OOC Info The Zeltiva Character Registry - Fall 519 A.V.

Please Register if you are going to play in Zeltiva this seaon.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Zeltiva Character Registry - Fall 519 A.V.

Postby Gossamer on September 1st, 2019, 7:31 pm


If you are playing in Zeltiva this season, please register here. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Happy writing!

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[center][box=630,#000000,#dedede,#dedede][size=150]Character Name[/size]
[left][b]Concept:[/b] Tell us a little about your character in 100-300 words. Be sure to include your character’s opinion on seaweed.
[b]Race, Age, Gender:[/b] Self-Explanatory.
[b]Profession:[/b] What does your PC do?
[b]Arrival/Departure:[/b] Are you coming or going this season? If so, let me know which and when.

[b]Character Goals:[/b] What does your character want to do this season? Not what you as a player wish to accomplish in-game, but what your [i]character[/i] actually wants to do, even if it is just wake up every morning or feed themselves.
[b]Player Goals:[/b] What do you as a player want to accomplish? It could be writing skills, plots, PC skills, experiences, time management, etc.
[b]Favored Threads:[/b] Tell us what really just dills your pickle.
[b]Disfavored Threads:[/b] Tell us what really just gets your goose.
[b]Matchmaker:[/b] Are you looking to thread with anyone in particular? Do you have an open thread idea, or an event you’re planning IC this season? Post any and all matchmaker details here!

[b]Other:[/b] This is for anything else you wish to add to your registration that is not already on there. I’d also like to remind ya’ll to make sure you CS maintenance is complete before registering! This means your ledger and thread list must be up-to-date, and your CS should not have a red check mark on it (if it does, you can still register, but not post).[/left][/box][/center]


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The Zeltiva Character Registry - Fall 519 A.V.

Postby Calla Davin on September 2nd, 2019, 8:41 pm

Calla Davin
Concept: Calla is a courier that's lived in Zeltiva her whole life. Within the last few years, she has lost contact with her father and regained contact with her mother. Both of these things have become central to how she views and interacts with the world. She's a go-with-the-flow kinda gal, but she's recently developed a bit of a wildcard personality. A lot happened right around season change to change the dynamic she has with her parents, and the effects of those events on her temperament are still unknown. In her free time, she enjoys people-watching, doing Poppers, and wandering the city.

Race, Age, Gender: Human, 22, Female

Profession: Courier

Arrival/Departure: She's staying for the foreseeable future.

Character Goals: Calla wants to either establish a stable relationship with her mother or cut her off completely. She wants to learn how to sail, fish, and smoke Temper better. She doesn't know it yet, but she also wants to make a friend.

Player Goals: Skill-wise, I want to up Calla's sailing, running, endurance, planning, and negotiation/persuasion. I'd also like her to get into a brawl or two (or three!).

Favored Threads: I like writing surprising threads! I don't care what we're doing, as long as it isn't an expected read.

Disfavored Threads: Not a big fan of magic or PvP combat-related threads, but that's just because I don't have a lot of experience in those types of threads.

Matchmaker: I like doing the courier thing with other people in the thread. I'd love to find creative ways to incorporate Calla's job into threads with others. I'd also like to go explore the mountains with someone, if anyone would be up to it.

Other: I really want to get Calla to be more...sociable. :lol: I've done a lot of work and family threads for her this last season, and I'm really jonesing for a good social thread with someone. Open to any ideas!

P.S. I am waiting on my seasonal wages to finish out Calla's ledger, but otherwise she's all set!
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The Zeltiva Character Registry - Fall 519 A.V.

Postby Victor Flint on September 3rd, 2019, 2:02 pm

Victor Flint
Concept: Victor is a reserved hunter, who has come to Zeltiva to experience more than the insular society of Syliras allowed. He intends to put his skills to use however they may apply in the port city and get to know the local culture.
Race, Age, Gender: Human (Mixed), 24, Male
Profession: Hunter, will be looking for an appropriate occupation in Zeltiva
Arrival/Departure: Arriving in Zeltiva on the 5th of Fall, staying for at least a season

Character Goals: Experience local culture, meet new people, find a job
Player Goals: Improve Victor's hunting, tracking and weapon skills, social threads
Favored Threads: Social threads, training threads, job threads, most anything really
Disfavored Threads: Right now not looking for any high-stakes PvP threads, just getting a feel for the character
Matchmaker: Open for pretty much anything!

Looking forward to a fruitful season!
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Victor Flint
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The Zeltiva Character Registry - Fall 519 A.V.

Postby Zibriah on September 4th, 2019, 8:58 pm

Concept: Zib has been traumatized by her family's deaths, has realized things beyond her control could have life-altering consequences, and has gained a healthy dose of mistrust and fear when it comes to other people. Despite that, she's got to maintain a "normal" facade, so is minimally social and always civil, if not exceptionally outgoing.
Race, Age, Gender: Human, Mixed. 20. Female.
Profession: Carver (wood)
Arrival/Departure: CS says she's been here since summer - not planning to leave this season.
Character Goals: Zib wants to attend a couple classes at the University, save some mizas for a future trip to Syliras, and not draw too much attention to herself.
Player Goals: Flesh Zib out, write about some things I'm unfamiliar with.
Favored Threads: Threads with purpose other than just socials, although those are fine. I just like a bit more meat on a thread, too.
Disfavored Threads: Threads where I have to drag the storyline. There's not much I won't write about, so long as it makes sense, but my experience with Miz-magic is limited, so those would take me a bit longer to feel comfortable in.
Matchmaker: Open to most things. Shoot me a message. Jump into an open thread with me. I'm pretty easy.
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The Zeltiva Character Registry - Fall 519 A.V.

Postby Elyza on September 9th, 2019, 7:52 am

Concept: Elyza has lived in the city of Zeltiva since the day she was born, and while her mother and father are long dead, she remains, earning a living by fishing in the ports and selling them in the markets. Elyza blood is half Benshira, which can be seen in her olive skin and brown eyes, but her father was an ordinary blacksmith. Elyza is the type of person you’d want to be close with, she’s loyal, quick on her feet, and will never break a promise. On her bad side, she’ll hunt you down with no mercy, dagger in hand, even for the smallest of things. Her morals are slightly confusing, she hates betrayal and thinks it as a horrible sin but doesn’t think that murder should be punished. Elyza’s pretty quiet and closed off when you first meet her though, so it might take a while to become close friends with her. She loves the ocean and the evening, but hates hot places and enclosed rooms, especially small ones.
Race, Age, Gender: Human, Mixed. 20 years old. Female
Profession: Fisherman, but is an able sailor as well
Arrival/Departure: Elyza will be leaving this season. She has sailed the sea a couple of times, but has always returned to Zeltiva. She is eager for adventure, and wants to see the world.

Character Goals: Elyza wants to see the whole of Mizahar, from the south to the north, from the east to the west. She will start in Zeltiva, but will leave soon after.
Player Goals: I would like to improve how often I reply to posts, get to know Mizahar lore better (I'm new), and get a feel for the place.
Favored Threads: I love shorter posts, with lots of interesting action and dangerous situations.
Disfavored Threads: Boring, slow moving threads, where characters just talk and talk. I absolutely hate it.
Matchmaker: I don't have any threads/thread partners yet, but will be looking for one soon! PM me if you are interested.
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The Zeltiva Character Registry - Fall 519 A.V.

Postby Aedelon on September 16th, 2019, 8:53 pm

Concept: Aedelon is a Forsaken Ethaefal, who was reborn off the coast of Syrila in Spring of 519AV, and was rescued by a merchant vessel out of Zeltiva. He is extremely bitter that all of his past lives of faith and servitude only led to him being allowed to fall from the Ukalas. Therefore, his desire now is only to selfishly gain power and use those around him to do so. He's a conniving, manipulative and arrogant person, but will gladly charm those he feels he can use to step toward his goals.
Race, Age, Gender: Ethaefal (Human earthbound form), 1.5 seasons since rebirth, male
Profession: Clerk, looking to join the office of one of the Councilors.
Arrival/Departure: Arriving in Zeltiva on the 10th of Fall, not planning to leave this season.

Character Goals: Aedelon wants to start down a path that will lead him to power, hopefully by integrating into Ziltivan society and politics, and by making powerful allies.
Player Goals: I'd like to develop Aedelon as a character and establish a fun and interesting plot for him. I also hope to improve his skills as much as possible.
Favored Threads: Social threads, job threads, and any threads involving social/political intrigue.
Disfavored Threads: Not looking for PVP combat at this point.
Matchmaker: I'm open to almost anything. Definitely hoping to interact with other PCs in addition to a number of solo threads while developing this new character.
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