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Postby Elyza on September 7th, 2019, 11:13 am




Round about is deep black darkness,
Darker than the blackest night,
Whispering deep 'n dreadful murmurs.
Bird dropped dead in midflight.

Blind and weeping, lifeless attle,
What you see is your own soul,
Burnt and weary from the battle.
Disenchanted from its goal.

In the ash, a spark she smoulders,
Crackling, rasping, wounded warrior,
Briars squeeze her neck and shoulders,
Suffocating in smog-fill'd air.

Deep within stagnating water,
Crystal-clear elixir tear,
Rippling movement, life astir,
Phoenix rises from the slaughter.

Still she rises, Golden Daughter,
Fears no longer yonder fright,
Strength within from those who fought Her,
Blackest night turned brightest light.

- Circle of Life by David R.


ELYZA (prononced elle-eye-zah), more commonly called either El or Ellie to those who know her well, was born on Day 14, in the Winter of 499 AV, in the city of Zeltiva.
Her parents were both human, but while her father was quite ordinary in terms of race and blood, her mother was a Benshira, making Elyza half-Benshian (or Human, Mixed).
Elyza is now 20 years old, living in the city of Zaltiva, and used to work in the ships as a sailor. But, Elyza soon started to miss her home city, so now makes a living by catching fish and other seafood on the ports, and then selling them in the marketplace.
Elyza is only slightly shorter than the average, standing at 160 cm (around 63 inches, or 5"3), but has a thicker build for a female, and weighs 70 kg (around 154 pounds).
Elyza works and sells on the streets, so has come to learn languages by listening to those around her. She is fluent in Common, basic in Shiber, and poor in Pavi



Elyza was born on Day 14, in the Winter of 399 A.V., in a small house by the ports of Valtiva. Her father, Jorg, was a blacksmith by trade, a strong man with calloused fingers and a soft heart, and her mother was Irquia, a Benshira from the Nitai tribe, with a pretty face who was not meant to be here.
The two had met when Irquia had ran away from her family, desperate to get away from the dry heat of the desert. Her family had not wanted her to go, the sandy plains ran in their bloods, and they had been nomads for as long as time could remember. But Irquia was a rebellious girl and ran away from the desert when she was 18 years old. Irquia journeyed all the way to Valtiva, sometimes on foot, sometimes getting a free ride when a friendly stranger passed and started working as a servant for the richer to earn a living.
At the time, Jorg was working as a blacksmith, as he had just finished his apprenticeship, and was living a reasonable comfy live. He met Irquia at a marketplace and had fallen in love with the golden beauty. He approached her, offering praises and compliments. These were first rejected by Irquia, but the man was so persistent, that she finally consented to be friends. Of course, Jorg wanted to be more to Irquia than just a friend, but it was better than nothing, so he willingly became her friend, catching up in the evenings to walk alongside the ports, and swimming in the bay when in the warmer months. Slowly, very slowly, they grew closer and closer together, until one day, Jorg asked Irquia to marry him. She agreed, even though the man was not rich, and lived in a small cottage on the corner of East Street, because she had grown to love the man.
A year and a bit after they had first met, Irquia fell pregnant with a child, and the two were happy. But alas, on the night of Elyza's birth, Irquia did not make it. She died in a pool of blood, hands holding her baby so tight that Jorg had to force them open to remove the babe. He cried, of course, for days and days, but was brought back to the conscious world by his daughter, who needed his care.
He found a woman that would breastfeed his child, who he named Elyza, after his late sister, and lay her on a wooden bench in his forge so that he could watch after her as he worked. At first, he was hesitant towards his daughter, who he couldn't help but blame for his wife's death, but those moments always passed when he looked into her little face, with the hair and skin of her mother, and the eyes of her father. Jorg had fallen in love again.
As Elyza grew up, she began to work in the forge, helping at first with simple jobs like cleaning and passing tools, then advancing to more complicated ones, until she could make decent spades and candle holders and even a shield. Elyza and her father were close, and he loved his daughter dearly, but they were never poor, and more often than not, would go to bed hungry. She could not go to school, her father needed her in the forge, but he taught her how to read and write. And in the evenings, when her father didn't need her, Elyza would run out onto the streets and play games with the other children until the sun went down.
But, when Elyza had just turned 8, tragedy struck. Her father was burnt, and died, from a fire in the forge, and left Elyza alone. At first, just like her father had done when Irquia had died, she cried. The girl was left alone and had to scavenge for food on the streets. Her clothes tore, and her face became dirty and smudged. Her bones became to show, and her feet became calloused.
Thankfully, a season after her father’s death, Elyza was offered a job on a ship, the Celestial, as nothing more than a cleaner and deckhand, but the wages were fair. She journeyed on the ship, which was heading to Lisnar to trade, and she enjoyed it. The food was good, the quarters were smelly, but clean, and she enjoyed the rocking of the ship. Elyza enjoyed it so much that when she returned to Valtiva, she found another job on another boat. She did this again and again, only ever getting off the boat to board another. Her knowledge of sailing grew, until she had enough experience to become a sailor.
But, Elyza began to yearn for her home city, until finally, when she was 12 years old, when she landed in Valtiva, she didn’t get on another boat. Instead, she returned to her father’s house, and decided to stay.
To earn a living, Elyza would fish, a skill her father had taught her as a young child, in the docks. After cleaning and gutting them, Elyza would sell her catch for the day by the markets, earning enough to live.
But, living in East Street, the street famous for its darkness and poverty, wasn’t easy. It was rough, with people fighting and children with swollen bellies begging. Elyza was only young, but soon figured that she had to learn how to defend herself against the stronger or more powerful. Using her precious dagger, the last thing her father gave her, Elyza became better and better at using it, until, by the age of 12, she could use it well enough to keep herself safe.


Elyza grew up in the poorer parts of Zaltiva, where the streets smell of fish insides and scrawny dogs creep around the alleyways. This had an effect on Elyza, and her skin isn't always clean, although she washes on the shore whenever she can. Her skin is weathered too, from spending her whole life outside, and olive-coloured, but she got that from her mother.
She has thick hair, a dark, warm brown that runs down her back, straight as a stick, that she either braids, ties back into a bun or ponytail, or just leaves it out. Her eyebrows are thick as well, and shaped like a crescent moon. Her nose is slightly bigger than normal, and rounded. Her lips are unusually pale, and prone to drying out because of how much salt water Elyza is near.
Her teeth are clean enough, but not completely straight, and her face is shaped like a rectangle, with sharp edges. Her ears are further back than most, but is hidden by hair for most of the time.
She is short for her age, which can often lead to people underestimating her, but what she lacks in height, she makes up in width. Elyza has a broad build, with big shoulders. She does have some scars, again, life on the streets hasn't been easy, but the biggest one is ugly and deep, and runs down her leg, but is hidden most of the time.
Elyza can normally been seen wearing simple clothes, of either green or brown. Her boots are supple and soft leather, and she wears garments of cotton, or wool in the winter. Elyza also always keeps a dagger tucked at her waist, just in case trouble arises. Examples include (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/33/9d/1a/339d1a0d81 97bc279eac4237b266ef98.jpg) and (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/be/20/bf/be20bfb1d1d97161c173ac512aeb 13aa.jpg).
Faceclaim: Ainhoa Larretxi


Elyza isn’t one to hide. She’s not afraid to attack, even if she’s scared of the enemy, and won’t hesitate to fight, whether to attack or defend. But, Elyza doesn’t think with her head. She does whatever first comes to her mind, which is normally rash, and doesn’t care the slightest about the consequences of her actions. She’s brave though, there’s no denying that, and she’ll will fight until her last breath has left her body.
Elyza isn’t a leader, she doesn’t care that much for others, and couldn’t be sympathetic if she tried. She isn’t a follower either, she’s too rebellious and headstrong, and doesn’t care for rules and other people’s opinions. But Elyza isn’t a loner as well, she enjoys getting drunk at a tavern, swimming in Valtiva’s ports, and has been bedded more than once. Because while Elyza is sociable and good fun to be around, she’ll never want you to be her friend, or her lover. She’s scared that my getting too attached to someone, that person is hers in a way, and if anything were to happen, Elyza would blame herself.
So, it is very hard to become close with Elyza, but once someone is, they are very close, and she will protect them with her life. But because only few become close with her, if they betray her, whether it be slight or large, Elyza will take it as a death sentence. Same goes for those who betray those close to her, she will kill them on site.
Elyza’s morals are far from the norm, and complicated. She takes keeping a promise seriously, and will not easily break one, same with trust. But, she has no trouble killing people, even to strangers, and does not see that as a crime. She also makes out with whoever she wants, but normally doesn’t keep the relationship for more than a day.
Elyza doesn’t care much about a person’s race, more about who they are, but is uneasy around the Kelvic and Dhani, as she is unsure of their shapeshifting abilities. She hates the heat, enclosed spaces, staying still, and being restricted, but loves the ocean, a good beer, and doing something, whether it be swimming, running or fighting.

S K I L L S | P O S S E S S I O N S | L E D G E R


(note that +15 points have been added because of race, SP = starting package, and EP = experience points)

Skill Level of Skill Number of Points Acquired
Blacksmith Novice 7 points @SP
Brawling Novice 8 points @SP
Fishing Novice 15 points @SP
Sailing Novice 15 points @SP
Swimming Novice 10 points @SP
Weapon: Dagger Novice 10 points @SP

Lores: Lore of Sailing and Maintenance of Ships, and Lore of Fish


Cottage a simple, basic simple room cottage, measuring 20m x 20m, which includes inside a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table.


1. Clothing
  • Undergarments
  • Pants and shirt
  • Leather coat
  • Leather boots
2. Backpack
  • Waterskin
  • Toiletries
  • Food for a week
  • Eating knife
  • Flint and steel
3. Purchased Items
  • Whetstone
  • Fishing kit
Heirloom: An iron dagger, old, but kept sharp by Elyza. Her father was a blacksmith when he was still alive, and this was her birthday present when she turned 8. Elyza uses it prequently, so the leather handle is wearing out, but it is the last thing she has of her father, so she treasures it.


100 gold mizas
- brought whetstone for 2 cm
99 gold mizas and 98 copper mizas
- brought fishing kit for 10 gm
89 gold mizas and 98 copper mizas


To be written.
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Postby Query on September 11th, 2019, 5:40 am


What Have We Here?

Hello there! I am Query, a character sheet liaison here on Mizahar. My job is to help you successfully complete your character sheet with as few reservations as possible. I have reviewed your CS, and there are a few issues that need to be resolved before you receive your green check mark:
  • Avatars. Please make sure that you have a unique avatar and character face claim. Alzaiqua should not have the same avatar as Elyza. Additionally, I would strongly suggest keeping it to a single character if both of these accounts are yours. Although not against a rule, having multiple characters upon starting often causes players to feel overwhelmed.
  • WIP notice. The WIP notice on your first post should be removed if this is no longer a work in progress. If it is, you should not be registering for a city until your character sheet is complete.
  • Age. As Winter of 519 has yet to happen, Elyza would still be 19 and not 20 years old. As a piece of advice: most players list stats like age, race, and gender in a separate section that is easier to find. In the first like of your history, you also have 399 listed instead of 499.
  • Languages. Shiber and Pavi need more justification as languages. Neither of those languages are linked to races related to the ocean/sailing or to races common in Zeltiva.
  • City Lore. Zeltiva has no actual market, only shops. An apartment or something more compact than cottages would also be more suitable for Zeltiva, as it is a dense city. Homelessness is absolutely not allowed in Zeltiva, and so Elyza would not be allowed to be homeless after her father died. Furthermore, schooling is available to all children in Zeltiva. Literacy is also included in language fluency all across Mizahar, so you don't have to play an illiterate character if you don't want to. Here is the codex for the city.
  • Skills & Backstory. A novice blacksmith would not be able to craft things like shields. Please refer to the bottom of the lore page for what blacksmiths can and cannot do at certain levels.
  • Images. I recommend hosting your images on the website so that they don't disappear on you. You can do this by clicking on "Galleries" in the bar at the top of the website, then "Upload."
  • Racial Bonus. Mixed blood humans receive only a 10 XP racial bonus. Please denote exactly where that is being spent in your skill chart. Keep in mind that those 10 points are to be spent in one skill.
  • Skill Total. You only get 50 XP points to spend overall, plus the 10 XP racial bonus in one skill. Currently you have 65, 5 points too many.
  • Lores. Lore of Sailing and Fish would both be too broad. Lore of Maintenance of a specific type of ship or fish would be more suitable.
  • Spelling. Though typos won't keep your CS from being approved, it might be a good idea to give another look-over for spelling inconsistencies. There's a few times you spell Zeltiva incorrectly, and I just figured you'd like to know!

Please do not hesitate to send any and all questions my way! Once you have addressed all the above issues, please shoot me a private message on either here or our discord. If this seems like a lot, don't fret! We are here to help, and you'll be ready to go in just a jiffy!

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