more than ever before, but she seems to hide something from me. She seems to support my decision, my wish to go with Papa. Does she know something more about the trip than I do? What is she hiding from me? The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced. She’s always hid things from she. She hid the story of how they fell in love, she’d never gone into detail, always telling me it was ‘simple’. How could love be so simple? She knows I don’t believe that.

Marriage. I’ve had too hard of a time on that front. Perhaps this journey will be what makes this easier on me and speaking with my father about things. Perhaps I can finally try to bridge a gap I’ve been trying to bridge for so long, between him and I. I doubt any man could really be as great as I believe Papa to be, but I’ve been proven wrong before, and then promptly proven right. What’s meant to be is meant to be, right?

I’ll work on this craft of mine. I’ll build on Rhysol’s strength and learn what I can learn these days, this season. I’ll be fine. Won’t I? I’ll grow stronger, just like Grayson said. I know I can.

Will my sister be able to take care of mother while I’m gone? She’s done it for this long, surely she’ll continue to do so. Why am I… I guess a part of me wonders what’s out there. A part of me wonders if I’ll return. I will. Right? What if I find something I truly want to believe in, more than everything here? What if I find love in something that calls me to more than Ravok ever has? More than the Calico family ever has? Is it even possible? It’s doubtful. But there’s a chance, perhaps. I’m doubting it myself. A lot of me knows that nothing is… impossible. I don’t know what makes me believe such a thing, but I believe it to be true.

I’ll end this by saying I love you. Rhysol, I know The Voice is your closest companion. Your champion. But ever since you whispered in my ear that fateful day, Rhysol, it’s so hard. It’s so damn hard to be away from your presence. Am I just obsessed? Do I just not understand what it is that I’m feeling? I’m allowed to love you, aren’t I? I wish to find a man like you. A man I can believe in, as much as I believe in you.

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Calico Correspondence

Postby Rohka on February 25th, 2021, 12:15 am

Rohka's Journal

OOC: From this thread...

Hating that I’m awake now. Wishing I could go back to sleep. So much more to face now. Zeltiva, they said. Healing Centre, is where I am now.

Words feel like they are garbage tools to use when describing what I’ve been through, to you.

Words are all I have right now, though. I’m afraid to read what I’ve written to you before. I know I messed up. Or did I? I wanted to leave and that’s what I did. But…

You did. You did leave. And that’s been good for you. You’re here now. Start here. Continue here. You trust me, don’t you?

I do trust You. My love, my light, my everything. I’m alive because of you. I’m alive because you allow me to be alive. That which is my soul is now writing in this journal, due to your influence. Your control. Your all-powerful will to see me live. Do you see me now? Here, in this room, recovering for you?

What am I recovering from?

What happened?

You travelled. You got out of Ravok, thanks to Markham. He took you out of Ravok purely because of that power of yours. He knew the dangers it had, though he trusted the insights of Lelia enough to let you be the keeper. He respects your journey and use of it.

Your father could not find a way to leave. He entrusted you to find out what happened to your grandfather. Be thankful that you are here now, to find out. Your family is safe in Ravok.

Tell me the truth. Tell me what happened to make me bed-ridden. Please, it’s almost as if I can’t admit it to myself. Those doctors told me so many things, and I find most of it so hard to believe. How healthy am I now? How soon can I begin again? I don’t want to be stuck again.

I know, love. I know you. Read the next few words carefully, and do not panic:

You died.

How? Why? When?

You were murdered on the ship. Psychologically murdered. Learn this aspect now before you continue forward in healing. You will notice scars on your body. You fought them. You fought them hard. They wanted you to do what they told you to do. You did it all to get here. Getting here was the plan. Getting here is what matters. Getting to ME.

Getting to you had its price.

The price of freedom is what it is. You died for that. Be grateful for that. They treated you like a slave for their dirty work so that you could pay for their plunders and trickery. It is their life that they chose in order to provide for their business. You, now, have the choice to live a different life.

Talk to Markham honestly. Get him to tell you the truth. Or at least, as much of it as he possibly can tell you.

The doctors told you that you got sick. Delirious malady that made you go in and out of consciousness for many days. They weren’t sure if you were contagious. They saw wounds on your body, they healed them as best as they could. You didn’t answer them because you know if you answered them you would be breaking a code of honour to the crew that you were a both a salve and a slave to.

Your death was necessary for your survival here. Thrive here. Absorb and provide knowledge here.
Dance here.
Sing here.
Cook here.
Shop here.
HERE. With ME.
Learn to see how much I truly love you.

12th of Fall, 520 AV

    - Rohka trusts Markham because he has guided her to Zeltiva. She knows she is alive because of him.
    - Rohka knows that she owes Markham.
    - What Rohka wants to know:
      - how to repay Markham
      - why she is alive
      - how to live fully, now that she is in Zeltiva
      - how to maintain her own home and business, to give back
      - where her grandfather is located
      - where to begin
      - what is wrong with her
        - why she is in pain and is badly hurt
        - why she can’t remember
      - details of how this happened
      - how to get answers to her father’s questions about the Calico business and history
      - how to right any past wrongs
      - why it is taking time to heal
      - when she can leave the centre
      - how to fulfill Krishveth’s sacrifice

    - A game where I must win
    - ‘Two truths and a Lie’
    - Objective: Figure out which statement is a lie. I win by guessing Markham’s lie and also by telling Markham a lie successfully.
    - There is a catch to the prize, I must be able to handle it

    - emotional wounds take lifetimes to heal
    - Markham brought me to Zeltiva because it was his job. Lelia paid him.
    - Lelia wanted me out of Ravok
    - I have an ‘ability’
    - I am repaying Markham by being alive
    - I can truly repay him by starting a business
    - Earn to make a living away from the Calico company
    - Markham is also seeking answers

      Markham’s statements
      - He has two children - TRUTH
      - He went to Aura and found out that he was a victor in the Suvan Empire during one of his past lives - TRUTH
      - He likes apples - LIE

      Markham’s statements (Ravok theme)
      - He does not have family in Ravok - LIE
      - If you are not a citizen of Ravok, you do not exist - TRUTH
      - The wood in Ravok is known to be as strong as stone - TRUTH

      - Kenabelle Wright was the first to complete a circumnavigation of Mizahar
      - She was presumed dead at 28
      - She has an estate in Zeltiva, being maintained by the housekeeper’s family

Where are you?

Here with you. Always. I stay silent until you need me. I'm learning too.

I'm scared that I won't get better.

Everything can only be done step by step. One thing at a time. The next thing is to walk again. You must ask Markham to help you do that.

Walk outside, if you can.

- Roshan Chowlaregan: one of Markham’s past Suvan lives
- his skin was green
- think of djed like fabric. Find the threads I made by myself.
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