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Calling all Cagers [Kreig Messer]

Postby Koth Silverside on August 29th, 2019, 6:41 pm


Calling all Cagers


-Baroque Bay
--Tall Johnny’s
---Cage Arena
Date: 85th of Summer 519, Afternoon.

Sunberth, he’d been here awhile now. Koth wasn’t sure how long, long enough to get in a fight or three, lose his axe collection to thieves and have most of his belongings traded in for ale bills. Blinking last night’s revelry out of his eyes, he looked up toward the seating areas above. What he hadn’t tried to raise his profile was cage fighting. It seemed like a good time, fight, maybe get paid something and get noticed.

Cracking his ample neck one side then the other, the large blond human rolled his shoulders around as he approached the arena door. There was nobody here yet, no crowds, no opponent. All he’d walked in with was the black shirt on his back, matching clothes, and of course his axe. Which was all he needed most days. When they took the axe at the cage door, he’d almost took off the man’s head. The senior door guard had managed to placate Koth barely, assuring him it was being guarded so it would be returned.

“Better see that again.” Koth’s low voice boomed out from behind his beard, the big man was clearly aggravated at putting the weapon down then being handed a stick. Sure it was a big stick but what was he meant to do with this? Pick his teeth?

Quarterstaves. How hard could they be? Hit the guy with it and he goes down. Hit him again if he gets up. Seemed like a waste of good wood to him, tossing it from one hand to the other, his grip slipped but he caught it in time before he smashed his leg. The large man sniffed and let out a cough to clear his throat, spitting off to the side. Whatever he was smoking last night had clogged up his throat. Warming his shoulders up again he began wondering who they were throwing in with him, it better be someone good that could take a punch. It’d not be much fun if he went down too fast, and it’d show nothing to beat a weakling.

“Any rules?” Koth shouted at the nearest guard, who pointedly ignored him, the guard’s back to the arena and face looking away. The seats upstairs were filling up slowly, how much they filled up was probably down to the fame of the one coming, and money on the match. For Koth’s part, people barely looked his way, sure he was big, plenty of muscles, flesh, and bone standing there, but nobody knew him from the next thug in the street.

If and when his opponent approached he’d get a good look at him, saying nothing, just grinding his offwhite teeth then stopping to pick them if there was any food in there leftover. Only one word came when the man had settled in, and got himself “ready?”

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