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Postby Rohka on May 25th, 2013, 12:35 am


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty six
Birthday: 81 Fall 495 AV
Birthplace: Ravok
Weight: 140 lbs.
Height: 5' 4"
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Fluent: Common
Basic: Kontinese
Poor: Fratava

Who is she?

Lean legs and dainty fingers make her a runner, not a fighter. A face without a trace of true trouble, a smile without an ounce of malice. Yet somewhere behind her dark eyes shines a light of daring love. A love reflected in her lilted laugh whenever she seizes what she wants.

This is Rohka.


(+) Selfish, Honest
(-) Social, Reckless

Where is she from?

ImageRohka was born and raised in the safety of Ravok. Good parents, alive and well. They taught her and her sister, Jaide, to always be honest to themselves, to others, and to Rhysol.

This was all that Rohka deems worthy of mentioning to anyone who briefly asks about her background; she simply refuses to delve into the specifics. The young woman moved out of her parents' home on the lakeshore when she was in her late teens, after rejecting the pressure to work for the family business. Her father didn't mind - but her mother was furious. As the oldest daughter of Cyrus Calico, Vida had wanted Roh to take on the duties of the Calico clan and help to build what the woman wished would be the 'true' future of their family.

Rohka couldn't care less about lumber and the drama that came along with it. She liked her uncle Mattias, and it seemed like he knew what he was doing. Her father, Meer, married into the family and was now a part-time architect for the Calico Lumber Company. Meer knew what the politics were like and tended to stay out of it; he also knew that his daughter had her heart set on creating her own fortune — Vida knew it too. They both let her move out without any trouble. She took on a job with Lelia at the Mystic Eye and tended to avoid news of the Calicos and the Larks that support them.

The young sibyl underestimates her mother. Vida has a plan, she is executing the plan, and she will not stop until all her planning comes to fruition.

What does she want?

Rohka has an interest in listening. She’s grown to understand that most people just need someone to listen to them, so she’s figured that she’s pretty good at that now. Except she thinks she's missing something.

Roh wants to pay more attention. Things don’t seem quite right. At least, that’s what her cards tell her.

How has life been for her?

Rohka is in the midst of settling in the city of Zeltiva.

Having arrived in the city during the Fall of 520 AV, Rohka is resolved to protect life with the power of Tanroa's ring, after being given the blessing by her family and God to leave Ravok in search for the many answers she seeks. Her father needs her to find her missing paternal grandfather, while her maternal great-grandfather needs her to heal and leave the cycle of reincarnation.

She awoke from a period of unconsciousness at the Healing Centre, and discovered that she'd been wounded, unable to recall events from her travel. Markham, her guide whom she met when doing business at her table in the Malt House, gave her a charm bracelet to help her remember events from her past and to allow her to see in a way she had never seen before. The sybil also learned that she had been possessed by Krishveth Odia during her travels, and is now seeking to find him and complete the ritual she began on the 1st day of Fall in 519 AV.

In the Summer of 519 AV, a Dravlak rampage across the Merchant's Ring brought about a complete, chaotic transformation to several citizens of Ravok, Rohka included. She grew a fully prehensile tail, of dark, slick, scaly iridescence, and has had to live with it ever since.


Has she been marked?

ImageBy the Gods? No. She does, however, have a tattoo that she got when she was eighteen, etched into the inside of her wrist. A mark of a love now lost, it serves as a reminder of what she holds dear and near, knowing that the souls she adores will recognize the mark for that which she believes to be true.

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Postby Rohka on October 1st, 2017, 8:33 pm

Does she have any skills?

Skill -XP- -Level- Notes
Fortune Telling 57 Expert 11 SP, 15 RB
Observation 34 Competent
Seduction 26 Competent 19 SP
Acting 4 Novice
Arcanology 2 Novice
Auristics 15 Novice
Biology 1 Novice
Bodybuilding 3 Novice
Business 13 Novice
Carving 2 Novice
Climbing 1 Novice
Cosmetology 1 Novice
Disguise 6 Novice 5 SP
Drawing 6 Novice
Endurance 3 Novice
Gambling 1 Novice
Geology 1 Novice
Impersonation 11 Novice 10 SP
Intelligence 2 Novice
Interrogation 14 Novice
Investigation 4 Novice
Leadership 2 Novice
Logic 8 Novice
Mathematics 1 Novice
Meditation 22 Novice
Negotiation 2 Novice
Painting 5 Novice 5 SP
Persuasion 5 Novice
Philosophy 19 Novice
Psychology 2 Novice
Planning 3 Novice
Rhetoric 13 Novice
Socialization 15 Novice
Subterfuge 1 Novice
Tactics 2 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 2 Novice
Wilderness Survival (Forest) 4 Novice
Writing 7 Novice

Resolve = 29
(+1 for Seduction at Novice)
(+1 for Meditation at Novice)
(+1 for Interrogation at Novice)

What does she know?

If you are looking for a particular lore, please send me a PM. Lore tracking will be done within thread tracking as of May 28th, 2021.


    ✼ Culture: Ravok
    Location: The Mystic Eye
    Puppet show: The Words We Use
    Location: Tine's Exotic Goods
    Location: Plaza of Dark Delights
    Location: Kelvic Research Institute (KRI)
    Location: Avanthal
    Location: Trigol’s Tools & Trade
    Location: Owl’s Den
    Location: Noble Distrct
    Avanthal: Iceglaze Hold builds homes, weapons, furniture


    Business Idea: Free fortunes at table at the Malt House to gain popularity
    Proposing a business venture
    Acting: Hiding your fear
    Acting: using hand gestures to distract and draw attention
    Business: Risky when Nitrozians collect bills
    Business: KRI Kelvics forced to breed and produce specific animal
    Business: Delegate responsibility to be effective
    Business: Setting up intercity reputation
    Business: Making an ad-like sign to attract customers
    Business: Charge for services, even when practicing
    Business: A partner is someone who shares the profit and losses
    Leadership: See through what you promised and finish what you started
    Leadership: It is a betrayal to yourself to let others imprint their will on you
    Fortune Telling: How to use Leaves to form choices of growth
    Fortune Telling: Snake Eyes are ominous
    Fortune Telling: The 'Choices' Spread
    Fortune Telling: Reading requires diffused thinking
    Fortune Telling: 12 answers Dice Method
    Fortune Telling: Read people by seeing WHO they are
    Fortune Telling: The ‘Who Are You’ Pyramid method
    Fortune Telling: Mirror Spread Method
    Fortune Telling: The Mind, Body, Spirit Spread


    Lheroa Cards: Reading the past works if the person believes you
    Ennervism: Yahal’s mark of defence against corruption
    Djed: A force within everything
    Djed: cannot be destroyed, only transformed
    Auristics: everything has an aura
    Auristics: simple things have thinner aura flows
    Auristics: Aura can be hidden
    Chavena: Connected to the Divine realm
    Chavi: Bends, twists, weaves around and through one another


    Caspian: Rises only for fun
    Sariven Drolore; Interrogator and patron of the Malt House
    Sariven: Bounced around many jobs
    Sariven: Knows Lelia of the Mystic Eye
    Lelia of the Mystic Eye has helped with investigations
    Lelia: Provides Info to the Black Sun
    Lelia: A Chaon through betraying Konti
    Lelia: Burdened by Tanroa’s ring
    Lelia: Is unable to see the future in the Chavena
    Lelia: Roh's nickname for her is Lia
    Lelia's beliefs: When in danger, pay attention to the source. Go with your first instinct. You are neither a killer nor a lover until you can hold power and use it without hesitation. Remember the faces and lives of those you serviced. Look into the eye of danger and see yourself reflected in it. It is your choice to end it or become one with it.
    Lelia: her grandmother's name is W'inia, she was part of the Grandmother's circle in Mura
    Sariven will introduce me to Lelia
    Grayson: Doesn't want magic in his establishment
    Grayson: Does what he wants to do
    Grayson: Take's pride in his life's work
    Elias Calders: Courteous Ebonstryfe brute
    Shiress' Q: Will I marry a handsome and wealthy man one day?
    Tine: Proprietor of Tine's Exotic Goods
    Josephine: A Nitrozian slave to Rorik and Rosanna
    Markham: Marked by Yahal
    Meer: Thinks fortune-telling is a game
    Meer: An architect
    Meer: A half-Vantha without Morwen’s mark
    Meer: His father is missing in Zeltiva
    Meer: His father was part of the Iceglace hold
    Vantha: Physical Traits
    Vantha: Follows Morwen
    Trigol: Has an interest in inventions
    Tegol: The owner of the Owl’s Den
    Alira Wickham: The owner of Azure Reflections
    Azure: A Kelvic slave, a peacock
    Kelvics: a shape-shifting race valued in Ravok
    Markham: His son died, his wife was not present
    Markham: A traveller who had many names, from the Amethyst clan of navigators
    Markham: Is a Page of Cups, an intimate messenger
    Eypharians: A race with multiple arms
    Drykas: A race that values children, for the survival of families
    Leonara Calico: Rohka’s great-grandmother, whose legitimate son left the family when he married
    Cyrus Calico: Leonara’s illegitimate/bastard child
    Vanessa: anything said to her will be repeated verbatim
    Linnaeus: Walked with the divine, with Leth
    V’nessi: Mura’s leader, Champion of Avalis
    V’nessi: Can speak about the nature of potentials


    ✼ Religion: Rhysol
    Rhysol: Controls the weather
    Rhysol: God of Lies, Knows Truth the Best
    Tanroa: Mistress of Time
    Yahal: God of Purity and Faithfulness
    Morwen: What a Morwen Mark Looks Like
    Cheva: Goddess of Love
    Lacun: a mark of divorce, given to Sivary and Cyrus
    Leth: The Moon God, Domain of Change and Memory
    Avalis: The Goddess of Visions and Divination
    Kihala: The Goddess responsible for Life


    When faced with conflicting opinions, people can lie to avoid confrontation
    Rohka: It will take many seasons after the Summer of 519AV before she determines the way to create her joy
    Rohka: Went back in time five chimes in the Fall of 517
    Rohka: Assaulted by a Nitrozian
    Rohka: Secretly seeks parental approval
    Rohka: Nicknamed ‘cub’ by Meer
    Rohka: Self-fortune telling is often an escape from feelings
    Rohka: Loves unique colours
    Rohka: Fears knowing how much she doesn’t know
    Rohka: Is in love with the control Rhysol has over everything in the city
    Rohka: Was given an Eypharian name by her mother, inspired by her hands
    Rohka: wants people to trust her enough to become her partner, when telling fortunes
    Rohka: Address partners by last name if introduced with one
    Rohka: Refused to handle responsibilities when she lacked competence
    Rohka: Must develop compassion/sexuality/creativity
    Philosophy: Theories on the process of change
    Philosophy: The meaning of life
    Philosophy: Find value in what you do
    Philosophy: The Paradox of Choice and Control
    Philosophy: Growth is Controlled by Nourishment
    Philosophy: To change something, just do it
    Philosophy: Are the Gods always in the right?
    Philosophy: Every mistake teaches something new on the way to mastery
    Philosophy: Look back on your words to find further truth in them
    Philosophy: The River of Time
    Art: a Vehicle for change
    Meditation: Bring back focus by noticing feelings
    Meditation: Slow breathing brings extra focus
    Psychology: Multiple partnerships can exist simultaneously, but you earn the respect, status and competence required to be the first choice
    Psychology: How to be the best version of your feminine self
    Biology: Muscles pull on tendons to move bones


    Dagger: Reverse grip
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Postby Rohka on October 1st, 2017, 8:34 pm

How does she survive?

- Simple Shirt
- Simple Pants
- Simple Undergarments
- Simple Cloak
- Simple Boots
- Simple Linen Dress, Black
- Silk headscarf
- Fur-lined Brocade Jacket
- Fur-lined coif
- Pouch, Belt
- Archery Glove
- Bladed Boots
- Krishveth's Bloodstone Necklace
- Charm Bracelet

A Backpack which contains:
- Comb (Wood)
- Brush (Wood)
- Soap
- Razor
- Unusual Silk Tapestry
- 20 candles
- Crystals
- Ink vial
- 4 Blank parchment paper sheets
- Azure's Peacock quill
- Leather-bound Journal
- W'inia's Journal: The World is Not As It Seems
- Balanced Rations
- An eating knife
- Flint & Steel
- A pair of silver dice
- Ravok Citizenship Papers
- Written Agreement
- Letter of Confirmation
- Wooden Lady Marionette
- Heirloom: Lheroa Cards
- Crowbar
- Weapon: Shortbow
- Weapon: Slingshot
- Weapon: Dagger, Assassin's
- Scabbard
- 50 Slingshot bullets
- 40 Shortbow Arrows
- Quiver
- Bedroll

Survival Toolkit :
This kit contains the basic essentials for a surviving in the wilds of Mizahar. It includes a simple first aid kit, flint and steel, 2 simple snares, a waterskin and a simple tent. It also contains a small compass, a small roll of fishing line and 6 basic fishhooks, 2 candles, a blanket, a needle and thread and a small, simple knife.

Table Set :
This includes bowls, plates, cups and utensils (fork, spoon, knife), enough to accommodate a single person.

Traveller's stock :
an almost black paste made of the highly concentrated renderings of various animals and grains. The stock can make an excellent and hearty soup assuming that you can get a fire going and have clean water to boil it in. When bought the stock has enough material to make 10 days’ worth of soup.

Grooming Toolkit :
This small kit contains items such as a small set of shears, combs, brushes, files as well as small amounts of oils, soaps and ointments used in the care of hair, skin and nails. Also included are several applications of basic make-up.

Housing: An apartment above The Malt House!

The 12'6" x 32' studio registers 400 sq.ft. and comes furnished with:
Average wooden bedframe and a mattress stuffed with shredded cattails
Average wooden wardrobe
Small wooden table and two plain wooden chairs
Small metal brazier for cooking
2 Average wooden shelf sets
Average wash basin
Privy with a plain wooden bench and a chamber pot

As of the Fall of 520 AV, Rohka is alive in Zeltiva and has yet to settle into living quarters. She is currently recovering at the Centre of Healing.

As of the 50th day of Summer in 521 AV, Rohka has taken up lodging at the World's End Grotto.

What do her finances look like?

Starting +100.00 100.00
Cheese -0.10 99.90
20 Candles, Unusual silk tapestry and headscarf, Ink vial, 4 pieces of Parchment -11.00 88.90
Income Fall 517 +546.00 634.90
Living Expenses Fall 517 (Common) -135.00 499.90
Weekend Challenge +27.00 526.90
The Meraki Membership Fee: Non-refundable. -500.00 26.90
3K Word Challenge +300.00 326.90
Living Expenses Summer 519 (Common) -135.00 191.90
Living Expenses Fall 519 (Common) -135.00 56.90
Weekend Challenge +600.00 656.90
Living Expenses Fall 520 (Common) -135.00 521.90
Living Expenses Winter 520 (Common) -135.00 386.90
2 x Smoked fish, pickled kelp, and cheese -0.10 386.80
Travel Items :
Rohka travelled with Markham as he exported goods. Items purchased for the trip include Traveller’s stock 3gm + Survival Toolkit 25gm + Bedroll 1sm + Shortbow 30gm + Shortbow Arrows (40) 2gm + Quiver 20gm + Table Set 1gm + Simple Linen Dress 1.2gm + Bladed Boots 18gm + Grooming Toolkit 30gm = 130.30gm
-130.30 256.50
Quest Items :
Sacred Cords (8 ft) = 8sm, Bone Pendant = 23cm * 8 = 1.61 gm, Common Fur-lined (x10) + Brocade (x5) + Dyed (x1.5) Jacket = 6sm *16.5 = 9.90gm, Common Fur-lined (x10) + Dyed (x1.5) Coif = 2.30gm, Crystals = 1gm, Book, Blank = 3gm, Slingshot and 50 bullets = 1gm, Dagger, Assassin’s = 4gm, Scabbard, Dagger = 2gm, Archery Glove = 1gm, Pouch, Belt = 1gm
-27.61 228.89
Income Winter 520 +1104 1332.89
Living Expenses Spring 521 (Common) -135.00 1197.89
Living Expenses Summer 521 (Common) -135.00 1062.89
World's End Grotto Lodging (Shared Room at 2 SM for 41 days) -8.20 1054.69
Income Spring 521 +546.00 1600.69

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Postby Rohka on October 1st, 2017, 8:34 pm

Where is her magic?

The Heartstriker Medallion

Acquired here!

This large bronze medallion hangs on an equally bronze chain. It is decorated by magical runes on one side and a small mirror on the other. The medallion, 3x1.5 inches, can be used once per day. When one uses the medallion, they need only hold it in their hands and aim it to reflect the target in its small mirror. Once the target is reflected in the mirror, they need only whisper or think the phrase “Let me know thy heart.” And the reflection in the medallion (regardless of orientation at this point) will show what the target reflected in the mirror when the phrase was thought or whispered loves the most in that moment. This might be a person, place, or thing… sometimes even a concept. “Loves” may change moment by moment, so this item isn’t guaranteed to reflect someone’s lover or pet or even favorite food. It might simply just reflect a cooling breeze on an extremely hot day.

Tanroa's Fifth Chime Ring

Acquired here!
This plain silver ring is etched with a gnosis mark from Tanroa, Mistress of Time. Manufactured long ago by mages who were also priests and priestesses, this simple silver ring allows a user once per season to turn back time five chimes. The user need only whisper Tanroa’s name and then take a step back. As they step backwards with Tanroa’s name on their lips, time will simply rewind back five chimes in that instant.

The ring melded with her flesh, vanished, and the abilities inherent in the ring became an ability inherent in her own body independent of the ring. Where the ring did exist, a small birthmark looking liver spot on Rohka’s finger remained in the shape of Tanroa’s symbol of an hourglass.

Rodent Trap

Acquired here!
This three slot magical rodent trap gets the vermin EVERY time. It doesn't need baiting and has an incredible lure that mice and rats can't resist. The holes fit the size of the rodent magically every time a rodent approaches. And when it sticks its head in the hole to see what smells so delicious, a snare slips around its neck and as it jerks back to escape, the little critter's life ends. This device can single-handedly keep a building free of vermin. Multiple devices like this can make castle living a breeze. These traps need cleaned out daily.

Hanging Firepit

Acquired here!
While not a good thing to cook over due to the difficulty of suspending things over it, this hanging firepit never needs fuel and lights and warms the area around it the same way a similar fire would. No one needs to tend the fire all night long and there will never be worries of the fire spreading and lighting a shelter or camp on fire. It is activated with a word 'ignite' and deactivated with a word 'douse'. The same wood always remains in the fire, and while it seems to burn when the fire is lit, it never is consumed and is ready to be 'ignited' again the next usage.

Crawfish Trap

Acquired here!
Mmmmm. Everyone loves crawfish stew and jambalaya. These tasty little critters are all over swamps, marshes, salt flats, lakes and fresh water streams. They can provide a tasty easy meal if one has one of these traps. The trap never needs baited. Crawfish of significant size to be nutritious and meaty can't resist them. Babies and immature crawfish are not attracted to these traps. These traps do need to be checked daily or they will overflow and cause a mass of crawfish to gather around them.

Magic Pie Cozy

Not Acquired.

ImageOnce per day, if left clean and empty, a pie will manifest in this pie cozy. The pies will be edible for as long as they are kept in the cozy without decay or rot. The pies might be cream, fruit, or even nut. A rare chocolate pie might occur. Pies appear once a day once the cozy is empty. If pie is left in the cozy, it will simply keep it in a preserved state until it is consumed.

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Postby Rohka on August 30th, 2019, 5:30 am

What is her story?

Inactive during Fall 521 AV

Summer 521 AV :
50th - The Rendezvous: Caspian and Rohka make a terrible discovery at the World's End. ---Caspian, Ongoing

Spring 521 AV :
12th - Protect the Inspiration: Job thread where Reilmai and Tessa join Rohka for a reading and a ritual. ---Solo, Completed

16th - Pants or no Pants?: Shopping spree? ---Caspian, Ongoing

22nd - Swim or Sink: Loxcia's first day on the job ---Open, Completed

22nd - Left: Rohka exits the Healing Centre. Interrogation +1, Persuasion +1, Writing +1, Meditation +1, Teeva Foreshore: Mistress of the Apothecary, Teeva Foreshore: Appearance and Mannerisms, Rohka: Completely Healed from mental disorder and physical wounds from 520 AV ---Solo, Graded

Winter 520 AV :
45th - Wisp in Winter: Ravokians reunite. Rohka goes for a walk and runs into a man she thought she left behind. A man she never really thought she'd meet again. The two of them go to see a play, and begin to have the first true conversation they both ever had... outside of work. Socialization +5, Seduction +3, Auristics +1, Observation +3, Impersonation +1, Philosophy +2, Interrogation +3, Caspian: A private investigator needing new clients in Zeltiva, Location: Lightshow Theatre, Delmaria: A play, Location: World’s End Grotto, Shiress Underhill: Friend of Caspian, Shiress: Carried the child of Elias Caldera, Caspian: Was at Caldera Manor with Shiress and they Ran away from an assassin sent by a Lark, Shiress: Is from Zeltiva, staying at her parents’ cottage, Taalviel: Caspian’s sister, Ian Caldera: Son of Shiress, Caspian: unintentionally invited infidelity when he was younger, Philosophy: To See someone is a skill to be learned, Rohka: Dreams to run a business of her own, Caspian: Was born in Avanthal, Snowsong Hold, Caspian: Wears a magical suit that creates surprise outfits that know what is right for the day, Caspian: Tracked the niece of his employer to the Outpost and gave her a head start to run off from an arranged marriage, Moritz: A Kelvic that Caspian met at the Outpost with a spiritist for a mother, Philosophy: Change is constant and a reading provides a glimpse into exactly what you have the power to change, if you so choose, Caspian: Is in a place where he would like to find out about commitment, The Dovecote: Entrance to the Outpost, The Outpost: is about creating a safe place of secure exchange---Caspian, Completed

52nd - In Your Hands: Rohka has been given an assignment from The Mystic Eye to be carried out in Zeltiva's home for public knowledge. Her first forays into Palmistry, a hint about Astronomy, and revelations about Circumnavigation. ---Solo, Job Thread, Completed

60th - Chilled Drink, Skilled Link: A Konti comes to the Healing Centre to have her fortune read. Rohka receives a frosty mug in payment, and a connection to the city's magic supplies shop. ---Solo, Job Thread, Completed

Fall 520 AV :
Cold to the Bone: Rohka awakens in the Center of Healing, where has been recovering from a sickness for an unknown period of time. She writes in her journal to help her process what happened to her. She admits to herself that something or some part of her died on the journey to get to Zeltiva. Markham, her guide, becomes suspicious of her aura. Markham discovers that she is, in fact, possessed by the ghost of Krish. Interrogation +1, Writing +2, Meditation +2, Location: Zeltiva’s Healing Centre, Rohka: writes to an idealized love, Rohka: treated as a slave while getting to Zeltiva, Rohka: ‘died’, now alive---Solo, Graded

12th - Cold to the Bone II: Rohka asks Markham some questions to figure out how to best move forward. She is instructed to travel back in time as a contingency plan and is given a bracelet to help her with her healing process. Interrogation +3, Meditation +4, Observation +1, Disguise +1, Writing +1, Logic +5, Auristics +2, Philosophy +3, Arcanology +1, Business +1, Markham: Has two children, Markham: was a victor in the Suvan Empire during a past life, Markham: Hates apples, Ravok: If you are not a citizen, you do not exist, Kenabelle Wright: first to complete a circumnavigation of Mizahar, Kenabelle: a master cartographer, Kenabelle: presumed dead at 28, Kenabelle: has an estate being maintained by the housekeeper’s family, Philosophy: a lie is like a tool, used to get closer to what is true/real, Dravlak: Raging monstrous animals with no reason, can render chaos and twist reality, Rhysol: creates Dravlak and Druvin with his being
Philosophy: People makes life real and meaningful, Philosophy: Taking care of a home is like taking care of a relationship, Arcanalogy: Djed is like fabric, find your own threads, Business: Always a good idea to have a contingency plan
---Solo, Graded

Cold to the Bone III: Rohka is healing, learning, and discovering the why behind her state of mind. She comes to the realization that was needed all along... the realization that she has been possessed by Krishveth. Logic +2, Observation +2, Endurance +1, Interrogation +2, Zeltiva: Must pay your way, food supply is not great, Spiritist at the Healing Centre makes a gel called Soulmist, Healing Centre has a Trauma Ward, Trauma Ward Objective: Release duties to loved ones, Rohka: Created Soulmist for Krishveth, Rohka: Was possessed by Krishveth, Mura: The Vision Springs, Krishveth followed Rohka to Zeltiva, Krishveth possessed a Lark child, Dreamwalker: Can erase memory, Krishveth Odia: Dead, was part of the Larks, Rohka: Was Maya in a past life, Rohka: Was sold to Ravok as Maya and reborn as a citizen, Rohka: Experienced a Vision ---Solo, Graded

Inactive between the beginning of Winter 519 AV and the end of Summer 520 AV

Fall 519 AV :
1st A Chime Too Long: A ritualistic and sacrificial fortune telling for a child sparks the beginnings of a new era in time for Roh's fate. Observation: +2, Negotiation: +1, Fortune Telling: +5, Meditation: +4, Auristics: +3, Interrogation: +1, Philosophy: +1, Maya: a slave marked by Caiya, Caiya: goddess and mother of the wilderness, Krishveth: lying to father who is devoted to Rhysol, Krishveth: wants Maya to be safe, Krishveth: sacrificing heirloom necklace to Rhysol, Tyveth: God of honour, worshipped in Syliras, Lelia’s advice: Instinct is your guide, Trust yourself always., Auristics: Incense helps to release initial effects of overgiving, Krishveth: Chose to marry Maya, Konti: rarely allowed or asked to be married, Cheva: Goddess of Love, grants a mark for marriage Solo, Graded
3rd Better Dead Than Red: Painting a wall with an artist and a ghost Solo, Ongoing
16th Hesitations vs Resolutions: Part 1: It is time to leave. Rohka discusses the matter with Lelia at the Mystic Eye. Meditation +3, Investigation +1, Observation +4, Auristics +2 Solo, Graded
16th Hesitations vs Resolutions: Part II A conversation must be had in order to move on from the past. Biology +1, Weapon: Dagger +2, Auristics +2 Solo, Graded

Summer 519 AV :
2nd Last Chance: Rohka is visited. She discovers a truth and rediscovers a will to live. To fight. To win. But how? Why? Is it worth the trouble? Fortune Telling +1, Interrogation +1, Observation +1 Solo, Graded
3rd A Trip to Think: Rohka leaves on a ravosala to head towards one of the few effective places for raw, unbridled thinking... a place for the mind to be seeped in immortal pleasure. Shiress, Completed
5th Is it good enough? Telling a fortune for business advice. A Job thread. Meditation +3, Observation +1, Business +3, Philosophy +2, Fortune Telling +3 Solo, Graded
8th Warped Sense of Self: Rohka needs to decide what she wants out of her future sooner than later. A change in the air may form the path she takes. Fortune Telling +1, Philosophy +1 Solo, Graded
9th Chasing Tail: Rohka begins her workday consoled by Lelia, encouraged to see her present time as a blessing to have and take hold. Would someone see things differently? Arcanology +1, Auristics +2, Observation +2, Fortune Telling +3, Seduction +3, Rhetoric +2, Logic +1, Writing +1, Acting +1, Philosophy +1 Caspian, Graded
16th The Bloodied Barcarolle Pt. II: On a party for the Lark-adjacent, Caspian hunts for leads... while Rohka gathers her thoughts on trade & business. Auristics +3, Acting +1, Meditation +1, Cosmetology +1, Persuasion +1, Socialization +2, Interrogation +1, Subterfuge +1, Ronald Lark: Blind date provided by Lelia to gather information on business, Rohka: Hates tiger lilies, Ronald Lark: sold slaves to Roh’s uncle, peregrine falcons equation known, Niriline: Roh’s aunt went hunting with peregrin falcon Kelvic mate, Taalim Rasi: Caspian’s undercover name, Caspian: Looking for Alann Taire, Moyran, and the arrival of next shipment, Caspian’s stepfather: Taaldros, Moyran: wanted the bounty on Taaldros, Taaldros wants Moyran eliminated, Niala: has feelings for her slaves running through her blood, Rohka: Does not want to do as she’s told, moved into the city to build mental fortitude to handle business matters Caspian, Graded
60th Timely Intervention: Neither friends nor enemies, yet united over the transfer of a magical artifact. Business +1, Observation +1, Interrogation +1, Investigation +1 Solo, Graded
75th Kill the Pretty One: Hunting for business and pleasure. Hauk, Ongoing
80th Ripple Me This: Five individuals are brought together for fantastical reasons. What they will encounter will be even more outrageous. Quest: Hollis, Sevris, Orias, Caspian, Hauk Tarn, Shiress, Ongoing
?? Watching Over Me: Rohka has a dream on the night before a quest. It is a magical dream that impacts her future. (Cards, Ring, Dagger) Solo, Completed

Inactive between the beginning of Winter 517 AV and the end of Spring 519 AV

Fall 517 AV :
1st The First Meeting: Sariven, the interrogator, allows Roh to show him how to play her favourite game test. Socialization: 3, Fortune Telling: 2 Solo, Graded
2nd Creative Prayers: Rohka introduces herself to a Konti who encourages her to learn the art of pious truth Solo, Completed
3rd Give me a Place: Grayson listens to Roh's request, then she catches a puppet show. Planning: 1, Observation: 3, Rhetoric: 3, Persuasion: 1, Negotiation: 1, Business: 2 Solo, Graded
4th Motherly Love is Futile: Roh is sent to tell fortunes for orphans, and brings an unfortunate gift Hwyn, Completed
5th Come to my Table: Roh begins to finesse her craft with incoming patrons. She meets a traveller who promises a reward. Mathematics +1, Business +3, Persuasion +1, Fortune Telling +5, Philosophy +3, Psychology +1, Observation +1, Leadership +2, Meditation +2, Rhetoric +1 Solo, Graded
6th Cheers! To Future Friends!: The sibyl meets a pretty Eth, and they both have an interest in fortune telling. Drawing +1, Observation +1, Psychology +1, Fortune Telling +2 Linnaeus, Graded
7th Blessed in One Way or Another: On a ravosala ride to the Temple with Vanessa, Roh meets an old friend Maya Lark, Loken, Completed
15th To See What Is: A slave walks into the Mystic Eye and Rohka predicts something dangerous. Philosophy +1, Fortune Telling +2, Gambling +1, Persuasion +1, Tactics +2, Acting +1, Writing +2, Drawing +2, Meditation +1, Observation +1, Business +1 Shiress, Graded
18th Flipping: Grayson listens to the sibyl vent as she flips chairs. Rhetoric: 5, Philosophy: 5, Observation: 3, Bodybuilding: 2, Planning: 2 Solo, Graded
20th An Unexpected Arrival + A Fondness for Snakes: Roh gains an odd magical gift from the skies, and a slave falls onto her - will the masters pay to fix her injury? Syresshvassydir, Loken, Completed
21st All Your Base...: Roh goes to Tine's to buy a crowbar and runs into an unsavoury bunch. Socialisation: 3, Observation: 3, Intelligence: 2, Acting: 1, Rhetoric: 1, Investigation: 1 Evarista, Elias Caldera, Graded
23rd Drawing Remedies: Chatting and drawing with a broken arm - will the stranger be moved by her revelation? Business +1, Fortune Telling +4, Observation +3, Socialization +1, Rhetoric +1, Drawing +2, Seduction +1 Andral Mydrafi, Completed
25th An Honourable Venture: Mattias Calico takes his niece back to the lakeshore to work in the forest with a stryfer, where peculiar dangers awaits them Solo, Completed
26th All Roads Lead To Ravok: Construction begins on the great road connecting Ravok and Nyka. Clyde Sullins, Elias Caldera, Loken, Completed
42nd Rumours of Zeal and Condemnation: Acolyte Luluria shares news about her pregnancy - the lies are investigated and curses are inflicted Maya Lark, Loken, Completed

Seasonal XP Fortune Telling: 3

Flashbacks :
73rd - Spring 506 AV - Made to Last: Little Rohka questions her great grandmother Leonara and learns about her great grandfather, who travelled to Ravok from Zeltiva. Leonara takes them to a secret hideout where Rohka is given a mysterious mission. Wilderness Survival: +4, Carving: +2, Endurance: +2, Observation: +2, Socialization: +1, Drawing: +1, Geology: +1, Business: +1, Body Building: +1, Investigation: +1, Climbing: +1, Meditation: +1, Wilderness Survival: Tree Growth Rings, Wilderness Survival: Rope from Inner Bark, Zendal: Son of Gracey family daughter and Rohka's Maternal Great Grandfather, The Gracey Shipping Company, Rak’keli’s Gnosis: Healing, Zendal: A Healer, Xyna: Goddess of Trade and Money, Soul Healing: A Concept, Tasha:, Leonara’s Materal Great Grandmother, Tasha: Founded Calico Lumber Company, Tasha: Accused Gracey’s of murdering her Father, Zendal: Went to Ravok to to apologize on behalf of the Gracey family, 2 ways to break the cycle of reincarnation: be claimed by a God or Become a God, Zendal: Wanted to be claimed by Rak’keli through Soul Healing, Zendal: Made sculpture of the God of Truth + Rhysol + Leonara + Vida, Rohka’s Mission from Zendal: Learn the truth of her existence and learn to leave the cycle of reincarnation
Rohka: Descended from the Suvan Empire
---Solo, Graded

Dreamscapes :
2nd - Fall, 520 AV - Sinking: Rohka dreams while she's unconscious in a foreign bed, a desperation overcoming her in symbols while being strapped, arms immobilized, to prevent herself from disturbing the process of healing. --- Yomila, Completed

4th - Fall, 519 AV - Pale Imitations: a slightly nightmarish unreality. Where Rohka tries to help Adela Veleer, and ends up writing a bit about her dream. ---Ennisa, Completed

48th - Summer, 512 AV - Spaces in between: A trial in a dream, inviting openness.

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Postby Rohka on December 13th, 2020, 2:11 am

Where is she now?

She is in Zeltiva residing at the World's End Grotto in the Winter of 521 AV.

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